Moscow still wants to give Lukashenko credit?

Society Today, during the report of Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich Alexander Lukashenko said that Russia is ready to provide credit support to Belarus for more than 6 billion dollars.

This was reported by the agency "Interfax-West" in the presidential press service. The agency quoted the head of state, "I am only what he said with the president of Russia … He called me. We are negotiating with the Russian Federation on a stabilization loan to support the exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble. For all they are willing to negotiate to ensure that urgently, if necessary, and neterminova, if

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Salaries for the gifts of nature

Society Do farmers and truckers have an additional income — collecting strawberries and blueberries. A day of work in the woods may earn about 130-140 thousand rubles. Buy berries inhabitants of Brest not only government procurement offices, but also to private traders. Meanwhile, the forester said violations while collecting berries.

In the area of the village Gantsevichi Hotynichi literally every now goes into the forest and collect berries for sale. Price This year, is high enough, says a resident of the village:

"For seven and a half thousand rubles are now taking strawberries. And at first, when the workpiece, the

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The text of the Declaration of Independence will be distributed on the street

Society July 27 activists of the Belarusian Popular Front party will be handing out to passers-text of the Declaration of Independence and Sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus which was adopted exactly 20 years.This was at a meeting of the Sejm party said its leader Yanukevich. He said that the BNF joins a number of other parties and public organizations, which in this day will lay flowers on the graves of leaders of the national movement, at least Vladimir Karatkevich, Vasil Bykov, Gennady Karpenko and others.

Yanukevich invited the leaders of the regional party structures in the same way to

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Secrets of the Afghan war published

Society In the Western media, a series of materials based on secret U.S. documents about the war in Afghanistan. With these publications came the British Guardian, American New York Times and the German Der Spigel.

That the documents?

New York Times, Guardian i Der Spiegel got these secret documents — about 92 thousand messages and U.S. intelligence reports about the conflict in Afghanistan — from an organization called WikiLeaks a few weeks ago. WikiLeaks gave the documents under the condition that the edition will publish their materials only after the 25th of July, that is, after the publication of the

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Already weekend, July 24-25



…Unfortunately, even up to 36 ° C.

Do not pass:

July 24-25

"Knight's Fest-2010" — a holiday of medieval culture in Mstsislave.

July 25

Feast of poetry and song "Rakutevskoe summer — 2010." Beginning at 12.00. (Train Minsk — Maladzechna station Usha departure from Minsk: 8:29, 9.14, 10:01, 11:23).


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the Crimea.


July 24, 1783 Simon Bolivar was born, fought for the independence of the Spanish colonies in South America (d. 1830).

Born July 24, 1802, Alexander Dumas, French author renowned globally historical adventure novels.

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Society It Pasteur, utaymovnik anthrax and cholera, has developed more than a hundred years ago, a miraculous vaccine, after which the number of vampires in the Old and New Worlds began to decline sharply. Famous heroes of legends were suddenly reduced to the normal patients and found themselves in a dull turn to Dr. Pasteur and his disciples. After it became clear that the roots of ideas about vampires vervolfav, vahtarov student dormitories and other werewolves do not grow from somewhere, but from a disease called rabies, or hydrophobia, which scares mankind from the time at which it can remember.

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Avtukhovich transferred to Ivatsevichy colony


May 6 The Supreme Court sentenced Autuhovich to five years and two months of imprisonment in a penal colony. He was found guilty must be transported and stored five rounds of rifle hunting.

Volkovyssky entrepreneur Autukhovich last night transferred from the prison number 1 in Minsk in Ivatsevichy colony BelaPAN human rights activist Aleh Volchek.

Volcheck believes that the translation Autuhovich to Ivatsevichy significantly complicate the possibility of helping him dentist, as there will not be a specialist. Volcheck not rule out that the reason Avtukhovich could again go on hunger strike.

Recall Avtukhovich a long time

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Belarus does not have enough foreign investment

Society The UN Office in Belarus presented the World Investment Report for 2010. Stated that compared to last year, when the global economic crisis, investment activity has virtually ceased to This year, first half shows the gradual recovery of the global economy.

As a result — a significant inflow of investments around the world. What is the rate of investment attractiveness is Belarus?

The representative of the UN Office in Belarus Antonius Broek says that within six months there was a significant increase in foreign direct investment. According to forecasts, in 2010 the total investment inflows worldwide will

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Will the image of Lukashenka another British Lord?

Society The other day, the Belarusians have presented a new image-maker of the country — Lord Peter Chadlington Selwyn Homer, head of the British public relations holding "Hantsuort." He spoke on Belarusian state television and said that he would help the Belarusian government, who asked him to assist in the privatization process. Peter Selwyn Homer Chadlington — This is the second lord, who took up the change imizhdu Belarus. Preview — Lord Bel, Head of Bell Pottinger Group, has been recommended Lukashenko Boris Berezovsky, but lasted only one year. The contract with the Lord Bell was terminated. Help change the

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Sweat and smell

Society Unlike animals, human nature has created sweating. Even at normal room temperature, each of us is allocated at least half a liter of sweat per day, and in this heat, as it is now, depending on the individual, and at times, even ten times more.Western tabloids and then print the pictures stars (from Tony Blair to Pamela Anderson) With sweat stains on clothing or sweaty faces. Often these photos — a sort of advertisement for new tools to combat patlivastsyu offering various kasmetalyagichnyya clinic. Meanwhile, a German physician and journalist Eckard von Girshgavzen Calls no complexes about patsennya as

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