When a baby is born, the main thing for him — enough food to eat, sleep, and physical contact with the mother. Breastfeeding can satisfy his basic needs. First, Mother's milk is the optimal food for the baby that is always at hand, has the right temperature and the desired composition. Secondly, milk — it's not just the food but also medicine (contains antibodies and immune complexes against various pathogens). Third, Breastfeeding — a great sedative, which can also boast soporific effect. And of course, it provides a useful physical and psychological contact with the child's mother, affecting their

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Breastfeeding: the simple rules

Mother's milk is the main source of vitamins and other nutrients for the baby. Does not require proof of the fact that the mother's milk during breastfeeding is a major source of vitamins and other nutrients for the baby. Feeding is a continuation of the pregnancy, when breast milk substitutes and infant umbilical cord of the placenta.

That breast milk — the most balanced way of eating the child, because it also includes immune factors (white blood cells, antibodies), and the amino acids and growth factors. And this is only part of the elements, which the

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Feeding preterm infants

Often parents are guided by the rule that aborted baby should eat more to gain weight faster. This is a dangerous misconception. The smaller the child, the less food it needs.

In addition, these children have poorly developed digestive system. Overfeeding, especially in the first weeks of life, can only do harm — so these crumbs for the first month is recommended to weigh before and after each feeding. So you will be able to determine the amount of milk that ate the kid.

In the first two weeks of the daily amount of food for premature

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Weight Loss: Strategy and Tactics

There is now a completely new situation in the history of mankind: the world is suffering from over-eating is almost the same number of people as undernourished. The growth of living standards, the overproduction of food and lack of exercise have led to the fact that in developed countries, obesity is a pressing problem for 45-50% of the population. And it was the extra weight increases the risk of diabetes, suppressed immune system, can lead to pulmonary and cardiovascular disease, damage to the musculoskeletal system.

Cellulite: diet not useful

First of all, do not confuse being overweight, obesity

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Vision correction

Adjust vision with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be several different ways. The easiest way select suitable glasses. This method is suitable for both adults and children, and can be used in almost any visual impairment. By the choice of points you need to approach very seriously: do not buy glasses without proper medical prescription and in the 'wrong' places — markets, railway stations, subway passage. Unsuitableglasses can cause chronic headaches, eye fatigue and other unpleasant consequences.

Another popular method of vision correction — contact lenses. The lenses have many advantages: they are invisible to others, provide better

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Face correction

Surgery facelift began to perform at the beginning of the last century: the surgeon E.Hollander (Hollander) since 1901, and the surgeon E. Lexer (E.Lexer) c 1906.

Problem. Reduced skin tone and fine lines

What to do. Ultrasonic exfoliation and hydration in combination with the lifting of the skin.

Operation. The whole procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. First perform an ultrasonic peeling. Effect: exfoliate surface dead skin cells, the pores are cleared, destroying pathogenic bacteria of the skin. Impact of ultrasonic waves in combination with a special solution allows for all levels of hydration of the skin. Also

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Correction figures

In recent years, the most popular are numerous methods of correction that promise to make us slim and beautiful, without any effort on our part. To understand where the truth and not much is usually not easy. But you should at least be clear that no, even the most powerful "splitter" fat itself is not able to get rid of excess weight. And there are several reasons.

First, remove the fat of cells in precisely those areas of the body, which we usually unhappy, very, very difficult. Secondly, the body has a lot of other, more affordable fat, which

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Correction of the legs, buttocks

Beautiful legs — the dream of many people. Unfortunately, there are quite a few reasons that separate from the actual desired. Disadvantages leg shape in some cases it is possible to fix with the help of physical exercises designed to train specific muscles. However, do not always achieve the desired results, especially when it comes to the muscles of legs and gluteal muscles. Modern possibilities of plastic surgery can solve the most difficult problems associated with the correction of the form of feet and buttocks, bringing your dream to reality.

At present, day the most effective correction of the

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Correction of the ears: types of operations

In 1881, a young American surgeon E.Elay (E. Ely) described the first operation to correct the ears (droopy ears).

Problem: The droopy ears, asymmetrical ears

What to do? Operation to change the shape of the ears (otoplasty).

Operation. Usually under local anesthesia incision on the back of the ear, then the ear cartilage is folded so as to form anthelion, and the angle between the pinna and head down. After superimposed gauze rollers that help the ear "remember" the new form. According to this scheme is performed by plastic Converse-Wood-Smith. Sometimes use the method invented in Japan,

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Measles— An infectious disease that is caused by the measles virus. The probability of infection neperebolevshego measles through contact with the patient is close to 100%. Most often affects children of pre-school and school age.

The source of infection is a sick man. The patient is contagious for4-6 days before the rash appears during the first 4 days of rash. The infection is transmitted airborne way — by coughing, sneezing, talking and even breathing. It is also possible vertical transmission of measles — a pregnant woman's fetus.

What's going on?

The incubation period lasts an average of about1-2

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