No radiation, the reclamation

Society Today — World Day for human habitation, as well as the fauna and flora.

Several new large-scale projects implemented in Belarus now, are of great concern to environmentalists and the public. First of all, the construction of nuclear power plants and meliyaratsyya Polesie. New information about these settings serving regional correspondent of "Freedom."

Grodno region

Ostrovetskaya NPP site is ready, but do not know what will happen next …

Director of NPP construction Ostrovetskaya Mikhail Filimonov, in his office.

At the site Ostrovetskaya nuclear plant continue preparatory work, the truth, no one can not yet say with certainty when

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Michalevic not allowed in the hostel where he lived Lukashenko

Society A potential candidate for the presidency twice Ales Mikhalevich not allowed in the hostel number 1 Mogilev State University named Kuleshov. In his student years he lived here, Alexander Lukashenko.

As the "Radio Liberty" Mikhalevich, vahtersha argued the ban order of his superiors. However, she refused to submit and order, and mention the name of the one who issued it:

"As I understand it, there is a ban on entry into the hostel collector of signatures. And it makes me outrage, because in case violated the election law. This can be explained by the fact that the students are

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Nekljaev: The State Duma is not wrong — it's purely opportunistic politics

Society Statement of the State Duma of the Russian Federation is the Russian-Belarusian relations commented one of the candidates for the presidential campaign in Belarus Nyaklyayeu:"The fact that this situation, there is the Russian State Duma is not wrong — it's purely opportunistic politician. Nothing new here, as always caught Lukashenko conditions and did so successfully. So it was all the previous years, but now he had a not very good turn. And we have one aim: to make a difference and prevent Lukashenko for the next term. "



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Grodno signatures for countryman — Yaroslav Romanchuk

Society In Grodno for nominating a candidate for the presidential elections Yaroslav Romanchuk collected about four thousand signatures. The head of the regional branch of the United Civil Party Yury Istomin himself involved in a street picket. According to him, the candidate of the United Civil Party of the Grodno region have signed up about six thousand people.

Yury Istomin reminds passers-by on the pedestrian street Soviet, who became interested in portraits Yaroslav Romanchuk, that he — countryman, born near Grodno. But, as a rule, to those who came up with the passport to put your signature, it is not

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Non-literary passions around literature

Society No other literary prize does not cause such passions in the world, as the Nobel. It is, so to speak, nabilitue not only the person who receives from the hands of the king of Sweden the gold medal, a diploma and a check for half a million dollars, but also literature and the country to which the prize-winning writer.And readers are absolutely indifferent — they belong to the country, and literature, the Nobel prize-winning or not.

When we say that Belarus would be important to get the Nobel laureate in literature, we mean not only the improvement of health

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Russian State Duma tilted Lukashenko

Society Belarusian-Russian conflict is entering a new phase of confrontation. Members of the State Duma of Russia issued a statement "about the situation in Russian-Belarusian relations" in connection with the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus. Document stresses incorrect campaign rhetoric of the Belarusian leader, who breaks all the rules of decency. Statement was adopted in unison statements of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who video blog stated that the Belarusian-Russian relations are at an impasse.

The statement claimed that the Belarusian uses the recent "anti-Russian rhetoric" that "is thrust into a general historical destiny of Russian and Belarusian peoples."

MPs expressed

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The Kremlin and Lukashenko quarrel: waiting for higher prices

Society Mr."The war between the Kremlin and Minsk? It's all concerned. This is all reflected in the common people expect higher prices. "

Mr."The Wave. Worries about her. I'm old already, but have children and grandchildren. "

Mrs."Someone profitable this dispute, and they are digging Government Medvedev, Lukashenko — and they quarrel among themselves."

Mr."The war is not something to care about, but do not draw attention to themselves can not. This is something incredible — a radical change of relations between Minsk and the Kremlin. Belarusian dictator, it is beneficial to pierce the internal and external challenges to

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Godfather-4 — Friday and 19:30 on NTV

Society Russian TV channel NTV announced that on Friday and 19:30 Minsk time will be shown a quarter of a controversial documentary film "The Godfather."

Tuesday, October 5. NTV began airing repeats previous three series. Today, the air will come out "The Godfather 2", tomorrow — "The Godfather 3".

In the announcement on the website of NTV designated the following topics of the new film:

— As the parliamentary mandate saved Lukashenko from prison?

— Journalist who faked suicide Oleg Bebenina?

— How to kill others?

— First — sincere recognition of the soldier "death squad."

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Books on the fire — a crime or punishment?


Alone with TIME

Anatoly Sidorevich "Charhinets far from Agatha Christie"

In the Sevastopol park Belarusian capital was bookish avtadafe — blogger Eugene Lipkovich burned books influential circles chairman of the Union of Writers Nicholas Charhinets. He took offense and filed in the court where the case was considered urgent and blogger fined. Have there been similar cases in the country's history, and why the methods of the medieval Inquisition needed in the XXI century? Guest dL — literary historian Anatoly Sidorevich.

Michas Scoble: "Mr. Anatoly, I do not even know you are a lover of Nikolai Charhinets, whose

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