How to care for your nails

Well-groomed nails — one of the best decorations of our hands. Even if you do not have time to visit the salon at least once a week, the nails should be given due consideration. Especially if you enjoy outdoor activities in the form of shock work in the country or trips to the nearby forest for a picnic. Get rid of stubborn land and return the nails well-groomed appearance is possible without much difficulty.

A few tips Before you begin to nail polish, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, remove excess paint conditioner with vitamins. After removing

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How to teach a child to read?

Why would a child to read? The answer, in short, is clear: in order to navigate the sea of diverse information, to study at a good school, and in general to become an educated person. It is therefore understandable desire of parents to teach their child to this very important matter. But how?

Previously, it was much easier — was a blue primer with a huge orange letter A on the cover, and the millions of boys and girls (who is three, who is five, who is seven years) mastered by him immortal texts about my mother, who was

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How to store our memories

One of the leading researchers in the field of memory — Elizabeth Loftus of the University of Washington found that any event that brings to mind is restored accurately. That which we call a memory in relation to any event, in fact, is its reconstruction. Loftus studies have shown that when you play memory uses a new and previously-existing information to fill in the gaps in our memories.

Memories are not as stable as we are accustomed to thinking: over time, they can change. This was confirmed by a series of experiments.

The experiment was the first

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As I was choosing a contraceptive

I — my mother! I still can not get used to call me mom. Remember in the movie "Once, twenty years later," the heroine Natalia Gundarevoj asking classmates what she has achieved in his life and he works with. She replied that she was just a mom. I did not understand why her face so much happiness and so much peace, but now I understand. This is because your life is a miracle another life, your hand is holding a tiny delicate soft handle, warm lips to touch your cheek and whispered: "Mom!"

Once went to the pharmacy, I

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What are your plans for today?

What to do when bored smoking? Difficulties began to health or smoking just lost all meaning?

In any case, when a person decides to give up the addiction, before it invariably raises a problem: enough power to deal with it yourself.

But who says that you need to face it all alone? Common sense and British scientists have long known: Running complete with a glass of alcohol a cigarette (or cigar) do not exactly give coolness and failure the endless "smoke breaks" at work will not create single image. So it can be solved easily! And then

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What professions are the most fat?

Not so long ago it was thought that the extra weight —hallmark of cooks, cashiers, drivers and officials. Today, in the "thick" professions are dozens if not hundreds of items.


What professions contribute to weight gain and why? How to keep harmony on "harmful" work? This is what we talked toMariyat Mukhina, a medical acupuncturist, doctor of medical sciences, and the author more than 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of overweight Gold Eagle®.


— Mariyat which profession today are considered to be "fat"?

All professions that involve a sedentary lifestyle — "sedentary" work. If

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Which is Hemorrhoids?

In most cases of hemorrhoids begins imperceptibly. The disease is very "leisurely" transition from one stage to another disease may take months or even years, however, it is inevitable. Modern medicine recognizes four basic stages to the flow of hemorrhoids.

So, what are the stages of hemorrhoids and how they differ: Stage first — internal hemorrhoids. At this stage of the disease symptoms are minimal, and sometimes illness can and does take place secretly, without any external manifestations. Usually, if a patient something and are concerned, the more often it is itching around the anus or discomfort during

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Calendar method

Many women prefer to use the so-called natural family planning methods, which are based on observations of the physiological signs and symptoms of the fertile (when a woman is fertile), and infertility (when the woman is not able to conceive) phases of the menstrual cycle.

The purpose of this method — the definition of "dangerous" period, when the ability to fertilize the highest. The idea of a calendar (or rhythm) method is simple: avoid sexual intercourse during the period when there is a chance of getting pregnant. The rest of the time you can not think about contraceptive

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Pregnancy Calendar

Expectant mother wondering how her body is changing. And, of course, on how to grow and develop her baby within 40 weeks of pregnancy. When the crumbs starts beating heart, open your eyes, what term ends the formation of different organs? He hears the music and distinguishes whether the odors?

All this takes place gradually. First trimester pregnancy — the most important. During this period, there is a bookmark organs and systems of the baby. In the second trimester — about to15-16 week — you can determine the sex of the unborn child. In the middle of pregnancy (approximately

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Immunization Schedule

Immunization Schedule — a list of mandatory vaccines, which indicates what kind of vaccine and at what age should be administered. At present, Russia has a Russian calendar vaccinations, approved by the order of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation № 229 of 27.06.2001, the

Immunization schedule includes vaccinations against the following diseases:

Hepatitis B — an infectious viral disease that affects the liver. Can take a chronic course with the formation of cirrhosis of the liver. Tuberculosis — an infectious bacterial disease that most commonly affects the lungs. Polio — an acute infectious viral disease, accompanied

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