Who should be afraid of the flu?

This spring, the media literally blasted the news about a new form of flu that can be deadly to humans. And just remember Stephen King's novel "Armageddon", which refers to the deadly infection that destroys people. Now we know that we are not facing death. But that does not make the flu virus less scary. So, who in the first place should be protected from the flu?

All susceptible to the flu, it is highly contagious, transmitted through the air (airborne), and in a matter of days is able to lay in bed, thousands of people. Only if it

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Comfortable contraception

It is wonderful when you can safely say that all our plans made, and revitalizing it does not diminish, on the contrary they become larger. Great ideas are born, work and life bring enormous pleasure. And inspiration is drawn in the family, with its peace and tranquility. Of course, this stability, and seeks to preserve the way of life for a long time.

I really appreciate their independence and autonomy, but for all that want to remain fragile, sexy and desirable for a husband. Keeping the romance and spontaneity of moments of intimacy. And, of course, I do

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Comfortable solution nail fungus

Universal computerization and automation, the world changed beyond recognition capabilities of virtual communication and the availability of private vehicles, almost deprived us of the exercise. Still young and energetic, intelligent and successful, we are rapidly losing the physical form. And the beauty industry is dictated by the fashion of the perfect body. What to do, how to stay in the mainstream of modern society and meet not only internally but also externally the requirements of a healthy lifestyle? Many find the answer to this question in the sports hall, fitness club, swimming pool or spa. Classes help to

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Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever

What is it?

Hemorrhagic fever Congo-Crimea (Crimean-Congo fever, Central Asian fever) — Viral natural focal disease human pathogen that is transmitted by ticks. It is characterized by acute onset, two-wave rise in body temperature, severe intoxication and hemorrhagic syndrome (bleeding disorders).

Disease was first discovered by Russian doctors in 1944 in the Crimea, and later a similar disease has been described in the Congo, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya.

The causative agent of fever is RNA comprising a virus of the genus neyrovirusov. Its reservoir in nature are wild small mammals, which are parasitic ticks (Hare, eared hedgehog, wood mouse), are

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Warts (papillomas)

What is it?

Papillomatosis — a disease caused by human papilloma viruses. By papillomaviruses are more than 70 different types of viruses, which combines together the fact that they affect mainly the skin and mucous membranes, causing tissue growth.

If papilloma virus misses skin — developing warts, if the mucosa, such as the penis, vagina, cervix, anus or — there called genital warts.

Most often asymptomatic — the presence of the virus in such cases does not cause significant growths.

However, warts in any case can not be considered harmless. The fact that the basis of formation

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Contact lenses

The history of contact lenses began in 1508, when Leonardo da Vinci sketched devices for vision correction, is inserted directly into the eye. But the real safe contact lens invented only in the middle of the XX century. During this special thank you to the Czech scientist Otto Wichterle: that he was able to synthesize a special transparent stable polymer that is saturated with water, which still serves as the material for the production of soft contact lenses.

As the name implies, contact lens— Is having the optical properties of small lens (Soft or hard), which is placed

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Contact Lenses: disadvantages and complications

Contact Lenses — a great alternative to glasses. They allow you to avoid these known problems "ochkarikov" as the reduction of the field of view, optical distortion and misting, the rejection of certain sports. Not to mention the pressure on the nose and ears as well as the appearance of the problems and inconveniences by kissing.

Recently, however, ophthalmologists more often overlook the negative consequences associated with inappropriate use of contact lenses. This is especially true for Russia, where in a wide variety of export of lenses, many use them without consulting your doctor. Even the consultation is often

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Contact Lenses: Conditions of Use

Preparing to Install Contact Lenses

Cleanliness is the main and most important condition for the proper care ofcontact lenses.

Before touchinglenses, always wash your hands thoroughly with mild soap, rinse well and dry them with the towel that does not leave the hands of the fibers. Before touching the contact lenses do not use fatty cosmetics, soaps containing cream and lotions and creams. Contact lenses are recommended to set before applying make-up, cosmetics, water-based have less ability to damage lenses than oil-based cosmetics, close your eyes when using hairspray or other aerosols. How to deal with contact lenses?

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Dupuytren’s contracture

Dupuytren's contracture (synonym — palmar fibromatosis) — Painless umbilicus degeneration and shortening of palmar tendons, leading to flexion deformity and loss of hand function. Contracture Dupuytren's manifest violation of the ability to straighten the fingers, nodular thickening of the skin on the palms.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms of Dupuytren's contracture:

on the skin of the palms appear nodules and seals; bands appear under the skin that slowly and gradually thicken; fingers tightened cords, bad unbend; Dupuytren's contracture in marked decreases the sensitivity of the fingers.

Methods of diagnosis of Dupuytren's contracture:

examination of a surgeon, orthopedist; radiography of hand.

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Contraception after pregnancy

Among young mothers There is a common belief that in the first months after birth, while a woman is breastfeeding and menstruation has not yet recovered, can not get pregnant. In general, mothers are right. However, in order to accurately pregnancy has not occurred, should four conditions are met.

A woman should only breast-feed your baby without artificial lactation aid. The child must take the breast every 3 hours during the day and one at night time, and the gap between night feedings are notshould more than 6 hours. Feeding occurs more frequently the more effective the method.

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