Lactostasis— Milk is stagnant in one or more areas of the breast.

Reasons lactostasis

The emergence lactostasis typically caused by two factors: increased production milk and a violation of its outflow fromsome region or cancer in general or due to clogging narrow ducts.

Factors predisposing to the development of lactostasis are:

mismatch between the active functioning of the glandular tissue to produce milk, and the diameter of the lumen of the milk moves (it happens more often after the first birth); flat nipple, the presence of cracks on the nipple, making it difficult feeding feeding; not

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Laryngitis: Diagnosis and Treatment


For the diagnosis of laryngitis doctor examines a patient survey and, as a rule, it is enough. On examination revealed redness of the throat, which is more pronounced in the area of the vocal cords. Sometimes the mucous visible petechiae. With the development of the inflammatory process may be a viscous mucus and / or crusted with dried mucus. In severe cases, perform laryngoscopy.

Children laryngitis (False croup) must be differentiated from diphtheria. Diphtheria, that is true croup, laryngitis is different from that in younger patients have a plaque on the tonsils and surrounding tissues, and

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Laryngitis: Causes and manifestations


Laryngitis — an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx. It can occur as a result of the activation is always present in normal circumstances do not cause disease microflora of the larynx. Such activation may occur due to the following factors:


hypothermia; excessive smoking; alcohol abuse overvoltage vocal folds (loud scream singing); air pollution (dust, vapors, gases).

But most often caused by catarrhal laryngitis inflammation of the mucous nasopharynx during acute viral infection of the upper respiratory tract infection (ARI).

Symptoms of acute laryngitis:

feeling sore, soreness, dryness of the

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Fins in boots

There is a disease, which does not take any ballet or in the army. In the daily life at her trying not to pay attention. But only as long as the foot will not resemble the seal flippers. Meet the flat!

Life — a movement, said someone of the wise. Those who are not able to fly, to move well, we need a minimum of feet. Do centipedes are many, cockroach six and a cat — four. Person, unlike animals have to go with just two legs. Unfortunately, it's not always good at it. The reasons for

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Legends and myths about constipation

The problem of constipation is very delicate, is surrounded by many myths and legends. Some of them are created and maintained by the producers of some "miracle" remedies for constipation — all kinds of teas for weight loss, "normalizing" caps, jars of "life-giving" plant fiber.

In a review article published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology, compiled data from numerous clinical studies on the problem of regular and smooth bowel movement. Found no verified theory "auto-intoxication" — Suction breakdown products and toxins at a delay of a chair. "Chronic constipation uncomfortable, but not dangerous, which is why many doctors

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Light-footed — in an easy life

About varicose veins and modern methods of treating doctor will tell phlebologist, a vascular surgeon International Medical Centre ON CLINIC — Girsiashvili G. Aleko.

— Aleko G., please tell us what is hidden under the term "varicose veins"?

Varicose veins — it is not just aesthetic flaws, but insidious and life-threatening disease, which tried to fight from time immemorial. Today, thanks to the achievements of scientific and technological progress, it is possible to successfully treat this disease and safely solve aesthetic problems.

— How is the varicose veins?

In most cases, varicose veins due

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What we used to consider "blood cancer" oncologists called "gemoblastozamom". That fact, "Leukemia" — is not one disease, but a group of neoplastic diseases of the hematopoietic tissue. In the case when tumor cells invade bone marrow (The place where form and mature blood cells), leukemia called hematological malignancies. If the tumor cells proliferate out of the bone marrow, it is about gematosarkomah.

What is it?

Leukemias (Leukemia) — is not one disease, but several. All are characterized by a certain type of transformation in malignant hematopoietic cells. Thus irrepressible cancer cells begin to multiply and replace normal

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What is it?

Leishmaniasis — a group of diseases caused by different types of protozoa of the genus Leishmania (Leishmania donovani, Leishmania tropica).

The disease is carried by mosquitoes leave Phlebotomus. In South America, carriers of cutaneous leishmaniasis are mosquitoes of the genus Lutzomyia. Wherein the body is a parasite mosquitoes flagellar form and in humans — in leyshmanialnoy (intracellular).

What way?

Depending on the pathogen occurs:

Visceral leishmaniasis (Kala-azar). Cutaneous leishmaniasis (Leishmaniasis, pendinskaya ulcers). Mucocutaneous American leishmaniasis (Espundia).

At visceral leishmaniasis incubation period ranging from 3 weeks to 3 years. With the pathogen enters the bloodstream to the

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Medicines for millions

In recent years, the steadily growing number of people suffering from diseases of the liver. According to WHO experts, these diseases in the world struck by more than two billion people. In Europe, one in five women and one in ten men are faced with diseases of the liver and biliary tract. Only in CIS countries each year from 500,000 to a million people with such diseases.

Only a small number of liver diseases are treatable. In most cases, liver damage leads to irreversible progressive reduction of its functions and, as a consequence, to the worsening of disability and

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Medicines for indigestion: which is better?

Almost every Russian in the medicine cabinet there are medicines that improve digestion. This is not surprising, because they are among the ten most popular products. However, few people know how to act drugs "from the stomach," and how they differ from each other. Try to understand.

In fact, despite the variety of drugs, which aid in digestion, they all have one and the same active substance — pancreatin. This extract pancreas which contains enzymes — amylase, lipase and protease. Amylase breaks down carbohydrates, lipase — fats, protease — proteins. In healthy people, the pancreas secretes pancreatin in

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