Lifting: three ways to restore youth

Sooner or later, there comes a day when the mirror becomes an ally of the traitor. My favorite cream sad on the shelf, and beautician spreads his hands. All because of the law of gravity: the face neizbezno "crawling" down. There are "bulldog cheeks", eyebrows lowered, deepening existing wrinkles.

To help in this situation can only plastic surgeon. Cutting off too much, pulling the "upavashee" he, like sculptor sculpts you a new face, and returns the youth.


The bottom line: lifting of the face and neck.

How it works: after you go to sleep peacefully, the surgeon

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Fever is called increase body temperature above 370C. Thus appears a defensive reaction to infection, inflammation, cancer, or to allergens.

Most adult human cause temperature rise are infectious diseases, conditions associated with the formation of antibodies against its own body (autoimmune disease), malignant tumors, etc.

What if this happens

The normal body temperature of a healthy person can fluctuate throughout the day — from 360From 6:00 in the morning to 36.90C.16-18 pm. In children and the elderly in the morning and did the norm is temperature Body 356-36,00S.

An increase in temperature is caused by special agents —

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Ebola and Marburg

What is it?

Hemorrhagic fever caused by viruses Marburg and Ebola have much in common as they are filoviruses agents and therebetween there are only minor antigenic differences. Disease, caused by these viruses is highly contagious, severe and almost 100 percent mortality and therefore should especially dangerous infections.

The first outbreak of the disease was registered in the German town of Marburg in 1967. In the future, similar cases have been observed also in Zaire (about the Ebola River, which gave also one of the names of infection), as well as in South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire.


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The identity within the corporation

As far as career growth is compatible with our notions of morality and ethics? And finally, how to keep themselves, remaining faithful ambitious employee of a huge corporation? Is this possible at all?

"Neither one man can not be even slightly long one for yourself and others — for the rest, and in the end do not get confused which true "- a statement of Nathaniel Horn did not apply to employees of large corporations, but it looks like it is most accurately and concisely reflects the problem. Is it possible to keep her identity from inside the corporation?

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Deprive — Is a group of skin diseases of various origins (viral, fungal, etc.), the main element of which are inflammatory and pruritic nodules spots. Typically, lichens occur at lower immunity.

Lichen planus manifests itself in the form of small itchy red nodules with impression in the center. The rash often located on the flexor surface of the forearms, inner thighs, but may also occur in the mucous membrane of the mouth. The cause has not yet been established, but it is known that lichen planus is not contagious.

Cause pink lichen also unknown. When the disease first appears

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Overweight and character

After earning extra pounds, we feel more lethargic and sluggish, we begin to doubt their own attractiveness. And the thought of calories eaten depressing …


Why spoil the character overweight? Is it possible to lose weight without suffering from hunger? How to bring back the vitality and good humor? This is what we talked toMariyat Mukhina, a medical acupuncturist candidate of medical sciences and the author more than 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of excess body weight.


— Mariyat why, gaining weight, a person becomes sluggish? Tires wear a extra pounds?

This is not

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Excess weight in men

Thick men snore depressed, complainonreduced potency, painheart,joints. To solve these problems,one canlonggo to different doctors and take many medications. Ayou can just lose weight.


What distinguishes the male from the female obesity? Why do men get fat? How did they get rid of the excess weight? These and other questions are answeredMariyat Mukhina, physician acupuncturist candidateMedical Sciences and the authortorus More than 40 scientific papers on author's method of treatment of excess body weight.


— Mariyat,toakcommon in overweight men?

In my experience of people seeking treatment for obesity, men make up about 15-20%.

— Than muzhskoe obesity differs from the female?

If women are usually fat

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Pubic lice

Pubic lice — animals contradictory. On the one hand, they can live for months in a state of suspended animation, finding themselves without a master, or rather its skin andhair. Can withstand pressures of up to 1.3 kg, to live under a 30-centimeter layer of sand 4 days and 2 days under water.

On the other hand, they do not suffer hunger: if blocked suddenly tear away from the body, the lice without food for 24 hours suddenly die. Furthermore, they are lazy, and soif cling tohair, do not peel off with him until his death. A good lice

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Trap for Good Samaritan

Many of us know how to provide first aid, or at least to know about what to do with bleeding, drowning, heart failure, fractures, etc. And if someone get hurt in Russia, it is a good chance that among the passers-by will be people that will stop the bleeding and will impose a bandage on the beach and if someone starts to sink, it is likely to save, will pull out of the water and even make artificial respiration. Meanwhile, in America, as a rule, aid has arrived brigade EMS (Medical Emergency Service), and prior to their arrival

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Radiation therapy

When X-rays were discovered, mankind has experienced something kind of euphoria: it became possible to look inside the body, to consider all "device". The belief in the amazing rays, a symbol of the progress has been so great that they began to be used in medicine to the right and to the left, even radioactive elements were added … to toothpaste. But the main thing — X-rays have been effective to address one of the most urgent problems — the treatment of cancer.

After irradiation, in many patients the tumor decreased in size, the disease receded. On the

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