How to be the perfect parent of a teenager?

Living in a family with a teenager is like a pair dance with the change of roles. You take on the role of a leader, then as a slave, in the role of authority, the role of the "teapot", does not understand anything in the contemporary youth subculture. Moreover, the role of these — do not mask (most importantly — does not "play"), and a real willingness to parents adapt to the ever-changing situation and mood, a flexible attitude to the opinions and views of their own child and respect for theother the individual. You'll have to admit that

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How stem cells treat coronary heart disease?

Few patients Coronary heart disease (CHD) aware of the fact that their condition can not only stabilize the drug intake, but largely reversed, and it is absolutely natural way. That is, to improve blood flow to the heart, so that it once again to perform his function.

When cardiac function recovered, a person does not have to worry about the limits of their everyday opportunities: how can pass, how long you can work, can I have sex, etc. Reduced or are anginal pain, reduced working capacity and the ability to lead a normal sex life, and

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How to protect your child from the flu

Seasonal colds, influenza and SARS is not long to wait. Every now and then you hear one friend came down with a fever, the other went to the hospital. If for himself, as usual, is not very worried, trusting in the "maybe", then for the child is always scary. After all, there's nothing worse extinct eye kid who does not want to play or laugh.

Fear is really worth. After all, if an adult is more or less stable immunity, the body flanked by an immature child is still hard to resist diseases, including acute respiratory infections, including influenza

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How to remove belly fat after giving birth?

In addition to the joys of motherhood after giving birth a woman often lies in wait and, most importantly disorder — a very noticeable belly, which oddly retracts does not disappear, and the waist is not the same. From this a bad mood and lowered self-esteem. So how do you make a flat stomach?

Features of female body

Many women dream of the perfect tie a flat stomach with a total weight loss. And even begin their journey to the ideal, practicing all sorts of methods for the regulation of body weight. Kilograms are gradually reduced weight and

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How to persuade parents to treat varicose veins

What a difficult it is to persuade their parents or elderly relatives seeking treatment for varicose veins? Despite the swelling, pain in the legs and bulging veins, they refuse to go to the doctor. The arguments are the same: "I do not want to be cut. At my age, afraid to go to surgery, he suddenly could not bear anesthesia? Years are not the same, the seams will not heal. Let the young are treated, and we really like something like this … "

Is there an alternative to a major operation? Why can not delay treatment of

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How to put a child to sleep

A guarantee that the child will not have problems with sleep — a parent-child ritual retreat to bed. It may include the adoption of a baby bath, a quiet game, reading one or two stories at night lullaby. Remember that all of these steps must be performed in the same manner and at the same time every evening. Clarity and measured calms the child and sets it to sleep.

Tamara (daughter Natasha 2 years):

Of course, a couple of hours before bedtime to stop all noisy and outdoor games, tune in to a calm, measured rhythm. When my

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How to have time to become beautiful for the New Year

How do you prepare for the New Year? Brand dorogushchee buy the dress? Plan to cook a lobster sauce, oysters and 10 different kinds of salads? The dress you dress twice a year, after which it will lose its relevance. A lobster and eat all in one day. We offer to invest in their own beauty that will stay with you after the New Year, and will never go out of fashion, in any event. If you are "plowed" the whole year and the result is looking at you from the mirror dark tired eyes, pursing his lips,

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How to soothe a crying baby?

"What child would have anything he wants — he does not cry" — parents think, inventing means to take a crying baby, so it does not interfere with them about their business. However, folk wisdom that gave birth to this proverb, is different: the child does not have to cry. Is this possible? In theory, yes.

Lament — the only way to tell the mother of a newborn that he is bad. A healthy baby is well maintained cry, if you removed all of the possible causes of his discomfort:

the need for physical contact with the

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How to care for your skin in winter?

Winter's Chill immediately has an impact on our face. How attractive it was in the summer and early fall! Now, the skin became pale and looks unhealthy, either shelled or too shiny, cheeks irritation. The decision of seasonal cosmetic problems start with a visit to a specialist. Only cosmetologist will determine the type of your skin and recommend how to properly care for it throughout the year. In specialized clinics are testing that will determine the moisture content of your skin its elasticity, the degree of fat content and features of aging.

How to choose cream?

Winter — time

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How to care for your skin in summer

Preparing the sledge in summer, and in winter the cart — a good thing, but not always correct. For example, stuff for summer wardrobe can be purchased in advance, but the means to pick up summer skin care and hair care in January, something silly — why creams and other cosmetics six months to gather dust on the shelf? What am I doing? And the fact that now is the time to refresh your makeup bag — and yourself, your favorite.

Officially, the special "summer" make-do not seem to exist. In fact, the means we use to heat, are

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