Keratitis— An inflammation of the cornea, i.e. transparent front shell surface of the eye.


The causes of keratitis may be:

corneal trauma (mechanical, chemical, thermal, radiation); a viral infection (usually HSV); Bacterial infection (E.g., tuberculosis); fungal infection (actinomycosis, aspergillosis, etc.); complication of conjunctivitis; nesmykanie eye slits in paralysis of the facial nerve, injury or burns age; defeat the trigeminal nerve; allergies; vitamin deficiencies (especially vitamin A); irritation from prolonged use of contact lenses. What are the symptoms?

If keratitis is worried eye pain, watery eyes, increased sensitivity to light, blurred vision. In patients reduced the size of

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Caesarean section — a surgical procedure in which the baby is removed from the uterus of a pregnant woman through an incision in the abdomen. According to statistics,6-8 Women who give birth on their own, there is one, which makes Caesar.

The word "Caesar" — the Greek form of the Latin "Caesar" (monarch, ruler). It is believed that the name of the operation is directly related to the very Gaius Julius Caesar. According to legend, the mother of the future Roman emperor died during labor. Terrified attendants had no choice but to take sharp knives and open the belly

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Cesarean section is not selected

At the beginning of the last century, the doctor decides to remove the child from the mother's womb by surgery only in those cases, if the birth were unfavorable, and no other opportunities to help was not.

Modern medicine, with its almost limitless possibilities of diagnostics, allows you to schedule cesarean section advance. Indications to it can be found in almost any pregnant, it would be, as they say, the desire. There are absolute indications for cesarean section: a narrow pelvis, threatening, or starting a ruptured uterus, complete placenta previa, severe late toxicity. There are relative indications, for

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Oxygen skin. Oxygen Botanicals

Oxygen Cosmetics is no longer a rarity. Many businesses and manufacturers produce entire product lines of skin care products which include oxygen.

Oxygen Botanicals — The world's first cosmeceutical line, embodied in the idea of maintaining the beauty of youthful skin through her recovery. The purpose of the line — to create a healthy and favorable conditions for the life of skin cells retain their youth and beauty, to help recover from various injuries.

As a result of long research, scientists «Oxygen Botanicals ™ Laboratories» managed to stabilize the molecules of pure oxygen by enclosing it

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Oxygen capsule Alpha OXY SPA

Today in the centers and cosmetology beauty salons actively used oxygen capsule. On one hand, this procedure SPA-capsule good in themselves, on the other — they are several times improves the effect of the various wraps and water treatments.

Everyone knows that there is no life without oxygen. Namely oxygen, rather its high concentration in the tissues of the body, is the fountain of youth and beauty. Rejuvenation with oxygenation (oxygen under high pressure) in an oxygen capsule Alpha OXY SPA nourishes the cells with oxygen, stimulates cellular respiration, stimulates the regeneration of tissues at the cellular

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Cyst of the tooth

The word "cyst" is derived from the Greek word "kystis", which means the bubble. More precisely and not say. Thus, Ovarian — a disease in which the body cavity is formed pathological dense walled, mostly filled or liquid pasty content (dead cells, bacteria, etc.). Cyst wall (bladder), consists of a thin layer of cells, which produce a liquid and swell like cyst from the inside, like a balloon.

It is necessary to treat the cyst. If this is not done, the teeth, trapped in its cavity fall out. Currently in use, therapeutic and surgical methods for the treatment

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Ovarian cyst

Ovaries — the most important organs of the female reproductive system. They develop those same eggs, which in the process of conception will be combined with sperm. Of all the diseases ovarian cyst occurs most often.

What is it?

Any cyst — this cavity with thin walls, something type pouch filled semiliquid content. An ovarian cyst is arranged on the same principle. Depending on what was the cause of its formation, the cysts are divided into several types.

Follicular cyst.It is formed when ripe egg can not leave the follicle located in the ovary and into the

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Intestinal obstruction — a condition in which severely disrupted or completely stop the promotion of food through the intestines. Intestinal obstruction is most common in older people, and those who underwent surgery on the stomach or intestines.


Normally, the promotion of food through the intestines provide a reduction in the bowel wall (peristalsis). Violation of intestinal motility may be due to the complete relaxation of the muscular layer (paralytic ileus), and vice versa — with a long spasm (spastic ileus). Both of these forms include the so-called intestinal pseudo-obstruction. Typically, dynamic ileus develops:

after operations on the

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Intestinal infections

Buying marinated mushrooms grandmothers near the subway, eating expired canned food, going on a journey, or simply forgetting to wash hands before meals andfruits and vegetables, we run the risk of catching an intestinal infection. At best, it threatens many hours sitting out in the dressing room. At worst — the infectious diseases clinic and even death.

Intestinal infections — this is a group of infectious diseases that primarily damage the digestive tract. Infection occurs when a pathogen enters through the mouth, usually by consumption of contaminated food and water. Total of more than 30 diseases. Of these,

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Treasure from the sea bottom

During the recent events in Japan, many residents of Primorye, Far East and the world plunged into panic and began to massively buying up iodine and iodine-containing drugs, hoping to protect themselves from the effects of radioactive isotopes it. However, experts believe that these measures are not only unnecessary, but often unhealthy.

The fact that the abuse of iodine can cause a variety of effects, ranging from such seemingly innocuous manifestations of allergy to this substance as coughing and sneezing, and ending with a very serious and dangerous health consequences.

It is therefore not recommended to

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