Fence as a means of mass media

Society Fence near the private house of Michael Lukashevich, a resident of the village Vychulki that around Brest, attracts the attention of everyone who passes by. On it, Mr. Michael said everything his critical views on the orders of the country and the city. Local authorities and the police do not like a challenge. Police initially charged with Michael Lukashevich news of the theft, as posters painted on pieces of metal. Later it turned out that these materials — waste production road enterprises, so the case was opened. However, attempts to destroy the posters was pretty much says Michael:


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WikiLeaks-freedom fighters or compromising information?

Society The publication of tens of thousands of secret documents about the war in Afghanistan on the site WikiLeaks.org again drew the world's attention on the activities of this rather mysterious organization that arose three years ago, but noted its existence some very loud publications.WikiLeaks — This is an international media organizations that publish on its website confidential and secret documents of various organizations and governments, without having to open sources, of which there are such documents.

"We believe that transparency in government activities leads to reduced corruption, better governance and strengthening democracy," — says the organization's website.

We believe

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Bison and Klaas will change in Polessie

Society President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during his working trip to Brest region demanded an end to the purchase of imported agricultural machinery. "These antics with imported equipment necessary to finish", — he said.

His decision to head of state explained that the delivery of spare parts for imported agricultural machinery is sometimes slow. And at harvest time factor is very important.

Economist Lev Margolin deems frivolous grounds:

Lev Margolin

"All over the world it can be solved very easily. When the import machinery, it creates a corresponding database that can quickly repaired promptly deliver spare parts. I

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Perhaps, in Russia gave the go-ahead to replace Lukashenko

Society Young people: "Big politics — it was and is, that whatever they say. We all see what is really going on. Here in the press, they have to press the corresponding application. But at the highest level do not want to quarrel, to show it all . "

Man: "In Belarus and Moscow were always strained relations historically. Overall, we are completely different people. And I think the only thing that we have a lot of this union will not work. We need to live the mind, their work, and then everything will be fine. And not hope for

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Russian media: continued attacks on Lukashenko

Society Belarusian theme remains one of the most sought after in the Russian media. Many of the largest TV stations and newspapers in the last few days were marked by new materials on the country and its leadership.

In the on state channel "Russia" The head of the Russian government Vladimir Putin his vision of the reasons the media war between Moscow and Minsk. Putin said that Russia, as before, from Russia wants to get cheap resources, but it ignores its commitments:

I repeat: if a bargain, signed a piece of paper — it is necessary to perform …

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About Liberty: Gleb Lobodenko

Society What is your freedom?

Unfortunately — the name of the radio.

What is most limiting your freedom?

Yes, much of anything. The man should not complain, a man has to do.

What is happiness for you?

Every day to be with his beloved, to feel that she understands you and supports.

What are you most afraid of?

Lose happiness.

What a talent you would like to have?

Play musical instruments and sing. The case when they say: "Do not know how, but I love." Bears on the ears tango dancing … Also always wanted to be

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Last Leninsky Put in Belarus — in Hills

Society Mogilev region of two dozen regional newspapers more than a third retain the titles associated with the communist propaganda of the Soviet era. In the editorial of government publications claim that the Soviet names left on the demand of readers. Those alleged against the new names.

Desovietization and dekamunizatsyya named district newspapers in the area began in 1991 with Belynichi "The dawn of communism." The newspaper was renamed "Zara over Drutstsyu". After nineteen years peranazvanne decided in Gorki. It is called rayonka "Lenin's way":

"While studying people's thoughts on the matter. District Executive Committee to carry out the

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Excise tax on expensive cigarettes will rise by 22.5%

Society Alexander Lukashenko decree number 380 approved new rates of excise duties on tobacco products.

These rates will apply from 1 August to 31 December 2010 year, Interfax reported.

Price per one thousand cigarettes per thousand white. rub. The excise duty rate, in thousands of proteins. rub. How much has changed in comparison with the rate in force since January 1, 2010 70 6.1 -8.3% 70-125 15.31 +22.5% from 125 — 25.72 +22.5%



Oleg Surhan goes free

Society Activist "Young Belarus" from Vitebsk Oleg Surhan to be released from prison on July 27 in deep.

February 19 2010 October trial judge in Vitebsk Eugene Burunov delivered its verdict in the case of Vitebsk activist "Young Belarus" Oleg Surhan, convicted for an attack on a police officer.

The activist was sentenced to 6 months in prison and 2.5 million rubles in favor of the alleged victim policeman Sergei Dudkevich. January 28 2010 Surhan was in the detention center.

September 3 2009and Oleg and his younger brother Taras Surhan police detained at a bus stop near the medical university,

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The generosity of Beltransgaz

Society Russia is considering the acquisition of a controlling stake in Beltransgaz providing financial assistance to Belarus, said today, "Interfax" a source in the government of the Russian Federation.

Commenting on the statement of Alexander Lukashenko that Moscow will present Minsk credit support in the amount of $ 6 billion, the source stressed: "We are talking about the possibility of the loan up to $ 1 billion from the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund and the acquisition of a controlling stake Beltransgaz to Gazprom."

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said that Russia does not intend to represent Belarus

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