In Vawkavysk seized board memory Larissa Heniyush

Society The police detained Vaukavysk social activist Nikolai Kovalchuk for trying to open a plaque on the house where she was born the famous Belarusian poet Larissa Heniyush.

Volkovisskij social activists gathered today to honor the memory of Larissa Heniyush the inauguration of the memorial on the house number 40, on the streets of Victory. The poet was born in 1910 in the estate Zhlobovtsy in this house. In 1937, she moved with her husband to Prague. Her family later moved to a house Volkovisk.

City officials agreed to open a commemorative plaque, but still did not. Community

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Belarus is not yet a fully independent country …

Society Woman: "And I think that our country became independent after abolished the Treaty of Riga in 1921, when Trotsky was sold to Belarus. So think beyond the point of independence in 1939. On July 27 — it's probably something to do with the Germans ? Overall, I do not know the difference between that date. "

Woman: "And we are still very dependent on Russia. And today — was once a public holiday. Remember this, for now just a day of Brest. Believe that the third of July is hardly Independence Day in Belarus. This is only the liberation

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Vladimir Orlov: The independence while in the air

Society In the case of the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of Sovereignty of Belarus Vladimir Orlov, the author of the cult essay early 90 "Independence — is …", recalls how he created the product.

"I just wrote an essay for some time. Whatever I set out on paper, then was in the air. This was a cross-section of thoughts and dreams of the then pro-independence supporters. These dreams, of course, were largely naive, but at the same time and fruitful . They set up those people on the same wavelength.

I remember when I read this essay in

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Vitebsk: white-red-white flag before the day of Belarusian independence

Society National flag appeared in the afternoon on one of the houses on the street Communist contrary Smolensk fair.

According to the Vitebsk member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Sergei Kovalenko, Belarusian patriots hung the flag on the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, and in honor of activist Oleg Surhan, who was convicted for hanging out a white-red-white flag 6 months in jail and was released today from Glubokoe prison.

The flag was hung in a public place, and he immediately noticed dozens of passers-by. Many photographed as a national symbol hovering over the street. But then a

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Bloodsuckers became more

Society According to scientists entamolyagav, the current heat wave has led to extraordinary growth of blood-sucking insect population. If during normal weather female mosquitoes for their 1.5-2-month life make an average of one to two clutches of eggs, now — to five. As a result, mosquitoes do not have time to die from a previous installation is added to them. On one person, thus, we have a mosquito whole army. Add that to the same Belarus more than 20 species of mosquitoes, and a few of them — malaria. About the same mosquito population in neighboring Eastern European countries. With

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Mogilev medicine is not enough money

Society About 20 billion rubles is not enough medical facilities for the proper functioning of Mogilev. This recognized the members of the City Council today at an extraordinary session.

According to official sources, the deputies decided to redirect the three billion rubles for the needs of urban hospitals. As thecamping, these funds are derived from the "above-income ratio improving from property taxes."

"By the end of the year we get additional 5 billion rubles over the plan. Offer redirect funds in the amount of three billion rubles to protected health articles: payroll, utilities, payment of ambulance services, as well

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Baykova complains about his health

Society Health deteriorated effect for particularly important cases of the General Prosecutor's Office Svetlana Baykova that five months in the KGB detention center.

This is "Radio Liberty" said her lawyer Michael Volcheck:

"Heavy in her situation worsened all diseases, and that used to be, and more. Negatively affect the health of the hunger strike and that she held 16 days. Previously, she was more mobile."

Svetlana Baykova never been hospitalized for all the time stay in the "American." Administration of the institution sends her only medical assistant who makes the necessary analyzes.

The ex-husband Baykova Dmitry Patsyna gives

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Forest fires in the Vitebsk region

Society In Vitebsk region because of the threat of forest fires massively closed from visitors.

BelTA learned from the acting chief of forest protection, hunting and hunting tourism Vitebsk production Forestry Association Alexei Shaposhnikov.

On today due to the high fire hazard ban on visiting forests in Vitebsk, Lioznensky, Dubrovensky and Polotsk areas. The same solution is prepared and in the Shumilino, Ushachi, Tolochin, Syanno, Orsha, Lepel areas. It is planned that it will be accepted in the coming days.

In general, the situation with forest fires currently remains under control, although the north-west region have a mean

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350,000 fine for mockery of birds

Society Glubokskiy court fined the first time a local resident, who decided to make a scarecrow of the living Graca.

Administrative case for cruelty to animals has also been instituted in the regional center for the first time.

The fate of the gentleman who decided to "old-fashioned" method to protect your garden from birds hesitated for nearly two months, as the neighbor's complaint to the inspection for the protection of wildlife has long been considered various authorities. A woman called and asked for release bird that as a scarecrow neighbor tied to the leg of a long stick and put

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Businessmen in shock. No one knows how things work

Society Foreign currency Belarusian citizens have to give more and more domestic rubles. Today, in particular, the official exchange rate at banks rose to 4,500 Belarusian rubles and one euro is worth more than 6300 rubles. However, at this rate can not buy the currency. A black market dollar rate has exceeded 5,000 rubles per dollar.


"There is no currency. And when it appears, on such a rate that it will not buy"

We exchanger near the regional branch of the bank in Grodno on the street Karbysheva no rights. No, and currency. Course: Dollar — 4480-4500, euro

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