Smoking and statistics: a beginner needs to know that a smoker

Smoking and statistics: What should a newcomer know smoker

Most people know that smoking — A bad habit that can cause a lot of health problems. It is important that Cubs-smokers knew what they would face.

Statistics — a thing quite hard to understand, but it was on the statistical data collected and analyzed by the World Health Organization, you can see what harm does smoking both to the smoker and the people around them.

Usually abuse of various psychoactive substances, including alcohol, drugs and tobacco, is credited with wealthy people. But at present, is bucking the

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Courses for pregnant women

During the first nine months of the expectant mother has to learn a lot of things related to pregnancy, childbirth and child care. Ways to educate many, and one of the most popular — is the school (or courses) for pregnant women.

There are two types of schools for pregnant women: public and private. Public schools — are courses at the antenatal clinic or hospital. The range of services to them is quite limited: you will explain how to eat, talk about the way of life intime pregnancy, informed of the birth process (perhaps, will show the film),

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Labyrinthitis (inner ear infection)

Internal otitis (Or labyrinthitis) — is inflammation inner ear. This is a very serious disease, which, fortunately, is not common. In most cases internal otitis does not occur by itself, but is a complication of acute or chronic otitis media, or severe general infectious disease (eg, tuberculosis), or due to injury.

What's going on?

Infection with internal otitis penetrates into the inner ear (cochlea) in different ways. Through average ear — in purulent inflammations, through the meninges — meningitis, a blood— A variety of infections.

Onset of the disease is most often accompanied by tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, vomiting,

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Laser surgery glaucoma and cataracts

Glaucoma and cataracts — a disease of advanced age. Relatively recently, it was believed that these conditions are irreversible — but modern ophthalmology will restore lost vision. On the use of laser in the treatment of glaucoma and cataracts says MD, professor A.D.Romaschenko.

— The most important question bothering most people with glaucoma or cataracts — whether an operation is inevitable? 

— The operation is necessary. Unfortunately, not all of it can be done, but if possible, always be operated. Drops, tablets, these diseases not only heal, but did not even slow down.

— How does it look today

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Laser Vision Correction

Laser correction view is considered an advanced area of modern ophthalmology. Excimer laser beam accurately and carefully affects the cornea of the eye. Modern computer systems for excimer laser Optometrists can fix almost all kinds and degrees of visual impairment.

For laser vision correction has a medical (different visual acuity of the right and left eye) and professional (occupation requiring instant response, or work in a polluted and smoggy) readings. In the absence of contraindications, the operation can be carried out, and at the request of the patient.

Operations on laser vision correction have limitations. They are contraindicated:

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Laser cosmetology

Laser Cosmetology — cosmetology section, which are widely used in the latest laser technology.

The most popular procedures in cosmetic laser

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is very effectively on dark hair, and can be used on all body parts. Laser hair removal works selectively on the hair without damaging the epidermis. This allows you to carry out the procedure in the most sensitive areas of the body: the bikini area, face and armpits.

Indications: unwanted hair on the face and body.

The essence of the procedure: procedure is the treatment of the skin with a laser

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Laser plastic and krioplastika sky. Somnoplastika

Laser plastic (or krioplastika) the sky is used to eliminate defects palate and uvula, leading to snoring.

The therapeutic effect of these methods is a result of thermal or cold burns of the mucous membrane of the soft palate. Krioapplikatorom applied laser or line or point burns in the soft palate and uvula, which causes an inflammation. The healing of tissue marked decrease in the volume and seal the sky, which reduces its vibration and sound phenomenon of snoring.

Technically, the procedure is quite simple and is carried out in an outpatient setting. However, patients experience significant

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Laser resurfacing — the disadvantages to advantages

Time brings experience and wisdom, but not to the benefit appearance. However, the charm of maturity and inner beauty, backed up by a perfect figure, flawless skin and glowing eyes can compete serene youth. "But what efforts?" — You ask.

More recently, this question could be answered: "Exceptional efforts of plastic surgeons, many painful procedures and endless months of rehabilitation in rehabilitation clinics." But today, thanks to the latest developments of laser technology and its application in cosmetics, it is possible to look 10-15 years younger than their true age.

Some time ago, laser skin resurfacing procedure

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Laser Hair Removal: check for yourself

When the men, complaining of his grave share, sighing, "You-you shave every day is not necessary!", I want to strangle the mourner. Because my consumption of blades and shaving gel is much more than my "strong" half and use an arsenal of home-Barber also has a daily basis.

This man can not think of a smooth legs shorten the hair in the groin area only when they begin to interfere with himself, and casually show overgrown armpit. But the natural hair growth at the beautiful lady is generally perceived as a flaw. And nothing can be done, we

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Lactase deficiency

Pain and heaviness in the stomach after serving ice cream, bloating after a couple of spoons of cottage cheese — these symptoms often suggest such disease as lactase deficiency.

Intolerance to milk suffer from several million people worldwide. Of course, not all of lactase deficiency is expressed the same way, someone is experiencing discomfort from a glass of milk, and someone may develop vomiting after a piece of cheese.

Lactase deficiency leads to the fact that a person with reduced food intake of lactose, which is milk and milk-containing products (cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurt, fermented baked, etc.). This

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