As scarring?

Unfortunately, skin scars are the inevitable consequence of any open injury or surgery. They remain for a lifetime, often creating a significant cosmetic and functional defects. Disfiguring scars, scars that limit even small movements can cause serious problems in patients, both in business and in personal life. People, by chance, faced with this problem, you should know that the quality of most scars can be improved to some extent.

The mechanism of formation of scars

Wound healing — is a complex biological process, which lasts about a year and completes the formation of a mature scar. One year later,

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How to operate hernia

Treatment is always surgical hernia. No way to treat hernia without the use of operational procedures do not exist, the use of different types of bands can only briefly delay the development of pathology. It must be remembered that delaying surgery is extremely dangerous at the first sign of formation of a hernia should be treated in a hospital where there may be a decision on the type of surgery required.

Surgery of hernia is to remove the hernia sac, reposition viscera into the abdominal cavity and strengthening the weak area of the abdominal wall in the

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How to determine the sex of the baby?

Paul Child defines a man, or rather, his sperm carrying the X (girl) — Or Y (boy) chromosome. If women bred parthenogenesis (asexual), they would have only been born a girl.

However, the understandable desire of the parents as soon as possible to find out: what color sliders to choose available shops galore?


Accuracy of determining the sex of the fetus depends primarily on the duration of pregnancy and, unfortunately, the experience of the expert. To8th weeks of fetal genitalia are not differentiated. The process of their formation is completed by the10-12 weeks of pregnancy. But

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How to wean your baby from the breast

When weaned?

Growing up a child — an individual process, and milestones along the way is quite conventional. Especially it refers to the time weaning baby from the breast. There are virtually no laws and regulations. Everyone in the determination of this phase is based on their views. Some feel that the "age came up," other moms are guided by peer kid wants a third, finally, to rebuild the shape.

Today, many pediatricians recommend breastfeed for as long as there is milk. So try to pay less attention to what they are doing and what other people say.

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How to remodel a man

More recently, it was thought that taking care of your appearance — it's just for women, men well enough to be clean and shaven. Today the situation has changed radically: many members of the stronger sex is not only mastered the means for skin care and nail polish, but also discovered a plastic surgery.

The aesthetic surgery for men, its characteristics and achievements, we spoke with doctor of the highest category, a leading plastic surgeon Scandinavian Medical Center, Alexander A. Markelov.

— What plastic surgery today is most in demand among Russian men?

Tendency is that men

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How to survive the separation from a child

Sometimes in life there are situations where parents and children have to leave for a while. The reasons may be very different — trips, trips to visit relatives, education, hospital …

How to prepare for the separation, experience it and to meet again?

Mom on vacation or business trip

The hardest hit are experiencing separation toddlers up to three years. The whole world for them concentrated in the mother, and her disappearance they take quite seriously. After three years of baby become more independent, and my mother's absence will not be so traumatic for him. Although, of

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How to eat in foreign resorts

Ahead of New Year holidays, and on February 23, March 8 and May holidays. The long-awaited holiday weekend is traditionally carried out in many trips to different countries, and not very exotic. How to eat when traveling abroad, it does not hurt your stomach, do not make the body suffer from intoxication and not gain extra pounds? These and other questions will help us to answer physician reflexologist, Ph.D., author of a unique technique Golden Eagle ® Mariyatt Mukhina.

— Mariyat, share, please secret of how to eat on the go? ?The first rule is, wherever you

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How to feed a child with allergies

Allergy in children — the scourge of the modern generation. Not many people can say, "My child is not allergic." How to organize life, including nutrition, child allergy? Should he live in a sterile environment or contact with the outside world may eventually become safer? What are the different methods of getting rid of various types of allergies? These questions help us answer MD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

— Mariyat, why now all children suffer from allergies?

It is very difficult to answer this question.

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How to beat asthma

I do not often write about alternative ways to treat people with serious diseases. Most of them are practically inactive, the effectiveness of a few of them have been confirmed by clinical studies. In these studies, patients assigned to one or more courses of treatment and to evaluate their effectiveness, and neither the patients nor the doctors who assess the effectiveness of treatment was not reported exactly which courses have been assigned.

Now, however, talking about an alternative method of treatment of asthma, which in our country is not yet received high marks from the official medicine (although it

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How to win at the races sperm?

Quick sperm are needed not just for fun. In fact, their mobility — a key indicator of male sexual health. To increase their speed, you need to, for example, to abstain from sex for a short time. A bottle of beer — on the contrary, almost contraceptive.

Power in Motion

The average speed of a sperm — 3 mm per minute. But direct distances they can accelerate to 10 times faster. The first training session begins sperm in the tubules of the epididymis. There, they begin to move and overcome the distance of a few meters.

But the

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