The appearance of the Company's new music video for a long time my favorite band Lapis Troubetzkoy "Buy Belarus!" Made me

become a girl whipping carefully adhere to the policy debate surrounding the marketing of the Free Theatre, which recently unfolded in the Belarusian blogosphere — especially here and here. Actually I was interested in the question of how the creation of "a negative image of the motherland," the use of brands, "dictatorship", "Lukashenka" and similar for marketing purposes, is perceived Belarusian public.

This clip is far from "Petrel" and "Capital", although with "Belarus Freedom" creators are

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As Belarusians took godfathers?

Society As Belarusians took movies of Russian TV channel NTV, against Alexander Lukashenko — the answer to this question sociologists have tried to get out of the agency Baltic Surveys. The Agency is a partner of the world-famous Lithuanian Sociological Center Gallup Organization. In 2004, the Baltic Surveys organized conducting exit polls in Belarus during the constitutional referendum.On the latest research center Yuri Drakakhrust talked with the head of Baltic Surveys Race Alishauskene.

Drakakhrust: What was the study of how and when it was carried out?

Alishauskene: This was a survey of adults (18 and older) residents of Belarusian cities.

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Seventh with Venezuelan oil tanker sail in the Estonian port

Society Supply of Venezuelan oil to Belarus via Estonia will continue.

This was reported in the press center of the Belarusian Railway, Interfax reported.

Belarusian Railways preparing for the transportation of two successive batches of Venezuelan oil. The sixth and seventh tankers are already out of Venezuela. Sixth tanker August 1 sail to the port of Odessa, and the seventh — in the Estonian port of Muuga August 8.

Now Belarusian Railways makes every effort to deliver the fifth game of the Estonian oil port of Muuga in a short period of time. On today Venezuelan oil in the Estonian

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In Saligorsk be tried for drawing competition

Society In Saligorsk for participating in an unsanctioned rally will be tried six of the Young — Ivan Shyla, Gregory Astapenyu, Andrew Tychyna, Nagorno Ilya, Sergei and Alexei Geranovicha Volobueva.

July 27 near the shop "Children's World", they wanted to hold a drawing competition on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of independence of Belarus. However, after the first attempt to pick up the chalk was arrested Ivan Shyla police, and later the other activists.

Adding the site to the protocols, the police released the Young to court.



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Ordered to go to the Bologna process

Society Alexander Lukashenko instructed the Minister of Education Alexander Radkov to begin the process of accession to the Bologna process. Belarus, the only European country not covered by the common standards in the field of higher education, in fact decided to jump into the last car. What will it give Belarus?

Minister Rad'kov, who in 2008 publicly said that Belarus is in no hurry to enter the Bologna process, remaining faithful to the traditions of the Soviet school is now forced to drastically change their beliefs and to obey the orders of the head of state.

Meanwhile, in the Bologna

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Belaruskaliy workers barred from privatization

Society "The preparatory work for the corporatization" Belaruskali "ends." This was reported today by the deputy director of the State Property Fund of Vladimir Kovalevsky. In the words of an official that many thousands of businesses effectively excluded from privatization.

Deputy Director of the State Property Fund Vladimir Kovalevsky called the specific conditions of corporatization "Belaruskali" as the flagship of the Belarusian economy:

"Belaruskali" is created with 100 percent state share. We were not holding preferential sale of shares to employees and persons equated to them. And also do not hold shares in exchange for checks "Property". We

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It is difficult to translate the Soviet system of education in the European

Society First student: "The authorities can put a" tick ", so be it. But it seems to me that you can not translate the Soviet system of education in the European one. Very hard. It was a few decades, so it will stay. Need a long time to change it."

The second student"I believe it will be very difficult to do because there are a lot of traditions, there are people who do not want to break them, to destroy. But I think this is the reason that many people leave the country because of our diplomas will be taken

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Brest: attracts people ice palaces

Society The Brest region began to build another ice rink — in district Drogichin. Meanwhile, the previously constructed palaces in Bereza, Kobrin and Pruzany can not pay for itself.

In Drahichhyn 15,000 people living in the region as a whole — about 43 thousand. From sports facilities are a swimming pool and a stadium in the city gymnasium. The prospect of a new object is not pleased everyone. Says resident Drogichin:

"Who is going to visit this palace — I do not know. Unless forced to attend his police force, or the teacher will make. Local people believe that

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Lukashenko instructed Myasnikovich support pensioners and low-income

Society The Head of Government said today after his meeting with the president.

The prime minister said Lukashenko drew attention government that "inflation objective" be offset by income growth. Primarily to support low-income citizens and retirees, said Alexander Lukashenko.

However, neither the president nor the prime minister did not say when exactly will increase the pensions and other benefits.



WikiLeaks: It is important to know what is really going on

Society In the international press has been simmering rumor after the publication of more than 90,000 secret documents on the Afghan war, which on July 25 made a site of international media organizations called "Afghan War Diary, 2004-2010" (Afghan War Diary, 2004-2010)The documents, which the organization also gave the three leading Western publications shed light on some unknown to the general public moments of the Afghan war. Meanwhile, the materials give grounds to suspect that Pakistani intelligence helped the Taliban in Afghanistan against U.S. and NATO forces.

We bring you the interview snippets, which gave our radio Esanzh

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