If a doctor makes a mistake

Perhaps society, most of us at least once experienced what the doctor error. Someone had a late quality medical care — and as a result of an acute illness with a chronic. Someone at the time of tooth extraction, or even where the surgical procedure carried the infection that caused the complications. Some people incorrectly accounted bone after fracture. Someone poured the blood of poor quality. Someone put the wrong diagnosis, without the need to remove the breast or uterus. The consequences of such errors are very different. According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), from medical errors

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In Minsk, paid tribute to American Ruth Whaler

Society By misiyanerki grave in the military cemetery in Minsk activists of Solidarity "Together" laid flowers. Head movement Siuchyk a speech.

Whaler Ruth and her husband worked in the United Nations Organization Mission in the relief and rehabilitation (UNNRA) Belarus after the Second World War. The composition of the mission included 15 Americans and one New Zealand citizen.

At the grave of Ruth are Voler box.

While working in Minsk on 25-year-old Ruth Whaler saved three Belarusian boys who drowned in the lake. Soon, however, she suffered pneumonia and transient Manning and died August 4, 1946.

The Museum of

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In Ukraine, do not exclude the pumping of Venezuelan oil via the Odessa — Brody

Society Ukrainian experts believe that the contract with Lukashenko regarding the transfer of Venezuelan oil to Odessa promises twice as much profit than the current agreement with Russia, writes the Kyiv weekly "Business Capital".

According to the Ukrainian-Belarusian agreement by April 2011Belarus and Venezuela to import 4,000,000 tons of oil, and after the purchase volume is expected to grow to 10 million tons a year. It is possible that from next year, in the interests of Belarus may be involved pipeline "Odessa — Brody" which is now Russian oil pumps in aversnym mode. In the meantime, the Venezuelan oil

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Lukashenko at a dead end

Society For Belarus today faces the prospect of regime change, initiated by Russia, says Balazs Yarabik, expert Madrid think tank FRIDE in his commentary titled "Belarus: the end of friendship."

"The geopolitical game eccentric Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko came to a standstill. He suspended the dialogue with the EU in the hope that Brussels will take all the charges they preconditions for partnership. At the same time he was to alienate the leaders of Russia. As a result of the presidential elections to be held before February 2011, will be fatal for him. To the European Union raises the prospect

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In the parliament of Latvia running for four Belarusians

Society For the mandates of deputies of the Latvian parliament will debate the candidates in 1239. It was this figure refers to the Central Election Commission of the country.

In the running for parliament from 16 nationalities mainly Latvians, Russian and Polish. However, among the contenders, there are four Belarusians and Germans.

Some candidates are of American, Australian, Canadian, Venezuelan and Swedish citizenship.

White-headed Duck yes Grisha. Shklovsky Palace

Society At this time, yes Savca Grisha discuss the construction of another ice palace.


White-headed Duck:

Novasts Sunday! Hooray! Finally,Built in Shklou Ice Palace.Children padrostki, grandmother, grandparents,Will go take a ride there.


And I read that in the regionLooking for medicine millions.Severe cases of health-…And now — please — the next ice.

White-headed Duck:

So I say: so we do not get sick,It is necessary to build an ice palace.Raised its dastsizheniya in sportAnd balezni retreat, you dazha not a sport!


With the amount of such arenasWe have to be steeper than for Canadians.And where skaters, where

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In Berlin, the greatest event in support of Belarus

Society The organizers of the campaign "Free Belarus" in Berlin's Treptow Park were members of the "Youth of the European People's Party" (YEPP). These days in Berlin, the VIII Congress of the organization, its members and hundreds of specially came to the building of the Belarusian Embassy to protest against the political developments in the case on December 19, which are held in Belarus. According to observers, they can not think of a more widespread and large-scale campaign dedicated to Belarus, from those who have ever held in Germany.

More pictures can be posmotretZDES. As one of the organizers of the event,

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Russian espionage as a reflection of the government's mentality

Society Two decades after the collapse of the Soviet bloc, the Russian services are stepping up their activities in the former communist countries that are now members of the European Union and NATO. Recently erupted in the Czech Republic's largest recent spy scandal involving Russian agent, which, according to Czech intelligence services, indicating the continuation of a hostile Russian strategy.

The list is impressive: the head of the Military Office of the President, the military spokesman for the Czech Republic High Command of NATO in Europe, Deputy Chief of the General Staff. All were forced to resign after, As it

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Anton Astapovich preparing an open letter to the Minister of Culture

Society Open letter to the Minister of Culture of Belarus Pavel Latushko prepares Republican Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture. This is "Radio Liberty" today the head of this organization, Anton Astapovich:

"Last night we had our little meeting, which expressed concern about the work of the Ministry of Culture, aimed at preserving the historical and cultural heritage. And then decided to write an open letter to the Minister with a list of all violations in this area. And we will ask Mr. Latushko that he finally brought here the constitutional order, as it had been

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Minsk denies S-300 deliveries to Iran

Society "The Belarusian side has not been negotiating with Iran and did not make deliveries to the country air defense system S-300 and elements to it," — told the news agency Interfax today the representative of the Information and Public Relations of the State Military-Industrial Committee of Belarus Vladimir Lavrenyuk.

He noted that "the Iranians have never been approached by Belarus on the sale of S-300 air defense missile systems, missile launchers to it, the other elements. Accordingly, Belarus did not perform deliveries this country S-300 air defense missile systems and elements to it. "

The Iranian news

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