Dissatisfied with salaries? Lose your job!

Society At the Bobruisk Plant brake equipment and mechanisms laid off two dozen employees of the tool shop. The company's administration changed the labor rates. As a result, earnings reduced by half in the shop. The terms of remuneration of employees are not satisfied. They refuse to accept them. In response, they are fired.

The conflict over the tool shop said one of the workers. According to her, the administration explains the change of prices falling labor in the workshop. This is supposedly a factory defined commission. The results of her research to acquaint workers refuse.

Our earnings will

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NOT Bykov street, and the street Korbut?

Society Grodno authorities have been slow to approve the street name Vasil Bykov. New street as suggested naming the city Toponimical Commission. That allows local officials to stall for time? On the new street built large residential high-rise, a house outside is almost ready. According to some participants toponymic commission in this phase of the ladies have to pay the postal address until the colonization. I contacted the agency to state registration and cadastre.

Man, "Popovich? And now — Bykov — there is such information. We according to the instructions giving email addresses homeowners will go through our organization. They

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Shimon Peres is willing to visit Belarus

Society Israeli President Shimon Peres called his native Belarus and hopes to visit her for the third time.

"I have been twice in Belarus. I visited the town of Cherry, where I was born and grew up, where my relatives are buried. I would if given the chance, come again" — Peres said in an interview with the First National TV Channel of the Belarusian TV.

"It was an unforgettable experience, because when I was visiting my small home, I met people who still remember me, this land is sacred to me. And I am grateful to her for life,"

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The Godfather as an expression of personal grievances Kremlin leaders

Society Russian NTV started filming the third series of the controversial film "The Godfather." There is evidence that the continuation will be aired on the eve of August 16, when the democratic community of Belarus traditionally recalls missing opponents of the regime. What did the authors of the tapes?

On the continuation of "The Godfather" author's work group led by the correspondent of the "Accident" Alexei Malkov, who rented the two previous series. Exactly a year ago, when journalists were preparing the film, security services detained them in Minsk, questioned, and forcibly deported from Belarus.

Alexei Malkov declined to

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Officials in the country to hide the truth

Society Mr."We have not told the truth about politics. It is also a lot of lies and falsehood or concealment of the real state of the economy. But that follows from the fact that there is no truth about politics."

Woman: "If we talk about the media, and I do not know, because I look and read very little. But what is the truth? Everyone is their own. For example, I spoke with the builders. They say that, according to management, boss gets 700 -800 000 rubles salary. Why, then, for the year chiefs have income of $ 18 million?

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The retirement age will not increase until

Society However, the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection Valentina Koroleva told reporters that there are only two ways to increase the level of provision of pensions — is raising the retirement age and increase contributions to the Social Security Fund, BelaPAN.

"No other way to increase the level of pensions in the world has been invented" — explained Queen.



Since then I believe in fate …


The Jewish Museum in Prague has prepared a photo exhibition about the deportation of Jews from the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in Belarus in 1941-42.

The genocide against the Jews of Bohemia and Moravia usually associated mainly from ghetto Terezin and Auschwitz-Birkenau. "Less known is the deportation of Jewish prisoners in other ghettos and forced labor camps in the Baltic States and Nazi-occupied Poland and Belarus", — says the curator of the exhibition It Shpilgalava. During the year, more than half of all Jews from Bohemia and Moravia were sent to those places, 48,991 were killed, only

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The fate of People's Will will be decided later

Society Today, the Supreme Economic Court stayed the proceedings in the suit of the Ministry of Information to discontinue the "Narodnaya Volya".

At today's meeting of the preparatory judge Elena Mayorov ordered the suspension of a claim of the Ministry of Information. The reason was the appeal wording in the same court of appeal notice from the Ministry of Information on April 15 this year in connection with the publication of the article "Show and tell Goebbels-TV."

Harry Pahanyaila

According to human rights Harry Pahanyaila, Now the court has "legitimate and rational solution", as it is obliged to suspend

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The Chinese have built in Minsk Chinatowns

Society In Belarus arrive first group of Chinese construction workers to build the multi-residential developments.

This is the head of the Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Alex Runner.

The official also said that the work permit in Belarus received 600 Chinese citizens. This was petitioned two entity from China, which carry out investment projects in the Republic of Belarus.

The Chinese will build a complex "Swan" and "Chinatowns."

MIA explained resolution that demanded the construction of additional manpower.

United Russia has saved on pregnant

Society At the disposal of Radio Liberty was a letter addressed to Vladimir Putin, the former agitatarkay "United Russia", a resident of Suzdal Vera Nesvyashchenkay.

In his letter, she complains that the local branch of the party has not paid the remuneration for her work on the mayoral election in October last year. The work of the Faith Nesvyashchenki was quite unusual: it tore propaganda leaflets in and out of the mailbox advertising products rival the "United Russia".

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