Cutaneous manifestations of allergy

An allergic reaction of the body tosome irritant (allergen) may result in differently. Quite often, allergy manifests itself in the form of blisters, swelling, or severe itching — and these effects are known as cutaneous manifestations of allergy. The most common allergic skin disease of nature — atopic dermatitis, urticaria, angioedema and eczema.

Varieties of allergies

Allergen from the environment may enter the human body naturally three ways:

During the food and drink — food allergy. With direct skin contact — contact allergy (eg allergic to animal hair or washing powder). In the process of breathing — breathing

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Whooping cough

Whooping cough — an acute infectious disease with inflammatory phenomena in the upper airways and paroxysmal spasmodic cough. The most commonly infected unvaccinated children under the age of 5 years, and is particularly dangerous for whooping cough in infants. At older ages, the infection process is much easier.

Whooping cough caused by a specific bacteria called Bordetella pertussis. The microbe is transmitted airborne by (coughing, sneezing, talking) in close contact with the sick person. The disease is highly contagious. However, the pin (for example, through a toy) route of transmission is not possible, since the bacterium dies quickly

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Cocktails: mix, but do not drink

Regarding the origin of cocktails, there are many different legends, however, we can safely say that the habit of mix in a glass a few drinks, decorating and giving the result obtained as an attractive appearance, a native of America. Now Russia has formed a fashion for cocktails, and the popularity of them is somewhere very close to the peak.


From the point of view of those who make cocktails and drinks — all wonderful. Stylish surroundings, special glasses, shakers, blenders, bartender, juggling all these like a real magician, and, of course, the result itself — multicolored and

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Tights against varicose veins

Compression hosiery — One of the main means of prevention of varicose veins and obligatory component of surgery and sclerotherapy. Compression stockings are also used to prevent thrombosis in the postoperative period, in bedridden patients to treat complications of varicose veins treatment of primary and secondary lymphostasis.

What is compression hosiery?

The mechanism of therapeutic action of knitwear based on precisely computed and measured pressure him to venous wall. Socks, stockings and tights create an additional frame that supports the veins and protect them from excessive stretching. The pressure on the vein narrows their lumen. This leads to

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Uneducated citizens think that the colitis — is abdominal cramps. In fact, it's not that. Just in Greek "Kolon" — thick gut, and "-itis" taken place at the end, if the disease is associated with inflammation of the organ. So colitis — an inflammatory disease internal (mucosal) membrane of the large intestine.

Acute colitis occur quickly and violently, chronic — long and slow. Acute inflammation of the colon often occurs simultaneously with the inflammation of the small intestine (enterocolitis), and stomach (gastritis).

Colitis are different: ulcer (in the walls of the intestines are formed ulcers), infections (they blame

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Coma, or Sleep of Reason

One day the whole world got a story about how an Italian pensioner committed suicide after losing hope that his wife sometime come out of the coma. The woman woke up a few hours after his death, and the first thing she asked the doctor was "where's my husband." This truly Shakespearean drama was played out in a hospital in Padova (Padua), where an elderly Italian was treated. A woman went into a coma after a severe heart attack and remained in this state for 4 months. Its70-year-old husband devotedly cared for her all the time, but in the

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Concept "Complexes" is widely used not only in the scientific but also in everyday use. In everyday understanding of the term "complex" is almost equated with inferiority complex. That is, the person with the complexes rather call someone who is shy, timid, suspicious. On the contrary, the manifestation of the complex over-compensation is perceived as a manifestation of some nezakompleksovannost. Therefore, we shall understand what is really complex.

Initially, the concept of "complex" appeared in psychoanalysis. It refers to a group of mental formations (motives, interests, attitudes), united by a common affect, acting as a rule, on an

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Computer eye syndrome

It used to be that the vision deteriorates, if a lot of watching TV and reading in the dark and a moving vehicle. Now added another harmful factor — the computer.

In 1998, the U.S. was American doctors coined a new term — Computer eye syndrome (Somputer Vision Syndrome, CVS). CVS — specific visual disturbances (asthenopia) in people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. It is believed that this syndrome occurs daily in 40% of the people working on the computer, and occasionally — in 92% of users.


Experts have counted

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Who threatens to impotence?


In this article, we will examine the risk group — those facing erectile dysfunction and how to fight it.

Problem: The way of life

In erectile dysfunction plays an important role Unhealthy Lifestyle: Smoking, alcohol, drugs, poor diet. Office work contributes to the development of ED (erectile dysfunction), the mite: a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy and unbalanced diet (a lack of important nutrients, excess fat and salt), stress and a sedentary lifestyle. All this leads to a deterioration of the small blood vessels of the penis — they just fail, refusing to

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Who needs this prostatitis?

If you do not need a prostatitis, it is strongly advised not to engage in casual sex. And if you do that, then protect yourself. Otherwise there will be trouble.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (partner can about them and do not know, because some of them may not bother about it), pathogens which are chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, trichomonas, solidly justified in the prostate gland in men. If you have a strong immune system, for some time, you will be able to peacefully coexist with the "uninvited guests" are not even aware of their presence. However, it should defeat

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