To live on a pension is very difficult, almost impossible …

Society unaccustomed heat that prevailed in Belarus almost all of July, affected the activity of students (post last week was much less), and on the subject of the letters we receive in these summer days. Mentions of climatic anomalies in one form or another heard many reports.

Here is what our old friend Constantine Syrel with Ushacha, from a letter which will start today's conversation:

"Bake terrible, the only way to salvation — to climb up to his neck in the lake (which, fortunately, in 70 meters from the house, where I live now.) But the lake brings some

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Sidorsky offers to help Russia

Society Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky announced a proposal Belarus' help in fighting forest fires in Russia, as well as in the recovery of lost property in the fire.These proposals Sidorsky made in a telephone conversation with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Interfax reports.

The conversation was initiated Belarus'.

Vladimir Putin thanked him for the offer. The Heads of Government agreed to coordinate the details of the lines of specific departments.


Russia, Sidorsky fire

How are the candidates for President Business Cards

The Company's potential business cards presidential candidates You can see HERE.

Dear readers, sometimes a lot of interesting things going on there, where we do not, but there are talented fellow professionals or amateurs with video or fatakameray. Under the new column will appear material from other media and the blogosphere, which, in our opinion, may be of interest to you. Send suggestions — that should be published on the site — Freedom is not someone else's!

Blacklisted Iranian companies


Sanctions announced today Stuart Levy, Deputy Minister of Finance on financial intelligence and counter-terrorism. Besides the two Belarusian banks "black list" includes nine German companies as well as companies in Japan, Luxembourg, Italy and Iran. Mr. Levy said that the increasing isolation of the Iranian authorities on international financial and commercial systems, so Iran will continue efforts to avoid sanctions by using Worldwide of which are difficult to identify as Iranian.

According to the U.S. official identification Iranian partners to reduce the risk that they are used for illegal operations.

Stuart Levey called Iran the most effective

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The criminal case against Teresa Sobol: third attempt

Society Against activists of the Union of Poles (unacknowledged) Teresa Sobol Ivenets of Volozhin region once again reopened the criminal case on the alleged abuse of her office. As the lawyer Alexander Galiyev, Investigator Volozhinski police department just learned this morning that he was returning the case of Mrs. Sable. The most activist became aware of it only because Now that it was not released in Poland at a checkpoint in Brest. The chairman of the General Council of the Union of Poles Andrew Pochobut.

Alexander Galiyev does not know on what basis the decision overturned a criminal case against

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Moscow asks potatoes

Society The delegation of the Department of Food Resources of Moscow held in Minsk negotiations on the purchase of the Belarusian potatoes, carrots and onions.

The Russian side expressed readiness to discuss the size and timing of possible deliveries. Moscow may purchase up to 40,000 tons of potatoes, Interfax reported.

The Ministry of Agriculture reported The Belarusian is willing to contribute to food security in Moscow.

Belarus has already signed a number of major contracts for the supply of vegetables. In Tatarstan, for example, plans to put about 100 000 tons of potatoes.

According to preliminary estimates, the available resources

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Lukashenko congratulated Obama

Society Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko sends birthday greetings to U.S. President Barack Obama.

In vinashvanni says in Belarus President of the USA "know how to principled, visionary and pragmatic policy ", the press service of the Belarusian president.

"The foreign policy of the U.S. administration approaches aimed at finding new partners to establish with them a mutually respectful and free of stereotypes interaction, in line with our understanding of the principles of inter-state cooperation."

Alexander Lukashenko expressed confidence that "together we can write a qualitatively new page in Belarus-US relations and bring them to a level that meets the interests

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The breakthrough will be when Belarus will perform his homework

Society Russia continues to prepare for negotiations with the World Trade Organization. She will present the way of the report, which deals with the Customs Union.In the coming days, the Russian side will send members of the WTO five sections, processed in connection with participation in the Customs Union. They will be discussed at the informal consultations of the working group in the second half of September. Then, the initial response will be received by WTO partners, as far as possible to solve the problem. Just need to rework the order of 25-30 sections.

This was announced by Director

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Britain urges EU to impose new sanctions against Belarus

Society The UK government will press for the European Union that it has introduced a set of tough new sanctions, including a total embargo on trade in arms against Belarus in response to the violation of human rights, writes The Independent.

At a meeting in the Council of the EU for Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg British minister Foreign Affairs William Hague is also going to urge ministers to a visa ban and asset freeze closest associates Alexander Lukashenko.

Measures should also affect the interests of big business, dealing with the Belarusian regime, in particular, Vladimir Peftieva, known as the "banker

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Moscow could cut loans to Belarus

Society The economy of Belarus, which is now extremely lacking currency may remain without Russian loans. This was stated by the Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin. He said that Russia may restrict credit support to Belarus if the official Minsk will hinder the work of the Russian media.

Russian financiers may restrict loans to Belarus not only directly but also indirectly. The second option has become particularly relevant and specific just today when Andrew Don — one of the vice-president and chairman of the Savings Bank of Russia German Gref — said the bank began discussing the possibility of

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