Licenses for publishing and advocacy saved

Society In Belarus, on January 1, will be reduced list of activities subject to licensing.

This is provided for by the decree № 450 "On Licensing Certain Types of Activities", who signed Alexander Lukashenko.

As the press service of the head of state, "in order to liberalize economic activity" Decree 16 provides for the abolition of licensing activities, seven of which include the 59 components of works (services), as well as some 60 works (services) on other 13 species activities, the licensing of which is stored; unification of the two activities in one.

"Elimination of requirements for licensing of

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BATE went to the football elite

Society The International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) has published the latest ranking of the strongest clubs in the world. According to the rating, BATE Borisov rose to 5 positions and now occupies 47th place, according to

Rivals BATE Borisov in Group E European League IFFHS has put on the lower positions. Kiev "Dynamo" occupies the 60th position in the rating, "Sheriff" with Tiraspol — 101st, Dutch "Alkmaar" — 119 th.

The first five football teams rankings are: FC Internazionale Milano Italia, FC Barcelona Espana, FC Bayern Munchen Deutschland, Chelsea FC London England, Liverpool FC England.

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Gangster Stade de France


Grave of Jim Morrison at the Paris cemetery of Pere-Lyashez (Photo by Ales lookout)

The evening before the official press conference and training — she, as usual, is the day before the game — the journalists had the opportunity to sip a bit of Parisian air to rush traditionally run on one of the trails. But, fortunately, I and two colleagues were able to see several different Paris — thank you very much for that my friend the photographer Jeff Banifasyno that repeatedly came to take pictures in Belarus. Instead Elizeyskih fields we passed along the boulevard Villette,

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Estonian diplomat accused the Belarusian KGB

Society Harry Lahtejn argues that images with Minsk girls, because of which he resigned, was rigged in a graphics editor.The former charge d'Estonia in Belarus Harry Lahtejn, who was forced to resign because of the scandalous pictures that hit the Estonian media, yesterday gave an interview to "Kahekõne" on Estonian Television (ETV).

According to him, most of his shots kamprametuyuchyh in which he allegedly flirting with several girls by Minsk was intentionally treated accordingly.

They call you the KGB interrogated for several hours and threatened to throw in a psychiatric hospital. Are you in this case do not give pictures

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Lavrov about the statement Lukashenko: blasphemy

Society Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reacted harshly to the statement of A. Lukashenko that the incident with the Russian Embassy in Minsk on the Russian side of the hand.The Russian Foreign Minister called blasphemous statement that the incident at the Russian Embassy in Minsk, the territory of which were thrown bottles "with a Molotov cocktail," could be involved in the Russian side.

"I do not want to comment on these blasphemous statements," — said Lavrov, answering the question Interfax on Friday in Baku.

The minister said he had "heard from the media that already has alleged a" footprint "is

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Pre-election riddle: explosion, Milinkevich and pro-Russian candidate

Society What will be the political echo of explosions at the Russian embassy in Minsk? What will be the impact of a possible non-participation in the election campaign of Alexander Milinkevich? The pro-Russian candidate — it's an empty brand or Reality?

On these topics in the "Prague accent" talk Sojm member of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front, a political scientist Yuri Chausov, columnist of the newspaper "Kommersant" Pavel Sheremet and a columnist for Radio Liberty Vitaly Tsigankov.

Drakakhrust: Prior to the announcement of elections in Belarus remains … The idea is a little left, although there are various

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The election date is not yet on the agenda

Society Approved the draft agenda of the extraordinary session of the House of Representatives, which convened on September 7.

As theand in the press service of the Parliament, the Council Chamber did not include the question of the appointment date presidential election in the agenda. At the moment he introduced four bills: on the national budget for next year and the budget for Social Security Fund, changes in tax and budget codes.

The final decision on the agenda to be approved by the deputies themselves.



The service life in the army is not cut

Society A reduction in the time military service with a half to one year in Belarus is no longer seen.

The journalists on May 20 in Minsk by the head of the main organizational and mobilization council — Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Sergei Kupryk.

A reduction in the life of the discussion during the years on the initiative of the Ministry of Defence.

Kupryk said the military concluded that to gain knowledge and skills of the military and a half years — this is the best time.

Increase the time of military service to

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Even today, September 3

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


…but as long as supplies: +15 rain.

Do not pass:

September 3-4, will host the International Festival in the open air "Velvet season 2010." The program includes performances of groups from Austria, Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, on two stages will host a festival of Belarusian actual music "You can!". Park "Krutogorie", 18 km from Minsk.

As part of CRI Animated Film Festival presentation of Polish animation. Mogilev, cinema "Rodina".

Levon Volski & Ko at the "Graffiti", Minsk.


Guest qualifying round match of the European

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Nekljaev said, goes to the president

Society The leader of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth," the poet Nyaklyayeu announced his intention to run for presidency.

His decision to run for president Nekljaev made on the air Russian radio station Echo of Moscow.

The leader of the "Tell the Truth", "this is really going to happen, will be announced as soon as the presidential election." The politician said that remains a supporter of the idea of nominating a single candidate from the democratic forces.

EM: You are applying to participate in the presidential elections?

Nyaklyaeu: Formally, today I am not a candidate for president. But

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