The compromise text of the Declaration, I wrote in one night

Society July 27 marks the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Belarus. From 1991 to 1996, the main national holiday in Belarus — Independence Day — celebrated on July 27. Politician and historian, member of Supreme Council XII convocation Valentin Golubev was one of the creators and developers of the declaration. Under what conditions was assumed to return? What does this date for Belarus stories? Could the events in the early 90's to develop a different way? These and other questions you answered Valentin Golubev. Read the answers can be HERE

Lukashenko wants to report

Society Man: "For the sake of the elections. He's always at this time passes. This self-promotion. Advertise election. They will be announced, possibly this year. In November and December."

Man: "Well, elections soon. And he wants to say something to that effect. And what exactly — I do not know. Time will tell. Pursues he, of course, some their interests."Man: "Soon will start the campaign — will treat this issue., You understand that there is not only steers Lukashenko, but also his team. She will do anything that might have a greater legitimacy to remain in power. And, most likely,

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Kudrin: Russia may limit support to Belarus

Society "If the Belarusian authorities continue to restrict the work of Russian media, Russia could, in turn, limit the credit support this country"Today in the course of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.

"The government is concerned about the actions of the Russian Federation Administration of Belarus on halting or limiting media from Russia," — he said.

He stressed that the Government of the Russian Federation can not be ignored such cases are, when they occur, the news agency RIA Novosti reported.

"Then we see a decrease in public, disrespectful or unfriendly steps against Russian media.

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Ecumenical scandal IMF chief accused of sexual harassment

Society Judge Melissa Jackson in New York refused to release on bail Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund.

Strauss-Kahn, who is a citizen of France, was arrested Two days earlier, on board the plane that was going to fly out of the New York airport named after John F. Kennedy to Paris.

U.S. prosecutors charged 61-year-old IMF chief of sexual harassment of a maid at the hotel «Sofitel» in New York, where Strauss-Kahn lived in the past week.

"The defendant force detained worker in his hotel room. He sexually molested her and tried to rape her, "-

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Convicted and pardoned. The army has not yet taken

Society Today the board of criminal cases Gomel Regional Court chaired by Lyudmila Grin'ko rejected the appeals of the BCD activist Yevgeny Yakovenko and his lawyer against the sentence of the court for evading military service.

Activist punished restraint year, the so-called "chemistry", "for evading conscription measures" — essentially for being demanded from the draft board to issue him a summons for whiteRussian language.

Simultaneously applied to the board, Mr. Yakovenko Law "On Amnesty" in connection with the 65th anniversary of the Victory. His conviction canceled.

The ruling of the Regional Court granted amnesty Yevgeny Yakovenko sees as

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Belarusian diplomats prevents domestic economic model

Society Studying the heads of diplomatic missions of Belarus, who are working outside the country, was completed today in Minsk. The results of nearly two-week sessions led by Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov.

He sent diplomats to the active solution of national problems and stressed that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not in words but in deeds should be the foremost agency for external borders of the country." Minister Martynov summed up the problem that now seem most relevant. As before, the main one — the promotion of Belarusian products to foreign markets. There is even a special strategy

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Belarus Investment Forum will hold on November 17 in Frankfurt

Society This is the director of the National Investment Agency Victor Kovalenko. It is assumed that the format of the event will be the same investment forum in London in 2008 and last year the Belarusian Investment Forum, which was held in Minsk, BelTA informs.

According to Mr. Kovalenko, "in This year, in Germany, we work well together creatively (and this is logical — gaining experience), offering potential investors the most significant investment projects. "

The panellists Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov, Minister of Economy Nicholas Snapkou.


financial, banking

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BNF collects action group

Society To have the middle of September as part of the initiative group to collect signatures in support of the presidential candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Gregory Kastusiou 1300 — 1400 persons. This instruction was given on July 24 participants of the meeting Sejm (Sejm did not take place due to lack of a quorum.)

As the Secretary of the Administrative Board Vladimir Labkovich on today part initiative group includes more than 380 people. August 1, there will be more than 500, and by September 1 — 1000.

Labkovich added that 85% of members of

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In a little better feel tomatoes

Society Forecasters Belarusian hydrometeorological report that this weekend is expected to record the air temperature: 37 degrees and above. Because of the intense heat on the road, at the water and harvest hard duty of control and rescue services. Prolonged heat caused the early start of the mass of grain harvesting in all regions of the country. And in the early days of the Vitebsk region caught fire harvester. What is the effect of heat on the course of the harvest and other agricultural work, the Assistant Minister of Agriculture Nicholas Chupik refused to tell:

"Cleaning is normal. Exit on

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Jealousy of Bykov

Society Allocated a room, the street sparedHot July days, it is difficult to endure, and the elderly infirm Nikolai Melnikov again goes to the executive committee that the authorities did not forget that it is necessary to decide the fate muzeychyka Vasil Bykov, no matter how delayed. The result is: unexpected for the museum of the writer, veteran organization that created it, offered another room in the same tower. It is, incidentally, is in a good location — in a historical building on the street. Soviet. Nikolai Melnikov happy, of course, but he says that is not yet known exactly

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