In the radiation zone? Permission is not needed!

Society In Klimovichi area, which in Mogilev, canceled check mode in six evacuated because of radiation contamination settlements. The authorities claim that the level of radiation in these lands has decreased.Now you can visit the area without permission. This decision was made by the Department in the aftermath of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Resolution of the Department of acquired effective 1 August.

Engaged in agricultural activities for 2000 acres of land, as before, is prohibited. It is also forbidden to collect mushrooms, berries, medicinal and industrial raw materials.

Canceled check mode in the territory of the

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About Liberty: Andrew Takindang

Society Artist, musician and poet. Born in 1983 in the family and a native of Belarus Chad. He graduated from the Art College of Akhremchik and the Belarusian State University of Culture. Works art restorer and plays in a band folkmadernovay music "Recha". He lives in Minsk.

What is your freedom?

Freedom — the possibility of conscious voluntary renunciation.

What is most limiting your freedom?

Own "self."

What is happiness for you?

Moon relationship with God.

What are you most afraid of?

Possible loss of happiness.

What a talent you would like to have?

Music (rhythm, perfect hearing, etc.)

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Prosecutor: Correction of the accused may, without isolating them from society

Society May 17 in the court of the Frunze district court began deliberations. Attorney in fact found guilty of all six defendants in the case. According to him, the accused may fix without isolation from society. Everyone prosecutor asked the probation — three years Nyaklyaeu and Dmitriev, two — Fyaduta, Wozniak Rymasheuski and a half — Palazhanka. Also in court were looking for money to the campaign "Tell the Truth" and viewing videos.

In the morning, no one could have imagined that so fast the process closer to the finale. In court viewed videos from the steps of Government House

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He fell asleep on the combine, fell, and is now in intensive care

Society Review calls for August 2.

Pages in the official media these days filled pavedmlennyami on harvest reports about another rich harvest and samaadanay of farmers.

On harvest report in their call and listeners of Liberty — but on a completely different side of this company:

Man: "In the farm" Glory to labor "Dyatlovo district hired a minor. Worked until three in the morning, he fell asleep on the combine, has fallen and is now in hospital in intensive care in Dyatlovo!"

Man: "Tolochinsky district, SEC" Glorious. "We harvest is nearing completion: no salary, no pay — nothing. Unclear what

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Nekljaev: No confusion, no panic we do not

Society Last Thursday, the Economic Court of Minsk Minsk City Executive Committee granted a second lawsuit on the recognition of the lease agreement between the "forward" and an open joint stock company "Tina Vlati" legally irrelevant. Other words, the court found that since the very beginning of an educational institution "Moving Forward" did not have a legal address so that a decision on the state registration agency "Moving Forward" must canceled. Will continue to act in such circumstances the civil campaign "Tell the Truth", the founder of which is the "way forward"?The court's decision has not yet entered into force,

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Helsinki-75: predictable and unpredictable consequences

Society Helsinki agreement August 1, 1975 signed by 35 countries — almost all the states of Europe, and the United States, Canada and the Soviet Union.

At the time of the agreement were seen as an important step in reducing international tensions "cold war", but also as a diplomatic victory for the Soviet Union, as the agreement declared the inviolability of borders and territorial integrity, political dimension that meant the recognition of the division of Europe into spheres of influence. The document recognized the borders of Europe, as they were at the end of the Second World War.


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5 million euros universities in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine

Society The European Commission has allocated within the framework of the program "Erasmus" 5,000,000 euros University in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. In Belarus, the participants of the program — the Belarusian State University and Brest State University. 65 Belarusian students and teachers will be able to to participate in exchange programs with European countries.Belarusian State University reported that while no information on the amount of the grant and the number of seats. A representative of the international activities of the BSU Lyudmila Katka said BSU participates in the said program for three years and every year a competition is announced.

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Russian lit. Ukraine helps. Belarus — silent

Society Record heat and drought have caused large fires in Russia. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych invited neighbors to help in fighting fires. The Belarusian such proposals have not yet been reported.Emergency fire developed in 14 regions of Russia. Total burned 558,000 hectares of forests and peatlands, as of August 2, burned 228,000 acres. Fire covers and settlements. From fires killed 34 people, more than two thousand Russians were left homeless. The third week of Moscow in smog. Forest fires surrounded the nuclear center in Sarov in Nizhny Novgorod.

President of Russia Dmitry. Medvedev to quench the fire army. Patriarch

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Lukashenko tells us stories …

Society "How do you feel about the statement Lukashenko that he can provide Belarusians salary of fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars if they will fully pay for utilities and social services?"Man: "I was watching TV: it is up there with the pointer tells the tale that holiday open house and so on. All this nonsense: three hundred thousand people have earnings was 280-290, it is necessary to work two jobs. This is nonsense, tales says.'s ridiculous! "Mrs."You know, I'm an entrepreneur myself, so I was well-paid and those not interested. (Laughs) I do not know — will it or

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In the House of Writers Irina Bogdanovich and Anatoly Sidorevich



Irina Bogdanovich, "poetic talent Casimir relatives of equal Kupala"

In a series of red publishing "knigosbor" that came out of selected works by Kazimir Svayaki. This is the first attempt to gather under one cover all known today zapadnobelorusskogo creative legacy of the poet-priest, which this year celebrated 120 years. Tom invested, commented and wrote the foreword to his literary critic and poet Irina Bogdanovich. On the uniqueness of the individual Kazimierz Svayaki and the reasons for its obscurity to the general public with the originator talking Valentine Aksak. Valentine Aksak: "Irene, you end your preface by

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