When you can not do without IVF?

According to the Health Ministry, faced with infertility for more than 15 percent of Russian couples. Every year in Russia are born thousands of babies conceived using the method of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

What techniques are used to treat infertility? To whom and when you can not do without IVF? Which species are used in IVF clinics in Russian? Are these methods of infertility treatment for families with average incomes? Are "test-tube babies" from the other kids?

These and other questions answered readers MedNovostey gynecologist, endocrinologist, a specialist in vitro fertilization medical center ASCON Larissa

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When an urgent need to call the doctor?

There are a number of signs that should alert parents. It should immediately seek medical attention.

Unusual drowsiness or lethargy. Unusually rapid breathing — shortness of breath (for children over 60 breaths per minute, for older children, more than 40 per minute). Shortness breath (Heavy breathing or exhaling). Humming or whistling breath. Pulse of the child above 160 beats / min. Temperature the body does not decrease after taking fever-reducing medications. Against the backdrop of increased body temperature appear involuntary twitching of muscles — cramping. The child faints. The child has repeated vomiting, appeared unusual smell (e.g. acetone). Temperatures

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When circumcision is necessary

In circumcision, there is nothing wrong — it is a simple and safe surgery, which in some cases is a must. In some cases, however the man should be circumcised? How is this delicate procedure? Whether it is necessary to circumcise infants prophylactically?

All these issues we talked to the chief doctor of a multidisciplinary clinic "Capital Doctor", Doctor of Medical Sciences, Urologist the highest category Andrei Petrovich Morozov.

— Tell me, is it true that there is a disease in which circumcision is the primary method of treatment?

Yes, there is such a disease, it is called

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When weaned

Five years ago, pediatricians were unanimous: "By the year the child should go to the general table." But today it is not uncommon to come across on a walk toddler who was startled in the playground, like a mother, fingering her, says (!): "Give tits!".

What happened? The answer is simple: the norms of breastfeeding have moved! The scientific approach closer to the natural, which are unconsciously savage tribes people mammals.

The current generation of Aesculapius not as forceful as the former. Recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) set a new bar — you can

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When a late drink Borjomi

Dull aching pain and tightness in the back, too frequent, or, on the contrary, unusually rare trips to the bathroom "in the small", change the color or turbidity of urine … these troubles — a signal that disrupted the work of one of the most important systems of the body — urinary tract.

In the vernacular, most of the illnesses of the system dump taken on the kidneys. A reason to have such indiscriminately — that this body has a central role in the important matter of excretion of soluble wastes.

Recall how the kidneys work. In

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When used, the breast surgery?

The first attempts to increase chesthave been undertaken in the Middle Ages. However, the first officially registered operation to change the shape of the breast was made only at the beginning of the 20th century in England. The patient was "thirty". After surgery, she had lived for more than 50 years and died at the age of 86-minute. Only at autopsy, doctors discovered she had implants, the existence of which no one guessed.

Problem. Small breasts

What to do. Endoprosthesis — to change the shape of the breast using implants. Shell implants are made from silicone plastic, sometimes

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When should you check your hearing?

Hearing loss often occurs gradually and imperceptibly. Others may find it faster than you. However, sufficient and simple observations to identify hearing loss early.

If you feel that you are not okay with hearing, answer the following questions:

How often do you hear a knock on the door or the phone ringing? Do you experience difficulties when talking on the phone? Have you ever heard the approaching car only at the last moment? How often do you ask talk keep it down? It does not appear you have the feeling that your hearing depends on the weather? It

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When shy harmful

The ability to bear and give birth to children requires a clear work the female reproductive system. Equally important features of this system are due to the complexity of its structure and the fineness of the mechanisms of regulation, which are very sensitive to the state of the female body, and external influences.

Because of this, diseases of the female reproductive system are varied and widespread. In the absence of treatment, many of them have serious complications, up to a total loss of reproductive function. To help maintain the health of the woman and the ability to bear children,

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The skin in the desert

Do you know what the most popular advertising in hot countries? Of course, anti-wrinkles. Premature aging — the scourge of most sultry beauties. This stems from the hot rays of the sun, which mercilessly dry the skin over 365 days a year. Plus, stress, unbalanced diet, aggressive environmental factors, heredity.

We live in the temperate latitudes, but the problem of lack of moisture to our skin is no less relevant. Without water, can not do any one living cell. It fades as the once fresh flower and, eventually, die. Therefore, we are often concerned about the dryness,

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Skin parasites

Parasites — creatures living on the nutrients derived from the host. Skin parasites can live both on the skin (head lice), and under the skin (mites).

Lice cause a disease called pediculosis. There are three species of lice that infest in humans: head, pubic and body lice. These insects are easily transmitted from person to person, as well as through infected items — towels, bedding and clothing. The most obvious sign of infestation of lice — itching.

Lice are dangerous not only by themselves, they may transferserious infectious diseases (typhus and relapsing fever).

The most common parasitic disease human

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