TRINITY — three wishes women

Young, beautiful skin, as if illuminated from within — it's perfect. But time goes on — things change and our skin too. And, unfortunately, not for the better. The Earth's gravity, the natural aging process, poor environment, aggressive sun rays, stress and many other factors that affect the skin, lead to the fact that it loses its tone and becomes less elastic, there are wrinkles, spider veins and dark spots.

Time can not be stopped, but you can update the skin with TRINITY. Upgrade program includes: the elimination of defects (color alignment, getting rid of spider veins and

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And instead of the heart — cold titanium

Artificial mechanical organs — perhaps the most realistic way to fix the order of today wear and tear the body, which will not help traditional therapeutic "repair". As other methods, organ transplant donor shortage complicated and biological incompatibility. A stem cells, which are so much talk, unfortunately, are too far removed from practical application.

The first artificial organs, apparently, is considered as dentures. Later, surgeons have implanted metal joints and ligaments, and then appeared and electronic prosthetic limbs. But to call these devices "a revolution in artificial organs" may be a stretch. Of course, they improve the quality of

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Vitamin deficiency: spring call

Vitamins and vitamin complexes in a single tablet appeared in the arsenal of mankind is not so long ago: in the mass market they did in the early forties. "You see — tell the attentive reader — used to live without vitamins, and everything was in order, no one even knew the words vitamin deficiency."

That's right, the word vitamin deficiency was not, instead it was an unpleasant phenomenon called "scurvy", is characterized by lethargy, loss of strength, loss of teeth, bleeding and multiple deaths. Scurvy and beriberi was an extreme degree.

Nowadays it comes to scurvy

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All women will certainly have something to repeatedly say "thank you" a revolutionary Coco Chanel — and for a little black rag around the body, long-recognized top elegance, and for the notorious flavor at number 5. But one in our latitudes is almost impossible to forgive her — fashion for a tan.

Fashion fortan Coco Chanel introduced accidentally. In the summer of 1923 she "zabronzovela" under the sun — only by negligence. Butladies plagiatorshi immediately dropped their lacy parasols and cucumber lotion and began to hunt for the sun.

The sun in our latitudes is not a frequent

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Copyright developing games

Ten years ago, young parents, having read a variety of books on techniques of early development, are taken to embody the cutting-edge ideas to life: glued and repainted wooden blocks (according to Nikitin), wrote at night speech on the cards (by Doman) was collected in the surrounding stalls 108 beer caps in order to fill the cubes Zaitsev.

Now times have changed, a lot of specialty stores educational games, and an inexperienced parent abundance of various allowances simply dazzled. Everybody knows the famous names — Nikitin, Zaitsev, Montessori and less well-known — or Kyuizener Denesh. Today we have

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Aggressive child

Aggression — This is intentional actions aimed at causing harm to other people or animals. Aggressive child screams, swears, threatens, attacks things bullies peers and adults. In children's aggression has several goals.

To attract attention. These children suffer from neglect adults, they are underdeveloped social skills. Therefore, even when they are among their peers, they do not know any other way to get attention than aggressive behavior, shouting and threats that have a demonstrative character. Usually these children low social status among their peers.

To achieve the desired. For these children, aggression — way achieve a specific

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Adaptation Syndrome

Adaptation Syndrome — A set of adaptation reactions of humans and animals, resulting in the significant and enduring adverse effects — stressors.

In development adaptation syndrome are three stages:

— Stage Anxiety: Lasts from several hours to two days. Includes two phases — the shock and protivoshok (at last there is a mobilization of protective reactions of the body).

— In step resistance resistance to various influences increased. The second stage leads either to a stabilization, or is replaced by the last stage — exhaustion.

— Stage exhaustion: Defense reactions weakened itself organism and mind are

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In a broad sense, adaptation — it is an adaptation to environmental conditions. Human adaptation has two spectra: biological and psychological.

Biological level, common to man and animals, includes adjustment to permanent and changing environmental conditions: temperature, pressure, light, humidity, as well as to changes in the body: disease, changes in the body, control of any functions.

The psychological aspect of adaptation is the adaptation of the individual to the existence in accordance with the requirements of society and their own needs and interests. Social adaptation is done by learning the norms and values of the society

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BPH: help green laser

Adenoma of the prostate gland — one of the most common urologic diseases. Suffers from it every second man over 50 years, and after 60 years — for 75% of men.

On what is dangerous BPH, and about which there are modern methods of dealing with it, we talked tochief physician of a multidisciplinary clinic "Capital Doktor", Doctor of Medical Sciences, Urologist Luxury Andrei Petrovich Morozov.

— Why there is BPH?

There may be a variety of factors play a role, but, as a rule, the development of adenomas associated with reduced levels of the male sex hormone

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BPH: the danger of inaction?

BPH — the problem of age, and she can not pass by! How to prevent? How to treat? To maintain health for many years to come.

According to statistics, every second man of 45-60 years suffer BPH, or benign growth of prostate tissue.

In most cases, the disease is caused by hormonal imbalance, which can be observed in this age period.

The first symptoms — the alarm!

Adenoma, usually grows slowly, so symptoms may not become apparent for a long time. However, when treatment is started,

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