Prospects for regime change in Belarus

Society The article under this title on the website of the American Foundation Jamestown renowned Canadian researcher David Marples examines the pre-election situation in Belarus.

The upcoming elections always makes analysts in Belarus ask a familiar question: is it possible to this election regime change or not? Are Belarusians general rule of Alexander Lukashenko? Will the current conflict with Russia before its fall, and if so, who will succeed him?

Before each election, Lukashenko takes the pose of a man too busy to be interested in small parts of the election campaign. In mid-July, he said that his

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Iran condemns EU sanctions

Society Iran stated that the EU sanctions will not help the international community to resume talks on the Iranian nuclear program and Tehran will not change the intention to develop this program.Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, also said Tehran considers sanctions in Brussels as "the next step is the enemy" and that the initiators of these sanctions will feel the "negative consequences."

July 26 Foreign Affairs Council adopted the EU's list of economic sanctions against Iran, which go much further than the sanctions approved last month, the UN Security Council.

"It is clear that exporting states

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Belarus will hold only UN sanctions

Society The European Union formally adopted new sanctions against Iran. Their goal — to achieve from Tehran cooperation with the international community on the Iranian nuclear program. The sanctions include a number of financial and economic restrictions for persons and organizations that are associated with nuclear research in this country.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Savinykh the question of "Freedom," is it possible to join the sanctions mentioned that Belarus is not part of the EU. Therefore, the decision in Brussels on Belarus does not apply to:

"We will only follow what toolkit

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As Independence Day celebrated in regions

Society 20 years ago, the Supreme Soviet of Belarus adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty, which announced a "full sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus, independence and completeness of the government of the republic within its territory, the legitimacy of its laws, the republic's independence in foreign relations."

About how today celebrated Independence Day in the regions of Belarus.


Twenty years of his peers congratulated on Independence Day

Greeting cards for Independence Day

Dvatstsatsigodde declaration of sovereignty of Belarus celebrated today in Mogilev and in district Belynichi.

In twenty years Byalynichy local activists congratulated his peers. About

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Minsk residents will be referenced in the satellite towns

Society The authorities are going to make 2020 out of Minsk about two dozen industrial facilities, as Infraskanny perimeter of the Belarusian capital "looped" satellite cities, which plan to lure tens of thousands of residents of Minsk. What are the objectives global relocation project?

The revised master plan for the Minsk 2030, the population in the capital should not exceed 2 million. In Minsk now home to about 20% of all inhabitants of the country.

As the head of the Urban Planning Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee of Architecture Sergei Kozlovsky, to correct the imbalance, were

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What will the impact of soft Lukashenko Russia?

Society The Western press continues to monitor the information conflict between Belarus and Russia. Today is a great article on this topic American newspaper published the International Herald Tribune.The paper provides a chronicle of mutual accusations in the media controlled by the governments of the two countries. According to the newspaper, declining support from Russia can be a bad sign for Lukashenko eve presidential election. Some Russian analysts have even suggested that the current campaign in the media — it is the beginning of attempts to reset Lukashenko, says International Herald Tribune.

It is believed that the Russian "soft power"

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Venezuelan oil to Belarus and goes through Estonia

Society 23rd of July in Estonia profit 80,000 tonnes of Venezuelan oil class "Santa Barbara." Tanker «NS CHAMPION» liberyyskim under the flag of oil unloaded at the port of Muuga. Then the railroad this oil is guided in Belarus.

We bring to your attention a video presentation prepared by the Internet site AGC TV.

Belarus will take the refugees

Society The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres begins a visit to Minsk on July 28.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, its main purpose will be the signing of a cooperation agreement and the legal status of the Representative Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and its staff in Belarus, Interfax reports.

The Belarusian side the document signed by Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus Anatoly Kuleshov.

A. Guterres will meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov, Head of the State Border Committee, as well as with representatives of international and

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Sentences for area should be reviewed

Society Belarusian human rights monitor all processes for the area. There are observers on vessels that capture everything that happens there. They prepare the assessment process and its recommendations.

Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak reported that human rights defenders are already preparing an overall assessment process for Square and its recommendations on the basis of the Belarusian legislation and international standards. And the interim findings from Mr. Hulak following:

"We can already say that the processes are serious violations of legal requirements, the findings of vessels do not correspond to that in the course of these processes established

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Executioner Cambodia sentenced to 35 years in prison

Society July 26 military tribunal in Cambodia, held under the auspices of the UN, convicted a former warden at the "Khmer Rouge" Kang Kek Iev. He was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Many people in Cambodia angered soft sentence. Sentences are waiting for another 4 figures of the former regime, in which 4 years was killed about 2 million people.

Sentence, voiced yesterday, Cambodia establishes justice, sums due to his past Grozny.

67-year-old former chief of the most terrible Cambodian prison "Tuol Sleng," known by the nickname "Comrade Duch," admitted that he personally directed the torture and murder of

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