Shevchuk signed postcards to Belarusian political prisoners

Society Yury Shevchuk, a famous Russian musician, leader of the rock band DDT, expressed his solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners.

By signing postcards of support, he said:

"There is no freedom modeled on Lukashenko, freedom, or is, or it is not … These guys — very decent people, I just bow before them, like so many people here in Russia. I wish them courage, I understand how hard it is … But with the On the other hand — you are not alone, guys … The power that so treats its free citizens, fearing it. And this is

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Lithuanian Prime Minister went camping on Belarus

Society July 25, Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius with a group of 30 people went camping on a bicycle on the territory of Belarus, which runs until August 1. Among other things, the route will pass through Lida and Shults. Is scheduled to meet with representatives of the members of local ethnic Lithuanians and visit the Mass in one of the churches.Trekking bikes "turn right" has been held for the ninth time. It holds party Homeland Union — Christian Democrats. Among the tourists — Lithuanian politicians, officials, their friends and pets.

During his visit to Minsk in late June Andrius Kubilius

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The death toll at the Love Parade to 19

Society According to the German police, another 342 people were injured. The victims were the result of crowding on the traditional music show "Love Parade" — a mass celebration lovers tehnamuzyki what happened in Duisburg, Germany.

At the festival brought together hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site but the show was open only one tunnel, the exit from which emerged a crush. As the agency Associated Press, police blocked the approach to the venue of the festival because of perapovnenastsi and announced via loudspeaker systems to those people who do not have room vyarnalisya ago.

Conducted an

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Today — the 30th anniversary of the death of Vladimir Vysotsky

Society In Moscow, a day of remembrance of the poet, bard and actor, will open an exhibition at the House on Taganka. According to the poet's son Nikita Vysotsky there will be rare archival photographs, in including and made at the funeral of Vladimir Vysotsky to Tagan Square July 28, 1980.Poet and actor remembers author of "The Truth hour of death" Valery Carriers and documentary filmmaker Peter Soldatenko.

Belarusian trail Vladimir Vysotsky

Vysotsky brought to the prison of Minsk concert organizer

Even today, July 26



…although cloudy. 25 — 32 ° C.


Brussels is going to Foreign Affairs Council, chaired by the EU High Representative for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.

British Prime Minister David Cameron in Turkey.


In 1856 born Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw (d. 1950), winner of the Nobel Prize in 1925.

In 1875, Swiss born psyhaanalityk Carl Gustav Jung (d. 1961).

In 1943, Mick Jagger was born, frontman of the band "The Rolling Stones".

In 1953, an uprising in Cuba, led by Fidel Castro. The uprising failed and Castro was

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Mogilev: Arrested for Internet freedom — the freedom to

Society The accused police officers in carrying out unauthorized activities nineteen resident Mogilev Valentin Lobachyov — free. In the Leninsky district police department of the regional center, he spent about an hour.

According Lobachova, the police were alerted and the record of the inadmissibility of not re-authorized by the authorities of the shares.

"The police said they will not judge me. They behaved well with me. Though some felt the cruelty and prejudice", — the "free" immediately after his release Valentin Lobachyov.

Valentine Lobachova accused of organizing an unsanctioned rally for the free development of the Internet. He had

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Police stopped the protest in Mogilev

Society July 24 was to be held in Mogilev rally "For free development of the Internet." A group of residents gathered to protest against the presidential decree № 60 "On the application of the Internet", which came into effect July 1. On the square in front of the former building of the House of Culture and Leisure in the street Chelyuskintsev 64a came about 30 young people. A 17-hours they tried to start protest: Unfurled a banner "Freedom to the Internet", dressed in T-shirts crossed the figures of the sixties

At this point, they were approached by two police

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Putin: information war with Belarus NO

Society "I do not see any signs of any war, any war, and not by chance wondering whether the victim" — curled, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, answering questions from reporters after a meeting with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in his residence in the Crimea.

"The press often reacts to certain things, and that's about me, acting President of Russia, our other politicians we often see very sharp materials, and it is that war? — Cites Putin Information Agency "Novosti". — Unfortunately, our colleagues often believe that if there are such materials that they are somehow initiated. But this is

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In six cities of Belarus temperature record broken

Society July 23 in six cities in Belarus temperature record was broken in July.

As the, in Vitebsk on July 23 34,7 ° C — this is the highest temperature in July after 78 years of observations.

In Syanno (Vitebsk region) yesterday was recorded 34,5 ° C, which is 0,1 ° C above absolute record set here a day earlier for the 66 years of observations.

In Klichev Mogilev air warmed up to 34,7 ° C — beaten the absolute record in July in 53 years of observations. Warmer here was only in August 1992 (36,1

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Ivashkevich encouraged to actively participate in the action on August 16

Society Today, speaking at a meeting of the Sejm BPF, head of the Moscow party organization Ivashkevich said that with Afnagel and Paul Yukhnevich they transferred to the Minsk City Executive Committee with a request for consent to the Aug. 16 march and rally under the slogan "We demand an international investigation of the missing" .

It is assumed that the march will be held on the Academy of Sciences — Liberty Square. This action, said Viktor Ivashkevich, will be devoted to clarify the requirements of all the circumstances of the disappearance Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry

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