Dmitriy Fedoruk was discharged from the army

Society An activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" served as a corporal in the railway troops in Zhodino (Minsk region).

Dmitriy Fedoruk, Ivan Shyla and Franak Vyachorka were called to the Belarusian army in 2009.

From political foot only Fedoruk served the entire period, although all the time had health problems — he even had the surgery.

Dmitriy Fedoruk January 28, 2009 forcibly taken to the military, and then taken to jail for allegedly Akrestin serve his sentence for taking part in the action on May 1, 2008. Later it became clear that this was not a court. Nevertheless

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The Godfather film grows to

Society Russian NTV started filming the third series of the documentary film "The Godfather." According to the "Belarusian partisan" the sequel will air on the eve of August 16, when Belarus is traditionally remember the missing politicians and public figures.

In the next series goes behind the scenes of the study of the Belarusian regime, addresses the issues of corruption in the top leadership. The authors promise to show something that is not even guess Belarusians, not to mention the Russian. Survey conducted on the territory of Belarus and in Russia. Some Belarusian politicians and human rights specially invited

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Looking for new reasons to eliminate Tell the Truth

Society On July 29 the Economic Court of Minsk were appointed just two hearings on the claims to the Minsk City Executive Committee of the educational institution "Moving Forward", which founded the company "Tell the truth."

It was assumed that the morning of Minsk City Executive Committee will begin consideration of the appeal on the decision of the Economic Court of Minsk. That decision, it was decided not to meet a claim for suspension of educational institutions "Moving Forward", which founded the company "Tell the truth." But immediately after the composition of the judicial panel representative of Minsk Executive

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National debt of Belarus increased by 12% in the I half

Society National debt of Belarus on July 1, 2010 amounted to 34.1159 trillion rubles. This is 12% more than January 1, 2010.

Belarus' foreign debt as of 1 July 2010 — 8541 million. It increased in January-June, up 8.2%. The main part of the external debt — is the IMF loans and government loans Russia, Interfax reports with reference to the Ministry of Finance.

In 2009in the national debt of Belarus increased by 81.6% to 30.449 trillion rubles — this is 22.3% of gross domestic product.

For 2008 dyarzhdov grew by 50.2%.

More than 225 villages remain without electricity

Society The wind speed reaches 30 meters per second, 28 July 1109 left without electricity for towns in Belarus. In 225 of them, while the electricity supply has not been established.

Wind damaged the building in 164 settlements.

Victims among the population, according to the Ministry of emergency, no.



White-headed Duck yes Grisha. Celebrate or not


At this time, yes Savca Grisha arguing about the celebration of the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.



In twenty years, the distance,How slammed the wallAs our independenceAlready belongs to us.But the authorities holidayDo not believe this day,But most of the latticeAll cast of people.

White-headed Duck:

Do not be nervous, Gryshulya,ETA us not with his hands.July was the thirdAlready republic day.

The people of Alexandria praznik,Not that he — for the buck.Good and their differentSeems to be missing.Navstrechu pervamayu,Syadzmo nayabraWe are opening the doorAnd shout, "Hooray!".


What is May Day?What nayabry?No they do

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Belarus will again ask for money from the IMF

Society This is learned after today's meeting Alexander Lukashenko and Mikhail Myasnikovich."But this process is quite lengthy, — said the prime minister. — In June, will be the next scheduled mission of the fund. Although we do not These questions we will discuss, but depending on the report, which can be prepared by the IMF mission, we can anticipate further developments in relation to this authoritative international organization. "


loan, the IMF

Even today, July 29

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Rains …

….and wind. Temperature: 19-23 C.

Do not pass:

At the National Press Center press conference on the topic "On Pension Security of the Republic of Belarus".

In the CIS Executive Committee meeting of the expert group on launching a project of the Interstate Council for Anti-Corruption.


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas meets with representatives of the Arab League in Cairo to discuss the reconciliation process in the Middle East.


In 1883 was born of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, who

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For a drunk policeman shot at point-blank Nina? New details

Society The news of the murder of 22-year-old Nina Karaseva village of New Zhuravichi shocked the whole country. Woman shot not a gangster or a maniac, a policeman, a deputy, a father of two children. For what offense the police committed a violent act? These circumstances from eyewitnesses figured journalist "Stars" Evgeny Voloshin.

Proceedings of the Belarusian press, which came immediately after the tragedy, have left many questions. The people there were rumors — "killed out of jealousy", "accidentally shot", "the trigger is pressed the policeman's wife," and so on. What is really happening in the town Dovsk Rogachev district

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Tell the truth! laid cleaning driveways

Society Brest activists of the "Tell the truth!" collected 5419 signatures on a petition to the local authorities to ensure adequate cleaning of entrances to apartment buildings in services for housing and communal services of the city.

According to participant of the action Igor Maslovskoye, July 28 the document submitted to the Brest City Executive Committee, BelaPAN.

The appeal says that the number of houses cleaning driveways are not kept, and it is against the law.

Citizens who have signed a petition to require local authorities to oblige the housing and utilities to ensure quality execution of cleaning driveways,

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