Medications and Pregnancy

Expectant mother should refer to drugs with caution. The fact that many drugs, especially when used in the first trimester of pregnancy may alter the growth rate of cells, tissues, organs, causing fetal malformations. In addition, the drug may reduce placental blood flow, disrupt the exchange of substances between the mother's and the child, provoke premature birth.

Before using any product, Bud and even medicinal herbs pregnant be sure to consult with your doctor. In the worst case (if medicine necessary, anddoctor not available), you need to carefully examine the abstract. It will be sure to specify whetherpreparation

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Medications are contraindicated for pregnant women

During pregnancy, a woman's body there are serious changes: increasing the load on the liver, the kidneys, the endocrine system, the uterus is a process of actively dividing cells of the embryo, resulting in its growth and development. In everyday life, we often use drugs, remote effects on the body which is unknown. This is especially dangerous during pregnancy, because the body of a pregnant woman and being in the womb baby differently respond to most drugs.

Medications can affect the fetus at all stages of pregnancy. The most dangerous period is the first three months, when there

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Drug-resistant tuberculosis

Drug fast tuberculosis, as, indeed, any other cause of Koch bacillus (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). However, there is a significant difference: Koch's bacillus of drug-resistant TB is much more tenacious and "aggressive." Most drugs copes with regular TB, in this case, are not effective enough. And the disease occurs much harder.

Each year, drug-resistant tuberculosis has become increasingly common. Previously, he developed mainly due to improper treatment of normal TB, today it is defined almost every second patient first seek the help of TB specialist.

Drug-resistant TB is most at risk of:

patients who have previously been treated but

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What is it?

Leptospirosis — a group of infectious diseases caused by leptospirosis (Leptospira interrogans) — Miroorganizmami family of spirochetes. There are numerous subtypes of Leptospira that can cause disease in humans.

The most famous leptospirosis are:

Weil's syndrome (a disease Vail-Vasileva, icteric leptospirosis), named after the German scientist Weil, described the causative agent in 1886, and the Russian scientist NP Vasilyeva (1888); water fever (anicteric leptospirosis), the causative agent of which was opened in 1928 by Soviet scientists SI Tarasov. Sources of infection

Leptospirosis common in many wild and domestic animals, some of which carry it and

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Summer — think about the legs

About the unknown dangers of hair removal, the method of lymphatic drainage massage, which allows for a couple of weeks to reduce hips by five centimeters, about how a couple of days to get rid of "spider veins", and also about what is dangerous summer for our feet, we talked tothe chief physician Medical facility on Phlebology, surgeon phlebologist Luxury, MD Igor Carenko.

— As the summer affects our veins?

In the hottest time of the year for people with poor state of veins should be especially careful. In the summer of increased risk of thrombosis, the veins may

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Therapeutic exercises for varicose veins

How to prevent varicose veins, as well as for its treatment is useful to do exercises for the legs. This will help relieve heavy legs, normalizes blood circulation, eliminate venous stasis. This is especially useful gymnastics those who work sitting or standing — drivers, programmers, writers, hairdressers, retailers, office workers, etc.


Sitting on a chair, keeping your feet together, set them down on your toes then on the heels of (15-20 times) With an emphasis on two hands (as shown), to rise on tiptoe, sinking then on the heels of (15-20 times) Leaning against the wall with

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Therapeutic mud: sanatorium at home

Mud therapy — a technique that is used in the health resort practice around the world. For a long time, patients went to the mud-cure resorts, but in the 90-ies of the XIX century in the beginning of practice include mud treatment outside the resorts. A large spread of this method was during the First World War, for follow-up care of patients. In Soviet times, it was already widely used in physical therapy clinics. Particularly useful in the practice vnekurortnoy is to use disposable applicator according to the same procedure as in resort.

In modern conditions, are increasingly

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Healing and Healthy Eating

Today it is clear to everyone that the correct nutrition determines the quality of our life: health, well-being, performance, metabolism, and full operation of the different organs and systems, etc. But how to choose healthy nutrition for the individual, what factors should be taken into account?

Of course, there are a number of general recommendations. For instance, nutrition determined by the way your life (you're a housewife or an athlete) because in a given case, the ratio and the amount of nutrients and minerals can vary significantly. Also, the power depends on the occupation.

But these are general recommendations.

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Treatment of angina

Treatment sore throat can be carried out by different methods

Treatment uncomplicated angina on an outpatient basis, in the home. In the case of paratonsillar abscess requiring hospitalization, his opening and suctioning pus. Treatment of uncomplicated angina engaged physician therapist, if necessary, he can give a direction to the ENT doctor.

Indications for hospitalization Severe sore throat in young children, especially those with breathing difficulties Angina, caused by the diphtheria bacilli Suppurative complications of sore throat (see Complications) Complications of sore throat in the internal organs Medications

Drug treatment of acute tonsillitis depends on whether it is

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Treatment for Hemorrhoids

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, depending on the stage, applies full range of therapeutic agents from the drug before surgery. These techniques are well developed and widely tested, the risk is considered low.

Conservative therapy

Conservative (drug) therapy does not completely get rid of the disease. Its main goal — reducing the frequency of exacerbations, and their severity and duration. The indications for conservative treatment are the initial stages of chronic and acute hemorrhoids course of the disease in its later stages. Do not self-medicate!

Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids at home is possible only if the diagnosis of "hemorrhoids"

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