Prosecutors justified the arrest by police of the Free City

Society Krichevsky district prosecutor's office found no grounds for criminal prosecution of the local police department. Editor of the independent newspaper Krycheu "Free City" Vladimir Kudryavtsev three policemen accused of stealing 297 copies of its publications and obstructing the work of journalists.In the letter Kudryavtsev signed by the District Attorney Vladimir Tryvayly states that unregistered edition of "Free City" is printed in violation of the law of the Republic of Belarus "On Mass Media", so the grounds for the inspection and a criminal case against the policemen there.

Vladimir Kudryavtsev claims that on June 9 the police off the record

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Detained for the flowers to the monument of Yakub Kolas

Society The police officers of the Soviet district of Minsk detained several activists of the democratic movement. A 6th evening dozens of people gathered at the monument to Yakub Kolas. After reading the verses of the poet, and laid flowers, they went to Independence Avenue in the direction of Yanka Kupala.

The police immediately rushed to break up the column. In the police car hit four protesters: Siuchyk, Mikola Demidenko, Andrew Kim and Catherine Davydik. Late at night, the detainees were transferred from the Soviet police department to prison for Akrestin. Trials of detainees will be held on July 28.

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Tell the truth — for independence

Society Brest members of the campaign "Tell the Truth" was visited Liberty Square and laid flowers at the monument to the fallen soldiers. Campaigner Igor Maslowski notes that this event is held every year. All the more so, noted that on July 27 and the day of Brest:

"In 17 hours we put flowers in a symbolic place. Such dates should unite people, society, the opposition and the authorities. This is the date of the proclamation of the Declaration of Independence. Indeed, precisely because it exists in an independent country and a modern power. Therefore wish to perspective authorities this

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Independence Day in Brest

Society In Brest, young people held a rally to mark the Day of Declaration of State Sovereignty. Along the street Masherova were hung about 30 white-red-white flags.

Soon, the city will begin "Days of Brest", so the street was decorated with red and green flags. Activists replaced the flags are posted on the national. Despite heavy rain, posted pictures of passers-white-red-white flags.

The police tried to prevent the posting of flags. So far there is no information about the detention.



Ukraine proposes alternative to South Stream

Society Ukraine is ready to offer the project to expand the gas transmission system as an alternative to the construction of the gas pipeline "South Stream".

This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian government Mykola Azarov, According to "Interfax".

"We recently came up with another idea. This is a definite alternative to the" South Stream ": the modernization of our southern gas pipelines, which will at the same point the European Union, namely the Bulgarian Burgas, deliver exactly the same amount of gas that Russia plans to deliver a" South Stream "- said Azarov.

He noted that

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NAFTAN waiting for oil from Venezuela

Society Novopolotsk "Naftan" will receive Venezuelan oil, which arrived in the Estonian port of Muuga, July 29-30.

"Naftan" will begin processing as soon as it has accumulated sufficient technological Party, Interfax reports with reference to the Belarusian oil company.

Technology for processing will be largely similar to the one used at the Mozyr refinery. Venezuelan oil is processed separately from the Belarusian and Russian raw materials. Processing of the next party starts when the plant is about 7.6 million tons of oil, which comes in tanks by rail. It is expected that such an amount of oil will be

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Life in the debt continues

Society Belarus sells $ 600 million for a period of five years. The bonds bear interest of 8.75% per annum. Agency Standard & Poor's has assigned a preliminary rating of Belarusian bonds at B +.

According to the presidential decree of the Belarusian government in 2010-2011, may issue bonds for up to $ 2 billion with a maturity of not less than 5 years old and placing them outside the country. So far, the official Minsk was able to accommodate only 600 million. Preparing for the Eurobond is not covered in detail. We only know that from 12 to

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Against the fashion Varlamov prosecuted

Society As artistic director of the Center for Youth Fashion Belarusian State University Alexander Varlamov criminal case under Part 2 of Art. 426 (abuse of power). This is reported and learned BelaPAN.

The basis for the initiation of the case materials were checking Minsk police. The audit found evidence of systematic misappropriation and misuse Alexander Varlamov in 2007 —2010x cash amounting to more than 300 million Belarusian rubles, which were intended for delivery in the form of travel expenses for members of delegations participating in the conduct of shows outside of Belarus within the framework of the festival "Mill

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Buraukin: The fact that some people try to forget about this event, sacrilege

Society 20 years ago July 27, 1990, the Supreme Council of the then Byelorussian SSR adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty. A year later, August 25, 1991, members have paid the Declaration of constitutional law status by issuing a full-fledged sovereign state independence of the Republic of Belarus. As in Minsk today celebrated the 20th Godden declaration?

Prior to the 1996 referendum on July 27 was the main national holiday — Independence Day. Today, the official Minsk this historic date do not recall any one state newspaper not remembered the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of State Sovereignty. A

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Orthodox culture — in schools, the Bologna system — in high schools

Society Professor of Philosophy: … Barbara, Celarent, Darii, Ferio, Baralipton and so on.

Mr. Jourdain: No, that's too fancy words. No, the logic does not suit me. Better something attractive.

Moliere. Bourgeois nobles

If the Bolshevik slogan of the famous delete comma, you get something like that, which regularly require tired diversity of life of pupils and students: "Study, study and study!" It is more beautiful if it sounds at the appropriate time. Leto: Students on leave and teachers — in the mode of "standby". Only statesmen in these times of general raznyavolenastsi care about education. Recently, the head

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