Society That's give a person freedom — he immediately begins to dream about the "iron hand" or gloves hedgehog, take the liberty — cry of the pressure and authoritarianism. Once in space, it will be a tearful melancholy humming under his breath ancient hit "Earth in a window is visible …". Try to legalize prostitution — he cried out about the destruction of morals forbid the profession — he was the first to secretly run a brothel. With such a capricious Baba as humanity can not survive long, on such leave at dawn with a small bag, so spiked ground

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Seized? Pay!

Society Published by the non-state newspaper Krycheu "Free City" Vladimir Kudryavtsev today appealed to the court to recover from the District Department of Internal Affairs of 5,000,000 rubles. Kudryavtsev accuses police of illegal arrest of 297 copies of the edition.

The lawsuit states that three policemen in the rank of senior lieutenant — Edward Kravtsov, Sergey Machulno, Yuri Dyubanov — Yes unknown officer in plain clothes arrested on July 9 the entire edition of the newspaper "Free City". A seizure of newspapers will not be issued.

The plaintiff believes illegal actions of the police. They have appealed to the district

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OSCE again criticized the lack of freedom for Belarus media

Society This week, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic gave its first report to the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna.

In the report, among the two dozen of the OSCE, to the authorities which Ms. Mijatovic addressed with different questions about the freedom of the media, is mentioned and Belarus.

Dunja Mijatovic recalls his letter to the Minister Foreign Affairs Belarus Sergei Martynov, which in May, she expressed her concern about the intimidation of Belarusian journalists Svetlana Kalinkina, Maryna Koktysh, Natalia Radina and Irina Khalip because of their interrogations and confiscation of their computers so-called "Hunters'

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Heirs invites to summer camp

Society From July 30 to 10 days for young brestchan there is an opportunity to relax in a tent camp voluntarily "Magic house European meetings — 2010", which is held in the village Zalissia Kamenetz district. Host of the camp acted Brest NGO "heirs".

July 30 Zalissia held a special game — "The Best of the Belarusian". The game was timed to the Independence Day on July 27, stanavila a rather difficult competition on knowledge of history and culture of Belarus. The competition consisted of a dozen stages.

Camp participants also will meet with political scientist Ales Lahviniec, the first

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Riddle 6000000000

Society Is Russia gives Belarus $ 6 billion loan, as reported today, Alexander Lukashenko, but a week ago, Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said about $ 1 billion this year? Does the information the anonymous source of the Russian government that the money will be given in exchange for the sale of Russian Belarusian Beltransgaz shares?

These questions are answered by the experts — Andrew Suzdaltsev, deputy dean of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs of the Higher School of Economics (Moscow) and Sergei Zhbanov economic commentator "BelGazeta."

Andrew Suzdaltsev

Suzdaltsev: Indeed, there was a call to

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Belarusian NPP is uncertain, doubtful, dangerous

Society Russia voiced a number of conditions which must precede the construction of the first Belarusian nuclear power plant. Moscow declared that it claims to be 50% of the income from the sale of electricity produced in Belarus, and in another case, the Russian side promised loans will be minimized.

Minsk insists on getting the first loan for a total of $ 9 billion, and then agreed to lead the rest of the negotiations. Experts point out that any zamaruzhvanne process will lead to the loss of Belarus: recently began the construction of the Baltic NPP in Kaliningrad region,

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Why is PR-campaign, Vladimir Putin

Society The modern appearance of the Putin-Medvedev Russia, tactics behavior of the current Russian leadership of Vladimir Putin's election campaign analyzes the Russian political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky.

Freedom: Andrei, you've just returned from a public forum in Finland. Which see Russia those Europeans who still interested in what happens in Russia? Journalist Vladimir Nadein writes in "The Daily Journal" on the Internet: "Europeans are afraid of us. A little scared. But most of pity and contempt. In short, neglect. "

Andrei Piontkovsky: I did not feel such an attitude to the Russian participants of the forum and

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Brest on 54 bankrupt companies

Society The Brest region judicial bankruptcy proceedings are now 11 public sector enterprises. For three other court, he completed the liquidation proceedings. What will happen to the people who lost their jobs due to bankruptcy?

Employees of businesses that are on the verge of bankruptcy, should resign or advance, or later to defend their rights and demand the money earned through the courts.

Lawyer independent REP Vladimir Maley recalls several occasions when the union appealed the people laid off from bankrupt enterprises:

"A resident Oranchitsy turned to us after bankruptcy it has not received the money. We helped

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Let us build a nuclear power plant Germans

Society "What country do you think should be trusted to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus?" Answers Grodno passersby.

Woman: "You know, probably, in my opinion, the most responsible people — it was the Germans, I think so. Short, I trust them more than anyone else, their technology, their quality."

An elderly man"We must build our … In Ukraine failed. France has in America has its own nuclear power, let them …"

Woman: "I do not know, but not to Belarus itself — that's for sure. Do not know, it seems to me to be something Western, German, maybe."

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S.Ramanovich: In the army, I'm still going to speak Belarusian

Society An activist of the "Young Front" Stanislaus Romanovich drafted. It will serve as a near Minsk in the Special Forces.

In the spring of the Young dropped out of the Mogilev State University named Kuleshov. The formal reason — poor grades, but the young man himself claims that it was politically motivated, as he engaged in social activities and did not conceal.

After deduction of the University of Stanislaw R. going to continue training. In This year, He passed the test, but soon after the test was summoned to the army. Today at 8 o'clock in the

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