How to help the drinker relative

How to help a person quit drinking?

Conscious behavior of the alcoholic becomes a dream, not only his family, but the drinker. Many alcoholics — smart, knowledgeable people who drink, not because of their low social status, or a meager intellect, and as a result very different, unconscious of their own reasons.

Any alcoholic needs to adopt and support. It has long been proven that alcoholism is cultivated on a deep emotional dissatisfaction, lack of love and faith in himself, unwilling to live. That is why the first thing a person can help the drinker — not

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How then does not get to leave the hospital

How then does not get to leave the hospital

Summer — the holiday season is long and fascinating journey comes to an end. It is time to sum up. Unfortunately, more than a summer vacation — is not only the source of new experiences, but also health problems. First things first …

The road there (and back).Air pereletmozhet cause exacerbation of chronic diseases. The pressure drops, especially during take-off and landing are dangerous for people with heart disease, stroke, pregnant women, patients with diabetes. In addition, long-term stay in a chair without moving the aircraft leads

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How to Lose Weight for March 8

How to get rid of the accumulated extra pounds over the winter? You can sit on a trendy diet, you can buy a gym membership, you can do both, and both together. However, if the goal — to lose weight and save the result, not only for the entire swimming season, but for life, it is wise to seek professional help.

Is it true that in the spring lose weight more easily than in the fall? How to lose weight without suffering from hunger? How to make the pounds not gone back? These and other questions are answered with

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How to lose weight after 35 years

Many believe that after 35 years, slim figure — a luxury that is available only Hollywood stars and rare women with accelerated metabolism. Everyone else can only sigh: "What to do — the years take their toll. Now, not to thin waist, the main thing — health. "

In fact, get rid of extra pounds at any age — it would wish. And if you do it correctly, you can not only improve the shape, but also improve your health!

Why is it important to get rid of extra pounds? What prevents to lose weight after 35? How to

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How to lose weight after giving birth

It is believed that those women who have not returned their former weight in six months after birth, at risk of not ever get it back. Is this true? On the timing of recovery figure after pregnancy and about techniques to help moms lose weight, says physician acupuncturist PhD Mariyat Mukhina.

— Mariyat, did six months — and everything to lose weight then unrealistic?

First, if desired, and the right approach, you can always lose weight. Second, within six months after giving birth to lose weight is not just desirable, but harmful to health. Especially when it comes

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How to lose weight, so that the skin does not limp

First of all, this issue is not those who need to lose three or four pounds, and those who want to lose weight, for example, from 54 to size 46. How to react to the skin on the drastic weight loss? Tighten if it sags or ugly wrinkles?

To learn how to lose weight, while maintaining the elasticity of the skin, says Mariyat Mukhina — physician reflexologist, PhD and author Golden Needle ® methodologies Dr. Fly ®.

— The most common problem with sagging skin face girl sitting onexpress diets. Extra pounds drop off quickly, and the skin is

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How to use a solarium?

Do you think solarium invented only in order to enable you to spot battle surrounding its flowering species? No, for our, frankly, unkind climate solarium— Virtually the only way to remedy the lack of sun, which negatively affects the mood and state of health. Especially after a long grueling winter.

Seven "for" the benefit of tanning: It stimulates the production of vitamin D — it is vital for the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus, is "responsible" for the fortress of muscles and bones. Activates all metabolic processes in the body, blood circulation and endocrine activity. In the

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How to treat thrush

With thrush faced by most modern women. And statistics show that 60% of them prefer when symptoms occur read the messages on the Internet, and do not seek medical attention. And what is truth, what is fiction — we are not always able to tell the difference.

I was lucky at the conference I met Vsevolodovna Irina Kuznetsova, MD, Professor and Chief Scientific Officer Department "Women's Health" research and educational center of the First Moscow State Medical University named after IM Sechenov, and decided to ask her. Still, we were not in the office,

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How to scold a child?

Oh, this would seem to teach us do not — we all know how to curse. And then scold myself for a long time. But it turns out that the criticism could also be as creative and destructive. Constructive criticism is just an indication of how and what to do, it does not place a negative evaluation of the child.

Ten-Pasha accidentally spilled a glass of milk for breakfast.

Mother: You're not a little, but do not know how to hold a glass! How many times have I told you — be careful! Father: He was always awkward, and

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How to treat hair

For competent and effective hair care is important to determine your hair type, since otherwise there is the risk of worsening their condition. The hair is divided into normal, dry, oily and mixed. Hair normal type well reflect light shimmer in the sun. If your hair elastic, almost whipped, easy to fit and comb have a live view and retain these qualities for a few days after shampooing, then you are competent and properly care for them with suitable means to you and your hair healthy.

Unfortunately, the hair without problems are rare. Greasy hair have a characteristic

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