The IMF has no plans to negotiate on stand-by

Society Permanent Representative of the International Monetary Fund Natalia Kolyadina said that the IMF plans to soon send a mission to Minsk for talks in the implementation of the new program stand-by.

As the Interfax, Natalia Kolyadina said the next planned mission will arrive in Minsk in November, and its theme is the traditional all countries-members of the IMF annual review of the economy.

Earlier, the IMF was planning to negotiate for a new program at the beginning of autumn.

Marie Ales Adamovich

Company's Ales Adamovich was where others feared to go.

He was one of the few who started to talk about the dangers of Chernobyl immediately after the accident. He made an appointment with the First Secretary of the Central Committee of Slyunkova, showed him the alarming predictions of scientists and called urgently to evacuate, to warn people of the dangers, stop all public events — but Slyunkov not want to spoil relations with Gorbachev. Adamovich then sat down to write a letter of Gorbachev (Gorbachev and now remembers the treatment).

His participation in the struggle for peace in

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Is your living space Cup?

Society Is your life a place litaratskim Cup?

Imagine that once I almost fanatically rooting for Minsk "Dynamo". More precisely, for the "Dynamo" the first half of 1980. For the team, "Golden Sample". For that team, which played Sergei Olejnikov, Andrew Zygmantovich, Sergei Gotsmanov, Alexander Prokopenkoand, that terrified the defenders and goalkeepers adnaklyubnikav Kiev and Moscow "Spartak". Each game then was an event. I think our the then "Dynamo" have merit and the new wave of revival of the Belarusian, just then taking off.

And remember, many of our flag was over the stadium when the national team has won

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Grodno Belarus protesters at the school questioned at the station

Society Professor Grodno Medical University Ales and journalist Vladimir Ostrovsky Khilmanovich who picketed in front of the Grodno City Executive Committee, police drove to the police station on the street Gorodnichanskaya. There they took up a report explaining and removal of posters. Then, separately, the department delivered the wife of Mr. Ostrowski Oksana children — Sveta, Jank and Basil, who two years.

On Oksana Ostrovsky, a policeman asked the questions: who was the initiator of the picket, who wrote the posters, for what reason they came to the square of Lenin? She, in turn, demanded that the readings recorded

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In Orsha opened a week of the Belarusian language

Society Orsha students are invited to a celebration Francis Bogushevich words "Do not leave the same language of our Belarusian, not to vmerli"

The program of the week whiteRussian language — book exhibitions in libraries, literary lounge, meetings with writers and "museum lessons."

Today, the museum of Vladimir Karatkevich the presentation of the exhibition, "I came for you," where are exhibited materials from the State Literary-Memorial Museum Kolas.

Guests arrived from Minsk to the discovery, together with the staff of the museum complex history and culture of Orsha Land laid flowers at the monument to Vladimir Korotkevich.

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Kosachev accused Lukashenko to insinuations

Society Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee for International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev Alexander Lukashenko called the statement of the possible "Russian trace" in the attack on the Russian Embassy in Minsk "is not an appropriate status Head of State. ""I'll leave these statements on the conscience of Mr. Lukashenko. I feel wrong to do what whatever statements at such a level as to this there is no bases. Engage insinuations, with talk of what might have happened at the level of permissible and politicians, and leaders of other areas, including journalists, but not at the level of heads of

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Lukashenko's presidential campaign began with excuses

Society September 1st Belarusian TV channels broadcast an hour of Alexander Lukashenko answers to questions. Can we call this the beginning of the campaign speech of Alexander Lukashenko? Did the President of Belarus to answer all the attacks, voiced in recent months the information war? As Lukashenko refers to the fact that some of the officials to run for office?

On these and other issues in the transmission of "Examination of Freedom" meet the editor in chief of the newspaper "New Era" Aleksei Korol and the head of analytical projects BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski.

Alexander Klaskouski

Aleksei Korol

Vitaly Tsigankov

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Raise wages and pensions? So, soon the elections

Society A sign of the upcoming elections: the power raises wages and pensions. In August, 12 per cent improved cash assistance to the most massive voter category — pensioners. Then he announced a 10 percent increase in student scholarships. On September 1, an average of 9 percent salary increase "public sector" — teachers, doctors, cultural worker. In September, they will receive an additional 50 to 70 thousand rubles.

How much this increase will affect the mood of this setting? Today, this reasoning interlocutor our regional correspondents.

Gomel Oblast

Gain enough for half a sack of potatoes

Or significantly improved announced

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Schwarzenberg against the sanctions, which could harm the people of Belarus

Society Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said that he was against the economic sanctions against Belarus.

"I consider myself a supporter perspective, which is that economic sanctions could harm ordinary citizens of Belarus, "- said Schwarzenberg at a press conference in Moscow.

He recalled that, with regard to Belarus from the EU sanctions will be imposed: "This decision has been taken, and it is serious," Interfax reported.

"There are representatives of some countries that consider what you need introduce these sanctions so that they are economical and focused more spheres of society, "- said the head of the Foreign Ministry

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National Audit Office stripped laboratory Novak computers

Society Financial Investigation Department of the Committee of State Control to conduct unscheduled inspections of sociological laboratory "Novak". The organization's office to check the computer took part. Head of the laboratory Andrew Vardamatski connects it with the approach of the presidential election and its participation as an expert in the campaign "Tell the Truth."

Unscheduled inspection laboratory "Novak" actually began on September 1 as the search when the inspectors carried out of the office part of the computer equipment. Today they continue to interrogate the laboratory staff, including its director, Professor Andrew Vardomatsky. When the check is completed, is

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