Critical and stable periods

Most professionals divide childhood in different periods. On what grounds — a separate issue. According to one of the most influential classifications belonging L.Vygotskomu, periodization of mental development of the child is based on the dominant activity. What does this mean?

Leading activities at some stage sense-is. In the context of its awkward relationship with adults and peers. Mastering the leading activities, child acquires new skills and abilities, which are called "tumor age" — for example, the ability to speak, ability to walk.

At each stage of mental development leading activities is crucial. However, other activities will

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Clubs, classes

It would seem that the educational system designed to trifles and proven experience of several generations — first children's garden, then school, then the institute … But something in it still is not enough. Maybe it was unplanned and spontaneous and lively interest? And then come to the aid of a variety of Mugs and sections.

Think about them, parents are beginning to have not so much to the school, but even before kindergarten! Indeed, today the center of the development can be found even for infant, not to mention the little fellow two-three years! And as for the

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Who can understand a woman without words?

For many important processes in the female body responsible hormones. They can affect our well-being, mood, tone and even the appearance! When a woman's hormones are normal, we feel full of energy and strength, our companions are the youth and beauty of the skin, PMS does not overshadow life, menopause takes place smoothly and unobtrusively.

And what if the hormones are produced irregularly or not enough? Suffer from chronic fatigue, self-dissatisfaction, fear anticipate the arrival of critical days (and with them, and irritability), tolerate quirks of the body during menopause?

— Certainly not! And that is

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Cubes Zaitseva

The question will be about learning to read by Zaitsev. And its basic principles.

The child does not go from the simple to the complex (the letter to the syllable, and then the word), and receives direct access to all warehouses (not to be confused with the syllable) Russian language. If the classical system teaches baby first letter M and A separately, then explain to him that if "MMMM runs to A ', then, in the end, you get" MA ", the child is enrolled in Zaytsevskaya system initially sees the warehouse MA (if before that he had

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Where to go with the child?

What we do expect it to work? That's right, leave. To relax, people. Stay, finally, with your family and get away from work and everyday life. But the long-awaited vacation is approaching, and the main question was not resolved. Where to go to parents with a child — so that the rest and health gain, and new experiences?

It turns out that this is not such a simple question, and (that was not painfully sorry for the time spent and money) at the same time you need to consider many different factors.

All in good time

The child's

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Bathing baby

With the advent of the baby in the family are not only fun, but also the obligation to care for him. One — bathing.

Here are the main points that you need to pay attention that the procedure was pleasant for bathing the baby and mother:

Bathe a child can be the first day, as soon as you turn up the house (if a vaccination against tuberculosis is made the day before), or the next day (if the vaccine is made the day of discharge). It is desirable to do so in the same time of day —

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Knowledge about the dangers of smoking are generally limited to hackneyed phrase that the drop of nicotine can kill a horse, and fears of dying from cancer. In fact, it is difficult to find at least one system of the body, which does not suffer from smoking tobacco: it's respiratory, and cardiovascular and digestive, and nervous. Because of such adverse effects on complex organism nicotine can rightly be called a universal killer.

But harm to their health, smokers are a danger to others. And most often the victims of their addiction are the closest people — that they have

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Smoking during pregnancy

The word "mother" is always closely associated with the care, love and other things to the best of our land. However, female smokers voluntarily or involuntarily maim and even kill their children — born and unborn. Surprised? And yet, it's true. Smoking mothers 'endows' their daughters and sons of lung cancer and other "gifts" associated with passive smoking. A pregnant woman harm their unborn child, who does not even have to choose — in fact he "smokes" with her mother.

There are other reasons that a woman should always remember, if it is, of course, care about the health

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Smoking during pregnancy

Smokepregnancy bad, is simply unacceptable, because of frail children are born: they weigh little, get sick often. Know all about it. Not long ago, scientists have shown that a child still in the mother's womb accustomed to nicotine, the risk of becoming heavy smokers with a psychotic criminal tendencies and the "cleft palate".

From stories

Paradoxically, the dangers of smoking mankind has known only50th XX century, and before that even doctors have been one hundred percent sure that tobacco is harmless. However, the vague suspicion that children do better yet not to abuse nicotine, crept. Not for nothing

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Smoking and skin

Our largest organ — the skin, though, and is on the outside, the power gets through the blood vessels inside the body. The food we consume is broken down to the smallest components, some of which are nutrients, and some — Ballast, "industrial waste." All this is delivered through the blood to the skin. Nutrients used in place as part of the "waste" and then output to the outside. Same skin receives andoxygen— During normal breathing. But when the light comes in tobacco smoke, breathing process and nourish the skin is broken.

When we inhale cigarette smoke, carbon

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