Beauty and Pregnancy

Woman always a woman. She wants to look attractive on any segment of life, including during pregnancy. And what a young mother does not dream to return as quickly as possible, "doberemennuyu" figure?

It is no secret that during pregnancy a woman's appearance is changing. Butif some changes to be expected and pleasant (rounded tummy, which increased chest), While others deliver some concerns. Most expectant mothers frustrating skin problems — increased pigmentation all over the body and especially on the face ("mask of pregnancy") skin rashes, stretch marks (striae). Many of these problems are caused genetically, so deal

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The Kremlin diet

For more than a year, the Kremlin diet took the first place in the ranking of the most trendy diets in Russia. Its apparent simplicity and efficiency, it attracts a lot of fans among fans of "losing weight without effort." And in the meantime doctors are sounding the alarm. Indeed, in recent years no one diet does not give as many complications as "Kremlevka"!   

What offended carbohydrates?

The basic principle of "Kremlin hospital" — strict control over intake of carbohydrates. Each item has an index (in arbitrary units or points), reflecting the content of carbohydrates per 100 grams of

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The crisis of 40 years for women

Crisis mid-life women also has its own peculiarities. Changes in life goals and values in women are associated most often with the family cycle and the stages of a career path, not the predictable age-related changes. Thus, woman, which defers the birth of a child up to 40 years, often doing so in order to succeed in a career, and on the contrary, woman, early enough to form a family, and has grown to identify and may have embarked on the feet of children, receives a considerable amount of free time to indulge himself, his self-improvement in personal and

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The crisis of 40 years, the model of conduct of men

The path of man to 40 years depends on the motivational orientation. In total there are 4 basic behaviors that men use when the crisis of the fortieth anniversary.

Implemented man passes crisis 40 years of almost unnoticed, as most of his needs and desires are embodied in life.

Psevdorazvity man externally to cope with their problems and pretend that everything that happens it meets, or at least under his control. In fact, he feels that he has lost direction at a standstill, or that he was sick of all.

The man is confused. It seems

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The crisis seven years

If the crises three-year old baby and a rebellious teenager somehow heard all, the crisis of seven years, is often imperceptibly. Lost something on the background of the first brand new backpack and which are old-old in kindergarten rods and hooks. Meanwhile, it is quite an important stage of development of the little man.

The crisis does not excuse to neglect themselves and if do not pay attention to him, can keep the memory is not the most pleasant effects such as poor performance, problems in communication, unwillingness to learn, and sometimes — and neurosis. But this can

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Mid-Life Crisis

This crisis experienced by people in the 40-45 years: it is the re-evaluation of all that was accomplished in his life at this time. The man often denies or destroys something sought for years, what to invest a lot of effort. Or man becomes acutely experience the inconsistency: as a rule, to forty years realized the difference between dreams and goals in life of man and his real position. And if twenty people is seen as a promising, then forty years — is the performance of the promises made long ago.

The severity of this crisis depends on several

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The crisis of three years

Three years — a very special age. First, it is the boundary between infancy and preschool years, and secondly, it is the moment when the self-esteem and self-awareness is born.

It would seem to us that these psychological terms? We would find out why chadushko favorite beats in hysterics, no one wants to listen to and how we survive in this nightmare and save the remnants of peace of mind and balance. Meanwhile, all these things are closely related — in fact the kid came at a critical age. What awaits us?


"Unkind no doctor Veterinarian Do

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The crisis thirty years

At about the age of thirty man experiencing a crisis, a turning point in the development associated with the fact that his view of life that have developed between 20 and 30 years, are no longer satisfied him.

Analyzing the distance traveled, its achievements and failures, one finds that when the already established and seemingly happy life his personality is flawed, that much time is wasted, that he had done little in comparison with what might be his youthful ideals arguable.

In other words, there is a reassessment of values, a critical review of the "I". Man

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Cryotherapy — a conservative therapeutic technique, which consists in short-term cooling to low temperatures, which causes narrowing of the blood vessels with subsequent expansion not only acting, but also reserve capillaries, which greatly increases blood flow to the site of application, and therefore metabolism.

Pre-cooling the skin significantly enhances the therapeutic effect of the majority of cosmetic products and treatments by stimulating peripheral circulation.

The basic procedure of cryotherapy

Cryo the face and scalp

Cryo — a kind of hardware massage, in which along with the massage techniques used anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of cold.

Indications: acne, make up

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Cryotherapy in the treatment of warts

In dermatology treatment Cold applied for a long time, but as a secondary method, and only the development of cryosurgery led to a breakthrough in this area.

As a scalpel, which "Cleans" the affected skin, use a jet of nitrogen coming from the cryosurgical device or spray. Cells falling under this jet strongly cooled, thus freezing the intracellular fluid, which is a solution of salts, which under normal circumstances can not freeze. The result is the same as that during the freezing sealed water bottle — the ice expands and breaks the bottle. Just torn and chilled cell.

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