How to beat overeating?

It's no secret that the main cause of obesity — overeating.

But what if the hand "itself" pulls another piece in your mouth, if for the main portion should always be additive if the sorrows and joys of "jam" another dessert? Why do we overeat and how to fight it? On this subject we talk to MD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

— Mariyat, tell me, why do some people quite small portions, others eat a lot more and do not feel the saturation?


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How to beat PMS?

According to statistics, today from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affect 90% of women aged 13 to 50 years. Peak manifestations PMC accounted for30-35 years. Total specialists count up to 150 symptoms of PMS, which also can occur in various combinations. Fortunately, all together in one woman they can not meet, but each of us is destined to carry his "burden."

The most common signs of PMS include: drawing pains in the abdomen, high blood pressure, drowsiness, pain in the chest (mammalgia), prolonged headaches, increase the weight — and it's only a small part of the list of monthly premenstrual

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How to beat the stress in two hours

What woman does not want to be beautiful? To each day to smile in the mirror, catch the admiring glances of men and retouch your photos in Photoshop. Just where will this notorious beauty, if you are in constant stress enough sleep most of the time you spend at the computer, breathing smog and car exhaust? A feeling that living in a big city and not look good … And so eager.

To learn how to maintain the beauty of women living in the metropolis, we had a talk with the doctor-cosmetologist Scandinavian Medical Center Olga Vladimirovna Kobchenko.

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How to overcome depression?

It is difficult to find a man which at least once in my life experienced such symptoms as depression, fatigue, lethargy, unexplained anxiety, loss of interest in the outside world, lack of appetite and sleep disturbances. On these and other grounds diagnosed depression — disease, which, according to WHO, is the third most spoken in the world, after hypertension and influenza infections. The number of reported cases of depression is increasing annually, which suggests further epidemiological growth of the disease.


A little history

Many believe that depression appeared to be widespread and was considered a social

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How to increase the probability of conception?

Good times

The period of the menstrual cycle when pregnancy is most likely called fertile period.

Fertile period in itself is very short — it lasts 48 hours from the time of ovulation, ie ovum, who left ovary and wandered on women's genital tract, can be fertilized for 2 days. However, be aware that sperm can remain viable in the woman's body for about 5 days. That is, just published an egg to meet sperm are patiently waiting for her in the fallopian tubes, and even in the abdominal cavity.

Thus, taking into account not only women but

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How to increase milk supply

Reasons for the lack of milk production can be many:

1. If milk was less than in the first month, the reason probably lies in fatigue, disturbances, malnutrition.

Do not limit yourself to eating more hold and carry a child in her arms — it will help to restore the abdominal muscles and improve lactation. Walk more. Find a consultant on breastfeeding you trust and who understands you, and fill him with questions.

2. It is also possible that the problem is notmilk, and child. If a child sucks no more than 7 minutes per breast, and

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How to look younger by 10 years?

The fastest way to look younger — plastic surgery, but to go under the surgeon's knife not everyone agrees. The easiest way to look younger — expensive lifting cream, but the results will have to wait a long time. The most effective and safest way to look younger — acupuncture facelift, but about him yet few people know.

About rejuvenation with acupuncture facelift says author of the procedure — Mariyat Mukhina.

— Mariyat, tell us when and how the technique was invented acupuncture face lift?

Acupuncture facelift we developed and patented over 10 years ago. The purpose

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How to help your toddler with intestinal colic?

What is intestinal cramps?

The functions of the gastrointestinal tract of the newborn are not perfect: enzyme system is immature, intestinal microflora is not formed, no established processes of digestion and absorption of food, and the motor activity of the intestine (motility). This may lead to enhanced processes of fermentation and gas formation in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, causing painful cramps in the baby. Intestinal cramps have been reported in 80% of children in the first three months of life and in most cases are not pathological, and adaptation to the new conditions of the digestive tract extrauterine existence.

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How to help your eyes cope with loads

Did you know that one in two of blindness is caused by a lack of materials that can not be synthesized by the body and fed exclusively with food?

The human body every moment faced with a variety of environmental factors: affects us light and sound, temperature and humidity, the food we eat and the lifestyle that we choose. Each body has its own function and their "occupational hazard". For example, for the eyes as the most negative factor is light, it does not matter, it is about natural sunlight or an artificial light.

My light —

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How to help a man always feel like a king?

King is the absolute, Sun King. His reign was long and successful, and his life — full of amorous adventures. For Arkady L. Vertkina, head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, president of experts to study the age involution, Professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, laureate of the USSR Council of Ministers and the mayor of Moscow, the personality of Louis XIV is a vivid embodiment of true masculinity that are inconceivable without the main male hormone — testosterone. King hormones — hormone kings. Birth Sun King famous astrologer had predicted and was truly a miracle — Queen Mother '22

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