ID Bare Escentuals (abbreviated name cosmetics — ID) is recommended for all ages and all skin types.

ID — a versatile line of powders, blush, eye shadow and proof based on one hundred percent natural crushed minerals and natural pigments. All funds have a consistency of powder that allows you to align the complexion, to protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment and to emphasize individual beauty.

ID is so safe that it can not wash off before going to bed! Part of the zinc oxide (protection factor SPF15) reflects UV rays and

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Cosmetics for men, or how to please a woman


Most men start their morning with a shave. Those who prefer a wet shaver shaving (By the way, the classic "Schick" in modern versions can beat many speed records), win: his skin after a day does not leave a feeling of freshness. Yetshaving — The eternal male problem, and the daily stress for the skin. Remove it to ensure comfort during this procedure is not too pleasant enable foam or shaving gel, softening the skin and stubborn stubble. Especially delicate ones, which include special additives (oil shea butter, healing mineral water springs). They note, be sure to have

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Stand in front of a mirror and a wide smile. Do you like your smile? Are you satisfied color, the shape and position of the teeth? If so — it's great! If not — do not worry. All your problems can be solved thanks to modern dental materials and the latest technology of cosmetic dentistry.

By the way, "Hollywood" smile are not made at the studios, and in the dental chair. Many technologies, including today's popular veneers were originally invented just for the movies. Later, they have been improved and have been used in everyday life.

Missing teeth and

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This is one of the few eye diseases, which can be identified even without the help of a specialist. Strabismus — a condition that is characterized by a deviation of one or both eye from the central axis, the human eye is not looking in the same direction as necessary, and in various. As a result, opinion can not focus on the subject under consideration.

Most often, strabismus develops in children 2-3 years during the formation of both eyes friendly. According to medical statistics, some degree of strabismus suffer every 50th child.


Strabismus may be the

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Strabismus — a childhood disease

According to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation optical eye defects are found in the vast majority of children of school and pre-school age. Strabismus affects more than 2% of children. The earlier the disease is detected, the better the chance of full recovery. Also, in the case of "naughty eyes" it is very important that parents just noticed symptoms of the disease in children.

Strabismus is shown that the visual axis of one eye deviates from the point of fixation, that is, the eye deviates in either direction (left, right, up, down). This is not only

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Beautiful nails

Last care Nail limited their cropping or at best polishing. Now decorative care the nails and skin of the hands is considered self-evident.

Well-groomed nails — a kind of calling card. As can be seen on the nail health. Their state affect malnutrition, digestive problems, obesity, hormonal disorders. In addition, the nails are always open and vulnerable to external influences. Therefore care Nail has both aesthetic and medical significance.

Sometimeswrong manicure can lead to undesirable posldstviyam: microtraumas nail bed followed by the entry of a bacterial or fungal infection of character. If excessive reduction of the length

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Rubella — vysokozaraznoe an acute infectious disease caused by the rubella virus.

Most often sick unvaccinated children 2-9 years. It is especially dangerous rubella in the first 3 months of pregnancy — while often develop severe congenital malformations of the child, possible intrauterine fetal death. In general, in adults rubella more severe than in children.

The source of infection is a person with symptomatic or erased form rubella. Modes of transmission — airborne (In conversation with the patient, kissing) and vertical (mother to fetus). It is also possible route of infection pin — through children's toys. The

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Rubella during pregnancy

Rubella is considered mild disease. However, this definition is valid for the flow of the infection in children. Rubella disease is pregnant with serious consequences for the future of the child.


Rubella is caused by a virus, which is transmitted airborne way. The source of the virus are more often children, so the probability of catching rubella pregnant women who already have one child increases. Especially if the child goes to kindergarten, sports or school.

What's going on?

When infected women in the first week of pregnancy, fetal loss occurs in 80% of cases, on the2-4th

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Lichen planus

Lichen planus — a chronic disease, affecting the skin, mucous membranes, rarely nails. More common in adults.

Risk Factors:

age 40-60 years (mostly women) genetic predisposition, trauma-, Diseases gastrointestinal tract diabetes, injury of the mucous membranes of the mouth

Accurate cause occurrence of lichen planus is unknown. On the development of the disease can affect:

disorders of the nervous system impaired immunity, allergic reactions the presence of foci of chronic infection in the body: tonsillitis, dental caries, sinusitis, etc. What's going on?

Most often, a rash appears on the flexor surface of the forearms, inner thighs, the front

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Beauty is in the interesting position

Just look at thebeauties-stars who found themselves not only in the work and creativity, but in the joy of motherhood: Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie, Salma Hayek, Irina Slutskaya, Alik Smekhova, Hirson Kudikova, Yulia Volkova … So why do not you get real pleasure from your new position?

Tips gynecologist

"During and after pregnancy, the skin is subject to change — it becomes more sensitive and subtle. The main reason for the loss of skin elasticity — is hormonal changes, the growing tension of the skin. Therefore it is very important during pregnancy to use special means

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