Program Milinkevich add people

Society Movement "For Freedom" campaign launched the "People's Program", which aims — to supplement the program thesis potential presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich.Vice-chairman The movement "For Freedom" Yuri Gubarevich on this occasion said: "We appeal to the Belarusian citizens with a request to give their assessment and present their proposals to each item of theses programs Milinkevich. People can express themselves in the theses on the proposed economic model of government, the political future of the country, the development of relations with neighboring countries. Appeal to a wide range of people who are experts in various fields of economy, politics, science,

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Zelva: Larissa board Heniyush ripped from the wall

Society In Zelva on the house in which she lived Larissa Heniyush, local authorities removed a memorial plaque poet, set up its 100th anniversary.

About This was reported the current owner of the building. She said the board removed after, as it saw the official executive committee Yuri Kulikov, responsible for ideology.

According to Kulikova, authorities intend to "give a legal assessment" rogue. Where is sign is unknown.

Banned from the site? Refer to the court!

Society Restores damage caused by unreasonable application of a site in the list of prohibited content will be considered administratively.

This was stated by First Deputy Head of Operational and Analytical Center of the Presidential Administration Vladimir Riabovol.

Ability to prohibit online resources provided Regulation on the users' access to Internet services information prohibited for distribution in accordance with the legislation.

This document was adopted under the presidential decree number 60 "On measures to improve the use of the national segment of the Internet."

According Rabavolava responsibility for the validity of the decision on the inclusion of an

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Belarus Russia will help fire victims

Society Belarus Russia sends two gelikoptera and 20 machines to aid in fighting forest fires.

Moreover agreed, that the Belarusian specialists will start construction of 100 houses for the Russian victims of the fire. In the future, if necessary, their number can be increase.

In the Emergencies Ministry said that sending gelikopterav and vehicles in Russia is scheduled for August 5.


Russia, fires

One in three want to temporarily live and work abroad

Society Public opinion polls conducted by researchers of the American Gallup among residents of 10 countries of the CIS, as well as an associate member of the Commonwealth of Turkmenistan and Georgia, which withdrew from the CIS.

If we talk about the population of the 12 countries in total, at least go for temporary work abroad like 70 million people, or about 24% of the people who lives in the former Soviet Union. Leave your own home is always thinking about 13% of the population these countries. However, the researchers note the sociological service, regardless of the country, each of

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, The trial of anarchists

Society In court Condo district of Minsk started criminal proceedings against five activists of the anarchist movement, which is accused of attempted arson of public institutions, as well as the Russian embassy.

12:35 — 13:00 The court questioned Alexander Franckevica.

The defendant says that the other defendants knew only visually. The first episode of the charges — disorderly conduct at the Ministry of Defence 19 September 2010. Franzkevich says that most likely was then in Novopolotsk.

Franzkevich admitted that he was in Saligorsk time when other cast Fire in the building of the police station, filmed on video this "action".

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Already today, August 5

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


Rain in the evening, the temperature of +26-28

Do not pass:

Exhibition of 21-year-old Polish artist Celine Skshebchak "Three Faces in a single image" held in Minsk, the Belarusian Popular Front party in the office.

"Alpha Radio" carries out the action "AVTOLEDI-2010." The action is held for the eighth time


Continue visit to the UK of Pakistani President Asif Al Zardari

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will meet in Sochi with South African President Jacob zoom

In Geneva, the UN Committee

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Ecologist Anatoly Dorofeyev

About the Company Anatoly Dorofeeva I heard in 1988, when the head of the department of Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute has supported those who fought against the construction of nuclear power plants in Vitebsk. It was unexpected, in the province of scientists tend to avoid quarreling with his superiors. Nuclear power plant planned to be placed on home Dorofeeva in Gorodok district, and, of course, in his present position and sentiments to the "homeland" — but, of course, was more professional awareness of the dangers of nuclear giant ecological system for Lakeland.

Such principles Anatolia Dorofeeva handy in the early

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As Vladimir Karatkevich edited Larissa Heniyush


Vladimir Karatkevich

Vladimir Karatkevich never worked as an editor. He never served in establishments with a clear work schedule, except nekalkigadovaga nastavnichannya after graduating from the Kiev State University. Writer Coast its time and their freedom.

But one book of poetry, he still had to edit. And, on a voluntary basis. Out of respect for the poet who wrote it.

If in 1966 Maxim Tank handed Korotkevich forthcoming book manuscript editing, she still had no name. The first page bore the name of the author only — Larissa Heniyush.

After reading the contents of the collection, the editor

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Zalissia minor

Society But now that I got acquainted with the current existence of a thousandth of the village, "Polonaise" in the shower is not sounded once. In the morning outside the club 62-year-old Avgenya Navinskaya mowed grass — had supposedly "responsible task" to the local vertical.

Navinskaya"Here is a man squinted, and a governor will go on Saturday — it soaks up so tightly — her hands, where the ticket office does not take … (Laughs.)

Mrs. Avgenya '44 worked kinamehanikam.

Navinskaya"Movies have" eliminated "- has moved to video games. (Laughs.) Games — a thousand for one hour. Disco happens

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