Treatment of genital herpes

After casual sex on the genitals appeared bruised ulcers. You feel the heat and fatigue. After examination and blood sampling doctor concluded that you have genital herpes.Virus not eradicate it in your body forever.

But do not despair. Most people carry the herpes simplex virus type 2 — Herpes simplex 2. And then there is other question: why do some people wear a virus years without evidence of disease, while others are subject to constant attacks of the disease?

Doctors believe that a person who is more stressed, depressed, hostile and easily angered, increasingly exposed to attacks. It

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The treatment of nail fungus and feet

Treatment fungal diseases must necessarily take place under the supervision of a dermatologist. In the case of self-medication incorrectly selected antifungal drugs can only lead to a temporary improvement, does not cure the disease.

When choosing a method of therapy is necessary to take into account the size and shape of the lesion, the extent of the mold, the presence of comorbidities, age of the patient.

Antifungal drugs are divided into two types: for outdoor and indoor use. Themselves exterior funds effective in the early stages of the disease, then treatment must be complex: onfungus should affect

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Treatment of Stuttering

There are several ways by which parents may reduce the risk of stuttering a young child. The changes mainly relate to the way we talk and aim to create an environment that positively affects the child:

Speak slowly and smoothly. Take a pause in his speech, especially at a time when the child has said something, and you have not. This enables your child say something yet, as you time to think about what it means to say your baby. Ask as many questions as less likely to have teams. Questions put pressure on the child, he feels the

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Cure Tooth Decay

First Inspection

Healing process in the dental office starts with the inspection and consulting patient dentist. The patient presents their complaints, and the doctor comparing them with what he sees with his own eyes the mouth and with the help of X-ray apparatus, diagnoses, and treatment plan offers calls its cost.

For the patient, it is better if he takes an active role and participate in the discussion of their problems. It is better for the physician, as virtually eliminates potential problems with the patient in evaluating the results of treatment as in the treatment and in a

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Treatment of cysts of the tooth

Dental Professionals believe that the earlier detected cyst, the easier it is to cure. Therefore, they advise their patients at least once a year checkups and check 'suspicious' teeth. Especially those that have been sealed up for more than ten years ago, or hidden under the crown.

The easiest way to save the patient from a cyst — to snatch a damaged tooth and gums clean. Ten years ago, dentists do so. Patients were deprived of a "healthy" tooth and criticized doctors, and they just shrugged their shoulders: other ways to get to the cyst does not exist.

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Treatment of prostate cancer (prostate)

Prostate cancer grows relatively slowly. Localized cancer to two or three year to increase in volume by half. Besides, he can always remain within the gland.

If localized prostate cancer found in men 65 years old, and as such he can stay, and the man dies, having cancer, but not from him. This happens to many thousands of men. And the more difficult treatment decision-making. But if the cancer is outside the prostate, it is invincible: it can not be cured. If metastases in the bones, life expectancy — about three years.

Unfortunately, early metastasis may appear before

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Treatment of rickets

Treatment should pahita ppoizvoditsya only under the supervision of (and by appointment) Vpach-pediatpa. It must begin with the first symptoms of the disease and hold up to cure the disease.

Of great importance is properly organized Sleep and wakefulness about being in the great outdoors, massage, gymnastics andgood nutrition. Food must contain sufficient amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals including calcium. You should avoid foods that can impair calcium absorption in the intestine, in particular the semolina flour and a large number of products.

For the treatment of rickets necessarily assigned Vitamin Ddoses exceeding prevention. If early signs of rickets

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Treatment of rheumatic fever

For the treatment of rheumatism used a three-phase system:

first stage — inthe active phase disease — long-term (4-6 weeks) treatment in a hospital; the second stage — poslebolnichnoe sanatoriumresort treatment; the third stage — preventive treatment and supervision in the community rheumatologist.

Treatment rheumatism should be possible earlier.

In the active phase rheumatismtreatment performed in a hospital, if this can not be done, the patientshould comply with bed rest at home. Motor mode expands as subsiding rheumatic process or reduction of heart failure. Usually it takes about 2 weeks.

Food must be varied rich complete proteins

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Injury Treatment of male sex organs

It is known that the greatest obstacle in the treatment of damage Penile, pain or swelling during an erection is not the problem as such, but the fluctuations of men about seeking help. So forget about the anguish and as soon as possible go to the urologist. Chances of maintaining potency in personal injury, or damage genitals after immediate medical intervention is almost 100%, with no chance of becoming impotent treatment — from 25 to 75%. All the more so when some injuries, such as testicular damage, rapidly deteriorating general condition. There is often a painful shock, which in

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Treatment for bedwetting (enuresis) in children

Consult your doctor for a solution to the problem of enuresis is when the child leaves his bed wet more often than once every 21 days over the age of four years. Explaining the reason of occurrence of enuresis in children and searching for the correct way of treatment, parents should visit the pediatrician, urologist, gynecologist and neurologist.

Children over 6-10 years, suffering from enuresis, need urological examination. For this purpose can be administered:

uroflowmetry (for the functional evaluation of the bladder); cystography (rengrenografiya bladder filled with the contrast agent specific); Ultrasound of the kidneys and the bladder;

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