Already today, August 2


Rain …

…but the heat: 18 — 29 ° C.

Do not pass:

The "broken heart boy" in the club "Graffiti" in Minsk. Beginning at 19.00.


In Bonn in Germany begins a five-day UN conference on climate change.


In 1833, in Grodno was punished by death on the gallows Michael Volovich — insurrectionist 1830 — 1831 (b. 1806). Volovich was an ardent supporter of utopian socialism, and in his dreams saw Belarus Republic.

In 1922 he died, Alexander Bell, inventor of the telephone (b. 1847).

In 1924 born American writer and campaigner

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Kudrin explained the conditions of Russian loan

Society May 17, Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich said that Russia is ready to give Belarus a loan of about $ 6 billion. Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin Uta same day announced his interpretation of the situation.

Negotiations on loan for Belarus in the amount of $ 3 billion from the fund of the Eurasian Economic Community (one billion per year in 2011-2013) will be completed in the coming days, said Deputy Prime Minister — Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin, Russia following a meeting of the government presidium.

"The relevant conditions are formulated in

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In Odessa, came sixth with Venezuelan oil tanker

Society The duty manager also said that the arrival of the next tanker with oil for Belarus is expected on August 10.

The agreement on the supply of Venezuelan oil to Belarus was signed in March 2010. Until April 2011and must delivered 4 million tons. The first batch of raw material received Venezuelan port of Odessa in May.

The Belarusian government is also considering the possibility of supply of Venezuelan oil through the ports of Lithuania and Latvia.

Thus, the fifth tanker with 80 thousand tons of oil from Venezuela as an experiment arrived in the Estonian

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The summer is over …

Society Dear friends, completed a summer season of Radio Liberty. Perhaps you've traveled, were on vacation, did not have access to the Internet, simply rested from all … But favorite shows, characters, and addresses will always be at "Freedom." Come, discover, watch, listen, read, send to friends — summer on the "Freedom" does not end there!

Anniversary and memories

June Bykov: Mikrasayt with an audio book "The Long Way Home"Migratory birds. Memoirs of a veteran Radio Liberty Galina MineAugust from Heniyush. On the 100th anniversary of the poet's

VIEW bevel

Funny PicturesWhite-headed Duck yes Gryshko

A guest in the studio

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Rymashevski created in Gomel campaign headquarters

Society In Gomel, co-created campaign headquarters "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Vital Rymasheuski, which is advanced by the party created presidential candidate. Staff was headed by a member of the BCD Gomel Yuri Klimovitch.

"This is my fourth regional headquarters — says Mr. Rymashevski. — When traveling, we are strengthening our regional structure, together analyze past activities and plan to in the next six months. Our plans include how to prepare for the presidential campaign, in particular, the formation of staffs and strengthening work in the regions. Despite the rapid presidential election, we do not forget local issues of concern to local

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Detained for national symbols

Society In Borisov for the distribution of the Belarusian national symbols were arrested Two activists "Young Front"Anna Sharuba and eager to settle.On Sunday night, they were decorated with national symbols of the city.

Activists of the police drew up reports on administrative paper for "violating the rules of the device settlements." In the department of the detainees were fingerprinted and released after three hours.

"Young Front" campaigning "Our town", which started on May 14 2010 the anniversary of the 1995 referendum on changing the state symbols of Belarus.


Young Front

Funny BAZhinki 2010 in Volozhin forest

Society The Belarusian Association of Journalists, 30 — 31 July for the third time spent summer festival "BAZhinki" on a forest farm in the Volozhin Borok forest. Camp Bazhan collected about 30 journalists from independent media in Belarus forest estate of artist Ales Elk.

Participants of the "Bazhynak-2010"

Olga Babak invites you to "BAZhinki-2010"

Presentation of the teams. On once were all Indians

Jeanne Litvin, chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the first Squaw "Bazhynak"

Organiser of most performances of "Bazhynak" Andrei Alexandrov

Vladimir Dziuba with a team — to win the

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In Vitebsk parted with Elena Zaleskaya

Society Farewell to Helen Zaleskaya passed in the ritual hall of the regional hospital. Conduct an activist in the last way party members came from Minsk and Orsha, local representatives were practically from each party — and the UCP, and BPF, and created from the BCD, and the movement "For Freedom," and from the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada). Say goodbye to Elena Zaleskaya came Boris Khamaida, Sergei Kovalenko, a former political prisoner Sergei Parsyukevich and apolitical people who knew the deceased as a good teacher of mathematics, a leading dance parties at the "inspiration" employee Shagal.

A 14-hour

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The victory against the demolition of private homes

Society Residents of the suburban village of Victory, which, according to the decision of the Gomel authorities went to the regional center, protesting against the plan to demolish part of the city executive committee of private homes and in their place build a four-lane bypass road.July 30 about fifty villagers Winning the spontaneous meeting of collected signatures for a collective letter to the chairman of the Gomel City Executive Committee Victor Piliptse. Handling read Sergei Rogov:

Sergei Rogov, read a joint letter to the chairman of the city executive committee

"Development settlement victory since joining the Gomel not happen. Contrary,

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The first part of the Venezuelan oil arrived at OAO Naftan

Society As part of that came in transit through the Estonian port of Muuga, 65 wagons. All in all, "Naftan" expect 22-23 of that in two weeks will transport 80 tonnes of oil received in the Estonian port of Latin America.

As theand learned from the company, the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials "Naftan" plans to start in the coming days.

The agreement on the supply of Venezuelan oil to Belarus was signed in March. By agreement of the two presidents, the total volume of its deliveries should reach 12 months of about 4 million tonnes


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