9 weeks pregnant


Breast increases with each passing day. Nipples become darker, they may appear small nodules. This enlarged sweat glands, do not worry.


Baby grown up yet — the length of the "crown" to "buttocks" of about 13 — 15 mm. Weight — about one gram.

This week the baby is formed cerebellum is responsible for the coordination of movements. With the help of a special device one can detecting and recording signals from the brain.

On the handle of the embryo one can distinguish between fingers. The liver begins to produce blood cells,

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Heart CPAP (Abbreviation of English words Continuous Positive Airway Pressure — Continuous Positive pressure in the airway) is a small "inflating" the airways during sleep, preventing spadenie soft tissues of the pharynx and eliminates the basic mechanism of snoring.

Treatment carried out by a small compressor, which delivers a constant flow of air under predetermined pressure into the airway through a flexible tube sealed and nasal mask.

The procedure of selection pressure treatment is carried out in a sleep lab. This figure has remained fairly stable over the months and years if man does not significantly alter

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Heart of IVF clinics



Embryology laboratory can be considered a foundation of modern reproduction center. It is carried out both basic and preparatory stages of infertility treatment methods VRT:

The study of ejaculate (semen); Sperm preparation for artificial insemination; Cryopreservation and storage of eggs, sperm, embryos; Carrying out in vitro fertilization; Of embryos.

An important component of successful fertility treatment

Embryology laboratory — a set of premises with special equipment, mode, fine-tuned process. Matter how well-established and respected all the necessary conditions, depends largely on the results of IVF.

In particular, the embryology laboratory in

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ELOS — a breakthrough in the field of aesthetic medicine

Today in fashion beauty and youth. Movie stars andshow business, whose faces we see regularly on the screen, at forty look at twenty, and thirty-sixty-five. There is something to strive for and to us! Not so long ago the only way to get rid of wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and firmness was an appeal to the plastic surgeon, but now, a host of high-tech non-invasive techniques. She is one of the latest innovations — Elos technology (ELOS — Electro-Optical Synergy).

To get rid of spider veins, age spots and excessive hair growth, improve skin tone, you need

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ELOS figure correction

Recently, in aesthetic medicine more often used the combined effect of several physical factors at the same time. Do not just infrared radiation, and in combination with specific radio waves. Do not just vacuum massage, and in combination with the roller. This is not just cosmetologists. It is scientifically proven that the combined effect of more effectively because First, comes to the problem, so to speak, on all fronts. Secondly, properly chosen combination of factors leads to the fact that each action is enhanced.

The latest advancement in body shaping and anti-cellulite — apparatus VELA SMOOTH, Israeli

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ELOS rejuvenation

ELOS-rejuvenation — The most gentle method of rejuvenation, non-surgical facelift, breast, etc. Technique not only has a lifting effect, but also eliminates the defects of the skin such as rosacea, acne, age spots, scars, spider veins, wrinkles, and more.

Name of technology Elos means the electro-optical alignment. Active cooling of the treatment surface avoids overheating of the upper layer of the skin, thus the side effects are minimized. This makes it possible rejuvenation of even heavily tanned skin.

Technology Eligt SR is intended to stimulate the synthesis of structural proteins (collagen and elastin) in the connective

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ELOS Hair Removal: efficiently and safely

The objectives of long-term hair removal

The temperature effect on the hair follicles (follicles) should be sufficient to disrupt its structure and suspend the normal cycle of hair growth.

Hair removal, based on the conventional method or laser light emission depends only on how much light is absorbed by the target body site. In those cases when there is a lack of optical energy absorption by the body, it is impossible to achieve the phenomenon photothermolysis. This fact explains why the areas of the body with a reduced concentration of the pigment melanin are difficult to traditional

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IVM — an alternative to infertility

Back in 1935, American scientists Pincus and Entsmann proved that human oocytes recovered from the follicle, it may take all of the processes to mature outside the body of a woman. In 1965, the pioneer of in vitro fertilization (IVF), Edwards studied the possibility of a human egg maturation, fertilization and the ability to form viable embryos in the laboratory.

After more than twenty years after the birth of the first child "test-tube" there is an alternative to standard IVF — IVM method («In Vitro Maturation» translated to English means "ripening or maturation outside the body").

The questions

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LPG against cellulite

One of the important components of cellulite is fat in the lymph tissue. Italian dermatologist Sergio churros considered possible methods of exposure and suggested the use of the "movement of tissue" as a method of stimulating blood circulation and lymph flow in adipose tissue.

Around the same time, France has technique "Endermologie" (Endermologie), in which massage carried out on the body rolling casters. Since then, massage, manual as well as hardware, ranked first in the complex anti-cellulite treatments in Europe and America. And Lymphatic massage technique based on an active mechanical stimulation of tissue is a registered trademark

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LPG: experiment on himself

Procedure code-named «LPG» today offer many beauty salons and health centers. Its name — abbreviation name of the inventor. The bottom line — massage the skin and subcutaneous fat. Purpose — the fight against cellulite. And not only …

About ten years ago I had a chance to see how a professional masseuse kneaded client, suffering from cellulitis. She squeals, squirms, skin bruising after the last session had not yet gone, in short, looking scared. What to do? Massage — the only tool that really helps with the "orange peel".

Gaultier — rich

Heavy women's share (men are

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