How to praise the child?

Many parents believe that praise helps the child gain self-confidence. In fact, the result is often the opposite: the child becomes nervous, ill-behaved. Why? Yes, because the more he gets undeserved praise, the more often tends to show their "true nature." Parents often tell us: is it worth to praise your child for good behavior — and it is as a chain breaks down, as if trying to deny praise.

How can you praise and could not be

Does this mean that praise "outdated"? Not at all. However, do not use it right and left. After all, appointing

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How to brush your teeth

Brush your teeth and wash your hands before eating — the first thing that parents teach us. Therefore, we think that we are able to do both well. It turns out that this is not the case.

To learn how to properly wield dental brush, says K. Mr.., a doctor of the highest category Olga Prokusheva.

So, first of all, remember the main rule of proper brushing of teeth: horizontal brush strokes along dentition banned! So you do not clean off dental plaque from the enamel, and drive it into the interdental spaces, and get him out of there

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How to prevent fungus on your feet?

One of the most striking trends of the modern world is to take care of their health. So every year the number of adherents of a healthy lifestyle, and is becoming increasingly important increase in physical activity. Most adherents of a healthy lifestyle — regular visitors gyms, fitness clubs, swimming pools or spa. There they not only get the necessary exercise, but also relieve the psychological stress that it is important for the residents of the metropolis, in the existing conditions of chronic stress.

However, these public places are inextricably linked in the minds of people with

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How to instill a love of reading

How do you want the children to read! To computers and televisions are not overshadowed by them and worn bindings favorite books even from our childhood, and the new, still smelling fresh ink … the child can analyze, think and sometimes cry over a book …

How can bring this reader?

The new generation chooses

When my youngest daughter turned one, a birthday, we decided to tell fortunes of her fate. Spread out on the couch a few items that symbolized the priorities in life. The diskette mean computer literacy, the doll was an image of motherhood, hoops symbolized

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How to teach a child to his crib

If initially the child was sleeping with parents, it is important that the three years he has moved into her bed.

How is it do?

First, choose the right time, it is advisable to do this before the child's third birthday. After three years of co-sleeping with his mother, the boy or the girl's father is fraught with difficulties in the formation of sexual child. Of course, each child there is their individual characteristics, but psychologists believe that weaning from the parent bed is best in a crisis age, that is,year-and a half, two and three years.


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How to carry out cleansing of the body

It is believed that from malnutrition, and simply with age may be exposed to harmful substances and ballast. So, from time to time to carry out the procedure of cleansing the body. As a rule, the following sequence — the intestine, liver and then the kidneys. At least clean fluids.

All of these procedures can be carried out in special clinics, but there are several methods of cleaning the body in the home. The most popular among them is the system proposed G.P.Malahovym.


Normally, intestinal cleansing conducted underwater intestinal lavage or irrigation-irrigation (by Lena). For home

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As fertilization occurs?

Woman born with two ovaries, each of which contains about 200,000 immature eggs. By the time of puberty the full development and maturation of reach 400-500 eggs.

About once a month in a woman of childbearing age are ovulating. Egg released from the ovary and enters the abdominal cavity where the fallopian tube is captured by the funnel. In the fallopian tube egg meets with the sperm. In fertilization involved only a single sperm, the nucleus of which merges with the egg nucleus. From the moment of fertilization begins pregnancy.

Promotion of a fertilized egg in the

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How to sober up before meeting with GAI

In Russia, drunk man smoking almost everything: to use the subway, walk to work, ride the elevator and, of course, get behind the wheel. And if you really need, then only one solution — to sober up. The Russians — are experienced, and anyone can figure out how much he drank, and when you can drive a car. But then that's often turns out that the traffic police and other experts of addiction arithmetic. On it will be discussed.

A bit of theory

Ethanol (C2H5OH, ethanol, ethyl alcohol) — a colorless transparent volatile liquid density of 0,813-0,816 g

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How is tooth decay?

Every day from the TV screen scare us tooth decay. Now even a child knows that protect teeth from this terrible disease will help fashion toothpaste and chewing gum. One thing is not clear where does this unpleasant disease? Really and truly — tricks "carious monsters"?

What are they — "carious monsters"?

Although lately about caries say more often than other diseases, few know exactly what it is. About caries and its causes is known only dentists, but to share their knowledge they are not in a hurry. What we can only watch in between movies and

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How to entertain a child in the way

Summer — a traditional time for travel. Already purchased tickets, collected the things you look forward, and that very soon blissfully stretched on the top shelf and under the bitter smell of smoke and measuring the wheels will distract from the urgent problems. And, maybe, you will travel in a car or on a plane?

Whatever you choose, of course, you did not forget about the entertainment on the go — captured with a pair of detectives, cards, crossword puzzles. However, there is one small catch — you are traveling with your child. That means we need to

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