Not enough people or culture inteligentnastsi, annoying to look at it …

Society Mr."I do not seem to have very good relations with them. "Father," we have this, which can now only afford another tomorrow, he is a non-permanent. And it happens that all may know what nakasarezits … . "

Mr."This is politics and everyone is fighting for a place in this world. The fact that a state is oil, gas, and the other did not. That all started because of this, because one poor and the other rich. "

Mrs."I believe that our President is committed to maintaining a good relationship with the other presidents. Here in South

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Upon the death of the journalist Oleg Bebenina checks prosecutors

Society Upon the death of the journalist Oleg Bebenina checks Dzerzhinsky district prosecutor's office. BelaPAN was the chief of police department Dzerzhinsk Svyatoslav Doroshevich.

However, he declined to give any information about the death Bebenina.

With the Dzerzhinsky district prosecutor's office could not be reached.

At the same time Bebenina colleagues, referring to the request of relatives, also not give any information about the circumstances of the death of the journalist. The coordinator of the public initiative "Charter 97" Dmitry Bondarenko told BelaPAN Now that is a family Bebenina and any comments until.

Oleg Bebenin was

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How will the economic development of the liberalization of licensing?

Society Members: lawyer Sergei Balykin and economist Leonid Zlotnikov.

Sergei Balykin

Leonid Zlotnikov

Valery Karbalevich Why do we need licensing?

Valery Karbalevich"What is the institution of licensing? Why is it needed? Is there any licensing in countries with a market economy? '

Sergei Balykin"In all countries there is such an institution. This concerns the field of activity in which the possible great harm to the public interest. But in many countries permit the activity can produce not only the state, and public professional organizations. For example, in the United States to become a lawyer, the state does not need a

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On Gomelsteklo — New General

Society The head of state agreed to the appointment of Sergei Kovalev General Director of JSC "Gomelsteklo." Appointee so far was the first deputy chairman of the Gomel City Executive Committee, and even served as chairman of the year. He was responsible for capital construction, zemlevparadkavannya and road safety in the city.

During the appointment of a new head of the "Gomelsteklo" Alexander Lukashenko stated that this section "a difficult and stressful," but the company "good prospects" — the demand for its products will constantly.

Former General Director of JSC "Gomelsteklo" Yuri Iliev was detained KGB in Last year,

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Sex shop

Society Minsk is probably the only European capital where there is no sex shopu. Already becomes ashamed of his hometown. Meanwhile, it is clear that the need for such stores is not smaller than in pharmacies, and more clearly than in the monuments to Pushkin. Products that offer this kind of shops, strengthens families, promotes preservation of sexual health, helps to precede dangerous to society of mental and physical abnormalities, and — probably most important — awakens the imagination and enrich the world of our senses …

Like this, a little blyuznerachy, but by and large all seriousness I spoke

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Every Belarusian must know their language

Society Mrs."The very learned in the Belarusian school! She attended and spoke. If you live in Belarus, the Belarusian language has to know. "

Mr."Yes, ready. Belarus — our native land. Why ever not? Of course! '

Mrs."If we all will be taught in the Belarusian language, then it makes sense. And when the kids are in school to study in Belarusian, and Russian language schools will be, then it will be difficult to learn. They just will not understand their teachers. "

Mr."Grandchildren — ready. Perspective, unfortunately, I do not see people for a Russian-language training. Quite the

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Gazeta Wyborcza: «Minsk on a leash

Society Under the headline today Polish weekly Gazeta Wyborcza reports on loan from EurAsEC anti-crisis fund, which the Belarusian side has agreed with Vladimir Putin on May 19 in Minsk.

"For loans with Belarusian save the economy from collapse, the dictator Alexander Lukashenko give the Russian company control over strategic companies "- said the Polish newspaper. And he adds:

"The crisis — it is an occasion for Moscow to take on a short leash Belarusian dictator, who has long irritated Russia verbal attacks on its leaders or blocking Russian investors."

"Lukashenko many times confused Moscow. Now the Kremlin will wait

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Against breakage

Once upon a society in my Soviet childhood was a very popular saying: "Against scrap no reception." Which is usually answered, "If there is no other scrap." It's hard to say where it originated, probably from the surrounding urban punks, but the nature of the two parts of folk wisdom passed accurately.

It is a common noise raised by the Belarusian-Lithuanian Commonwealth Internet community about the decree number 60, especially in the part which refers to the filtering of Internet sites, like the old wisdom is more relevant than ever. However, the expected total block on September 1, did not

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Police has selected the People program

Society In Gomel uDyvydavskaga market detained activist movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Protsko. He handed out leaflets with the thesis "People's Programme" Milinkevich.As the A. Protsko, "vigilance" shown by representatives of the Directorate of the market — they called the police. Those brought Alexander to the nearest law enforcement. We activist seized 31 "People's Program" of the potential presidential candidate and amounted to a seizure.

"People's Program" Milinkevich under the national action by representatives of the movement "For Freedom" movement began handing in the regional capital and other cities in the region in early August.

In the envelopes are

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The fate of Belarusian

Society This year in Belarus were eliminated 54 schools, mostly Belarusian-language. And with the three previous years stopped working about 400 primary, basic and secondary education institutions. The number of children who are learning in Belarusian, in recent years reduced.

In the late 80s the entire Soviet Minsk only one she learned in the Belarusian language? What was the fate Inhabitant Nasty Lisitsyna and other children, who at various times in spite of circumstances studied in Belarusian?


"Minsk officials of us scoffed"

NowNasty Lisitsyna a good family life and a successful career. She graduated in Lithuania, where the

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