We treat beriberi diet



In the spring so eager to throw off the summer a few hateful pounds accumulated over the long winter. How to make your diet to your body enough vitamins and minerals? How to prevent a lack of vitamins in the diet? On these and other issues has helped us to answer MD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

— Mariyat, tell

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We treat the fungus right

Fungal infection — The disease is not only annoying, but also dangerous. It begins with a dull, brittle nails and easy itching between the toes — the symptoms, which many people do not pay attention. However, without proper treatment of the disease progresses and may cause ulcers on the feet and cracks and fracture and deformation of the nails. And after all this time the patient infecting fungal infection of others!

In order not to lead to complications of the disease and to protect

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We treat problem skin properly

Three steps to healthy skin: to suppress the activity of bacteria that cause inflammation, normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands to remove scars and stagnant spots.

Why skin is a problem? The reason — in the activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin, occurring in its deeper layers. By the number of sebum skin is divided into three types — dry, oily, normal and combination. For oily skin (full face) and combined (T-zone — the nose, forehead and chin) are characterized by large oil glands of the skin with copious fat and wide mouths, the people

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Lymphatic drainage massage at home

Is now gaining in popularity, this service beauty salons and medical centers, as compression massage (otherwise pressure therapy, lymph drainage massage).Translated from the Greek «lympha» — water. Commonplace phrase that the human body consists of 80 percent of the fluid is under a certain foundation, and good circulation of blood and lymph flow — is one of the keys to the health of the body.

What is lymphatic drainage massage?

The procedure is as follows — on the legs (sometimes even on your hands or body) to put on cuffs, which are located inside the sealed air

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Lymphotropic therapy — the shortest path to a cure!

In inflammatory processes need to see strong substances that affect not only the locus of the disease, but also on the whole body. "Extra" effects of the drug on the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys can be avoided by acting locally and using drugs to transport lymph.

Lymphotropic therapy (RT) — Effective, gentle and safe treatment of various diseases, including gynecology.

When LT anti-inflammatory drug is administered subcutaneously in the region of maximum concentration of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. In the treatment of gynecological diseases — in the thigh area.

Lymphotropic therapy recommends a

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Lines of Beauty

Preserve youth and beauty for years to come — it's real science. Those who are engaged in fitness, well aware that it is possible to sweat yourself to do exercises, and the result will be minimal. In this professionally selected set of exercises allows the instructor to achieve the desired change rather quickly.

Vector modeling— Is a modern and effective method of correcting facial contours by successive injections of drugs-fillers at certain points.

Filler— injectable drug for contouring.

At certain points on the face of an experienced beautician ON CLINIC introduced Filler the last generation

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Lipid profile

Lipid profile — a set of specific blood tests, allowing to determine abnormalities in the lipid metabolism of the body, which is of great importance for the diagnosis of atherosclerosis.

In some cases, prescribe the study of lipid profile? in the diagnosis of atherosclerosis; coronary heart disease; myocardial infarction; cerebral vascular diseases. What do the lipid profile?

1) cholesterol (total cholesterol)— The main blood lipid, which comes into contact with food and is synthesized by the liver cells. The amount of total cholesterol is one of the most important indicators of lipid (fat) metabolism and indirectly reflects the

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A year before the beginning of the twentieth century G. Kelly first described the removal of the anterior abdominal wall skin that hung on the body of the patient, "apron" after much labor. As for liposuction, the "mass" it was the efforts of the French surgeon IG Illouza, spent a series of operations in 1977.

Problem. Local fat deposits, "breeches" on the thighs, folds of fat on my stomach and waist. This fat does not respond to diet.

What to do. Tunnel liposuction, that is, figure correction by suction fat from problem areas.

Operation. Tunnel liposuction is performed

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Liposuction: to do or not

Liposuction — a surgical correction of body contours by removing fat deposits with a vacuum suction. Basically, liposuction is performed under local forms of obesity associated with the violation of body contours. Most often occurs in women "galifeobraznaya" deformation thighs fat deposits on the inner side of the knee joint, the deposits in the thigh, the anterior and lateral surfaces of the abdomen.

The operation is the surgical correction of body contours by removing fat deposits. Using a vacuum suction through small incisions in the skin eliminate local fat deposits. There are several kinds of operation.



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The leaves of red grapes for healthy blood vessels

It so happened that one day the French doctors were puzzled by the fact that relatively few growers complain of vein disease. Intrigued by this phenomenon, the researchers discovered that the farmers regularly make tinctures and poultices of grape leaves to care for his heavy, aching legs after long hours of operation. This home method of treatment was quite common in some Mediterranean regions and unexpectedly successful.

In the medical community has long debated topic benefits of red wine. The conventional wisdom is that red wine in small quantities is the secret to a long and active

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