How to find a good speech therapist

There are several basic options:

Recommendations of friends. This option good that you possess objective information about the specialist's professional successes. You can pre-decide if you offered conditions and qualifications of a speech therapist.

Ads in the newspaper, on the Internet, on a pole. In this case, you no guarantees nothing. But it may get lucky — you'll find an unemployed genius.

Professional Agency. With this option, you are guaranteed to pick a specialist with a good performance and relatively high professional qualifications. The disadvantage of this option is a tough rate of pay plus commission payments to the

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How to teach a child to classify

At first glance, the classification — boring. And why is it so just like kindergarten teachers and psychologists conducting interviews in prestigious schools? The fact is that the ability to classify very important for the child. He may not be able to read and write, but the ability to allocate common functional features in a variety of subjects to help him learn virtually all schools of wisdom. And to this classification was interesting way, as always, one — to turn it into a game!

Cleaning as a developmental activity

For the smallest classification makes sense only if it is

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How not to worry about healthy eating

Is it easy to eat for a day, a dozen tangerines and a portion of shark liver with fish oil? Perhaps it is helpful, but certainly will not be too pleasant. After all, these natural sources of vitamins should be consumed more than once, but every day. Moreover, absorbing the necessary daily dose, for example, polyunsaturated fatty acids wonder exceed the quota for calories. In order not to exceed the rate of sodium dishes will have a half hard, giving up salt. Healthy eating — it's not so easy!

If you do not want to devote all

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How not to get sick in winter

C end of the Christmas holidays began a natural increase in the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections (ARI). Start increasing incidence is due, as in previous years, with the return of adults to work and children and adolescents in schools and kindergartens — in organized groups created ideal conditions for the spread of respiratory infections.

In the structure of the incidence of SARS, as usual, there are flu (so far it a bit, but in the near future is expected natural increase in the number of new cases) and parainfluenza and adenovirus, rotavirus, rhinovirus, RSV and

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How not to lose your head, gathering the child in hospital

It is not difficult to imagine the state of the parents when the doctor came "first aid" offer to hospitalize the baby. What to do? Whether to agree to the proposal of the doctor? How not to lose the fear head, sending a child to the hospital? After all, time to pack little, and collecting things, you need to provide for every little thing.

So, the most important rule. If your crumbs are one month old, you should definitely get in your children's clinic health insurance. Do not delay this matter until later. Everything in life happens, and

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How not to miss a mental illness

When the matter clearly assert itself in physical pain or clear rejection of blood tests, just to realize that it is time to be treated by a specialist. No one ever wants to hurt, but to lose one's health did not agree.

Everything is much more difficult when it comes to the mental well-being — you can endlessly deceive himself and convince the concerned relatives that "all is well". In fact, there are signs which clearly indicates the presence of a common man: it is necessary to seek professional help from a psychiatrist, it is possible serious pathology.


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How stout are not in a crisis

"Now is not up to fitness, we need to save," "Before buying meat and fruits and vegetables, will now have to go for bread and pasta, "" Always want to have, I can not help it "- these phrases today, you can hear more and more often. And no wonder — the court of the economic crisis.

About how, in spite of the problems piled up on us, keep in shape, says Mariyat Mukhina — physician reflexologist, PhD and author Golden Needle ® methodologies Dr. Fly ®.

— Mariyat, is it true that in times of economic crisis,

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How not to break away from the diet

Accepted lose weight can be countless times. Though every Monday. It's that simple. It is much more difficult to stay on the diet, and to see it through. How to deal with where to look for incentives and who to contact for support — to these and other questions will be answeredMD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

— Mariyat, the question that worries everyone — how to lose weight and still not off the diet?

Simple! Necessary really want to lose weight.

— That is,

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How to relieve the symptoms of toxicity?

Nausea — one of the signs of pregnancy that became literally the talk of the town. Toxemia becomes a scourge of most pregnant women. But few people know how to cope with this condition. Not every doctor prenatal give some advice how to win toxemia without medication. Yet such facilities exist.

Early (iethere is coming in early pregnancy) morning sickness — something familiar. While some may argue even these statements: "I am very excited. I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and there's no toxicity. Can I something not in order. I've heard that toxemia must necessarily be, or with a

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How to find AIDS

Priests called this disease harbinger of the Apocalypse, the doctors — "immunodeficiency homosexuals." With its appearance dramatically surge in demand for condoms, syringes and "family values." Cure for AIDS has not yet been anyone.

Officially, the first encountered this disease American Dr. Michael Gottlieb ofLos Angeles. In autumn 1980 he was summoned to advise the dying patient with pneumonia. Patient gay thirty-three years old, looked terrible: a pale, almost white, emaciated. He constantly coughing and complaining of chest pain. Meticulous Gottlieb decided to investigate the accident to complete the program and get the results very surprised. It was

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