The Strasbourg Court beware of torture in Belarus

Society The European Court of Human Rights has warned France against the expulsion of the family home of the Belarusian opposition, for fear of ill-treatment of them in Belarus.

As RIA "News" from Strasbourg, the court decided that, in the present circumstances the return of the plaintiffs in Belarus would be a violation of articles on the prohibition of torture and inhuman treatment.

Belarusian family with three children secretly lives in France. The names of the plaintiffs were not disclosed.

It is reported that the father of the family in 1999 he was detained and beaten by Belarusian law enforcement

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Family picket for the Belarusian school

Society Professor Ales Ostrovsky, his wife Oksana, and their children came out today at 16:20 on Lenin Square, deploying posters text to the windows executive committee.

Children, Joe and Light, holding placards "We want to study in Belarusian," and himself, Mr. Ostrovsky — "Ethnocide — quiet killing people." They also joined journalist Vladimir Khilmanovich, who wrote: "In Grodno in schools no Belarusian class! In what country do we live in? "

Ales Ostrovsky explained that they wrote a letter to the 32-th school that her daughter was studying the Light in the first class, whiteRussian language. However, the statement

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The Story of a miracle: Elena Klimovitch


At least they claim it. And I'm bound to ask another question: if they are passionary experience all lived in Belarus, or is it somehow would influence the overall situation? And my answer is yes, because everybody maystrovets — is a motor that somehow all the time to learn and forms around the environment, its projection of Belarus.

Then, in the early 1980s, everyone had an internal system — resulting in a Craftsman new people. And everyone was pulling whom he could — fellow students, friends, relatives … You can imagine how razraslisya maystrovtsav these private centers

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What would the world be like if Saddam was alive?

Society Barack Obama's speech in prime time, where he announced the end of the war in Iraq was less important than his famous speech eight years ago as an Illinois senator. It seems that while Obama had a more sophisticated views on U.S. rates in Iraq than it is now — writes commentator Wall Street Journal.

In 2002 Obama raised central to the situation around Iraq question is Saddam Hussein danger outside their own country or not? "Let me be clear — then said Obama. — I have no illusions about Saddam Hussein. He repeatedly thwarted UN inspections, developed

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Belarus does not have access to the Odessa-Brody pipeline

Society Ukraine is not likely to agree to the request to fill in Belarus Venezuelan oil pipeline "Odessa-Brody".

Kiev energy expert Michael Potter the BBC said that the Ukrainian government will not make it to the transit of oil through the pipeline in Belarus aggravate relations with Russia:

"I strongly doubt it. Unfortunately, because in essence, we understand that buying Venezuelan oil causes a negative reaction in Russia, which sees this as the fact that Belarus is released from the lever depending on the Russian side. And so, when Ukraine in this context will Belarusian side, then automatically it is

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Where to get teachers of foreign languages?

Society With the new school year, Belarusian students will spend more time in the study of foreign languages in mainstream schools instead of two lessons per week will be three. Besides, this is not divided into classes into two groups, and three. School or prepared for such changes, where to find teachers for the extra hours, what textbooks are studying foreign languages in schools?

About the latest changes became known two weeks before the start of the school year — a decree of Ministry of Education number 94 appeared on August 10.

Head of the Ministry of Education Yuri

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The train to German servitude

Society Good Photo — A weekly essay on the selected works of the Belarusian and world photography.

This photo made the unknown author in 1943 at the railway station in Baranovichi. Belarusians are trafficked for forced labor in Germany, slaves to Bauer, factory owners and other property owners. Arrows changed from east to west. Freight trains, set Belarusians who were traveling in the Russian gulag, turned in the opposite direction.

From these people (As pictured), apparently too few people back. Someone died, someone was in Germany to avoid the tips, and someone may have returned, but was arrested and

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Beginning of the school year without a dining room and classes

Society On the third part of the building Mogilev gymnasium cracks. According to official information, the cracks were discovered a week ago. Official sources have sounded the same it is only today — not to spoil the beginning of the school year.

It is known that the certificate of readiness to receive school children have already signed. By signing injuries had been, say official sources. Department of Education and

Or threaten to crack the building, find out the check.

the administration of the school decided to close the damaged wing of the school. There is a dining room, a sports

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EBRD Chief Economist: CIS is unlikely to be able to provide the necessary assistance to Minsk

Society Chief economist of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Erik Berglov doubt that the CIS and Russia will be able to provide adequate financial support for Belarus.

"Watched carefully, what's going on in Belarus. Clearly, that there there will be substantial need for funds from abroad, from the outside … CIS and Russia promised to provide part of the financing. I do not know if there is enough of these funds will be for Belarus"- Said Berglof in Astana during the annual meeting of the Board of Governors.

According to him, the country needs fundamental reform: "Belarus affected

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Anastasia Lukashenko went to school, and Mikolka — not

Society On the first day of the new school year, Alexander Lukashenko with his youngest son Nikolai took part in the opening of a new school in the village of Borovliany Minsk region. The Head of State said, among other things, that Mikolka will study in a regular school and not necessarily in the newly built. Where is trained Nikolai Lukashenko as well as other children of high officials?

Sixth birthday Nikolai Lukashenko said on the eve of the new academic year — 31 August. However, this year the school the boy is still here, said, "Freedom," the spokesperson Alexander

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