Controlled consumption of alcohol: Myth or Reality

The controlled use of alcohol — the dream of any abuses alcohol. Someone is trying to move to a "light" drinks, someone is trying to snack more tightly, someone tries wonder drug of advertising, someone is experimenting on the basis of traditional medicine, someone is making breaks, trying to accustom themselves drink, for example, only on Fridays. Only these attempts are doomed to failure.

Why is controlled consumption — a myth that some alcoholics amuse themselves? To understand this, let's try to understand the mechanisms of formation of alcohol dependence.

Thus, alcohol is toxin detoxified in the body. As

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Contour Correction: all about the beauty shots

More recently, the only way to preserve youth and beauty was plastic surgery. Today, a host of high-tech methods that allow you to achieve the desired result without cuts, scars and long recovery period. The most popular of these procedures — contouring.

According to experts, the term "contouring" is not quite correct, as is the whole plastic surgery is to create a new path or restoration of existing, take, for example, nose reshaping, breast augmentation or a facelift. And the fact that we are accustomed to thinking of "contouring" — the notorious "beauty shots" — actually plastic injection contour,

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Conflict of personality

There are people whose company is fraught with conflicts for most of those who had a chance encounter with them. But at the same time, there are a variety of ways to overcome the problems encountered in dealing with such people.

The most obvious of "difficult people" are rough, sharp, openly aggressive people. To select the appropriate method for handling it is important to understand the causes of their behavior.

Barker, "tank" goes ahead, paying no attention to what comes along the way. He often can not hear what you say. The best thing to do —

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Conflicts — conflicts of interest — the existence for as long as humanity exists. But as science Conflict emerged only in the 20th century. Her goal — especially practical solution to any issues related to the resolution of conflict: how to deal with conflicting personalities? How to get out of the conflict? How to deal with manipulators?

Also Conflict engaged and theoretical problems associated with the structure and species of any conflict — from collisions between large groups of up to internal conflicts inherent in each of us.

Conflict in Organizations

Usually conflict perceived as a failure of the organization. On the one hand, it really disrupts normal activity. On the other hand it is possible conflicts indicates that organization developing, and does not stand still, slowly rotting and falling apart. In composition, conflicts in organizations can be divided into 3 groups:

— conflict personality — personality

— conflict group — group

— group conflict — personality

But it is more convenient for the analysis of the conflict to classify the sources.

Structural conflicts

Conflicts between units, which violated the interests of one of them. This may

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Conjunctivitis: Diagnosis and Treatment

The diagnosis of "conjunctivitis" is set ophthalmologist after examining the patient. In order to identify the most likely cause of it, the doctor will ask the patient about the medical history and conditions.

Sometimes additional analyzes of discharge from the eye to determine the causative agent. In some cases, you may also need to consult other specialists (urologist, gynecologist, an allergist).

In the mild form, the most serious problem is not a disease itself, and its easy propagation. Strict hygiene will reduce the risk of transition to the second eye infection and contamination of surrounding people.Hygienevery simple:

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Conjunctivitis: Causes and manifestations

The rear surface of the eyelids and the anterior part of the eye (up to the cornea) are covered with a thin transparent film — the conjunctiva. This film, First,secretes important components of tear fluid, andsecond creates a protective barrier against microorganisms and small foreign bodies.

Conjunctivitis— The general name for a group of inflammatory conditions of the conjunctiva. There are quite common, and with equal probability in children and adults.


Conjunctivitis can arise at:

Eye bacterial (Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, gonokki, etc.), chlamydia, viral, or fungal infection. The infection can get into the conjunctiva, when a man

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Coprogram (fecal) — the study of physical, chemical and microscopic characteristics of feces.

As shown by the analysis of feces?

Study feces to diagnose dysfunction stomach, pancreas, liver, the presence of the accelerated passage of food through the stomach and intestines, malabsorption in the duodenum and small intestine, inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, ulcer, allergy, spastic colitis.

What are the indications for analysis?

1. Diagnosis of diseases of the digestive system. 2. Evaluation of the results of the treatment.

How to prepare for the study?

7-10 days prior to the date of analysis to cancel the

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To feed a baby at night?

The official pediatrics taken the view that the infant's stomach at night is to "relax." Here and shake his poor mother screaming kids, slipping them the dill vodichku, the pacifier, because feeding time, they say, not yet. But look — in the animal world, no mother makes regular intervals in feeding their newborn babies. The child's well suited to the continuous flow of breast milk, which is very quickly digested.

Wise to breastfeed (day and night)! Ethe easiest way to put the baby to sleep and calm him at night when he wakes up. Judge for yourself — you

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To feed a baby on the clock?

In the sixties, it was fashionable to raise children "on Spock." In the seventies and eighties came the fashion for early intellectualization, it was started by the famous Glenn Doman, founder of the Institute of Child Development in Philadelphia. Now, under the influence of four William and Martha Serz, author of "Your Child" (publishers called it the new "Bible" for the parents of the nineties), many parents tend to be the so-called "Natural" style of parenting.

Now imagine a young mother, diligently take notes or that teaching Tome and checks every action with the "letter of the law."

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