Nabezobraznichali holes in the sky …

Society Who is to blame, it's so hot? On the question has been answered Grodno passers-by.

An old woman: "God, exactly, is angry with us."

Elderly man: "It would be a political warming — it would be good. And the heat that we somehow survive."

Elderly man: "Hot weather — is climate change. Yet Nostradamus, I think, 450 years ago predicted that there will be a sharp warming. And the fact that he predicted, at least to date, all coming true. He predicted that Russia will be riots that in tsarist Russia will not come to power a resident

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Suffer from the heat, and the people and the economy

Society Hot weather in Belarus does not retreat. According to forecasters, the air temperature in the near future will reach 34-37 degrees Celsius.

The Ministry of Housing and Communal Services recommends that organizations change the schedule of construction and repair work due to the hot weather. The roads are limited to heavy truck traffic.

For housing and communal services of summer — hot time in the broadest sense. It was in the summer runs the vast majority of construction and repair work. And they do not stop in the heat, says Deputy Minister Nicholas Lipen:

before starting, or work

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500 million cubic meters of Russian gas will replace the mini-power plants and windmills

Society In Belarus the state program of development of renewable energy sources. This was announced by deputy chairman of the State Committee of Standardization Leonid Shenets.

How falls learned, the program envisages the development of renewable energy sources in the years 2012-2015 on 161 object. Will be built 26 mini-CHP.

"As a result of the program will be able to zamyastsits about 0.5 billion cubic meters of gas," — said Shenets.

Deputy Energy Minister of Belarus Yuri Rymashevski noted that the country development of renewable sources of energy is given a lot of attention. On He said, this is the

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That Belarusians are looking at Google?

Society Reproach. This is the main idea of your Excellency, that all reforms at all harmful.

Krutitskii. Thus, indigenous, decisive, but when a slight change anything, improve, I am against it do not say anything.

Reproach. In this case, it will not reform, as amended, remontets.

Ostrovsky. For every wise man stumbles.The Search Engine user preferences national segment — the problem is not only interesting for professional SEOs sites. Is looking for an armed citizen massive computer today, there the whole country unwittingly meet tomorrow. Whether he is household chores, or looking for love, or are concerned about

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Paul Seviarynets: Without suffering release

Society The site of Liberty online conference organizing committee co-chairman of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Pavel Seviarynets.

May 15 Brysina Jeanne, the judge Condo district of Minsk Paul Sevyarinets sentenced to three years of imprisonment with the direction of an open institution. Where Paul will serve his sentence, so-called "Chemistry" is still unknown.

In 2005, Paul Seviarynets already been sentenced to 3 years of detention. Punishment he was serving in the logging industry in the small village of Sitna (Polotsk district). In view of the amnesty period was reduced to 2 years old, in 2007 Seviarynets was released.


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Demian Frankovcki

Society A great geek, a publisher of books and founder of regional and local newspapers — that will be remembered by colleagues and friends of Damian Frankivsk. He was born in Gorky October 5, 1980. He was one of those people, that quickly, but responsibly do their thing. Gorki editor of the independent newspaper "The Hill" Edward Brokarau knew the deceased for more than ten years:

"We started with Demian" The Hill ", which was recently registered. The layout of the paper he had developed. This was a man who always responded to requests to someone else's misfortune on someone

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Lukashenko of skin concerns and Customs Union

Society "We've never had a" skin of interest "by developing the Customs Union and going on integration, including — in the Union of Belarus and Russia," — said Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with the executive secretary of the Customs Union Commission Sergei Glazyev.

The Belarusian leader stressed that Belarus never let and does not intend to interfere in the future development of integration processes in the post-Soviet space, including — in the framework of the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

"The fact that the Union of Belarus and Russia is not everything, to put it mildly,

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In Belarus to another is not very different Russia

Society Acting Moldovan President and Parliament Speaker Mihai Ghimpu will soon arrive on an official visit to Belarus. This is today's press service of the Moldovan Parliament.

According to "Interfax-West" The agreement on the visit was reached during a meeting between Mikhail Ghimpu with the chairman of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus Anatoly Rubinov. Meeting took place at the forum of heads of parliaments of European countries, which ended yesterday in Geneva.

The two sides discussed "the possibility of introducing a number of joint projects at the economic level, partnership-building and the creation of the

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Farewell to Igor Dobroluboff

Society Today in Minsk said goodbye to Igor Dobroluboff. One of the most well-known Belarusian filmmakers died after a heart attack or stroke at the 77th year.

In the Capital Cinema House, where a public funeral was set coffin Igor Dobrolyubova attended by hundreds of admirers of his talent. There were fellow filmmakers, and democratic politicians, and government officials. All of them are akin to the ability of the creator to do good and clever film — forever. But could it be otherwise with such a name — Dob!

Deputy minister Culture Vladimir Karachevsky

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Sandvik has refused to invest

Society The Swedish company Sandvik has refused to participate in the construction of the fifth production line enterprise "Granite" in Mikashevichi.

This was announced by a representative of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Belarus Alexander Golesh, Interfax reports.

He noted that for Belarus party was "completely unexpected," the statement Sandvik, because "we have nurtured this project and came almost to the investment agreement. But the company said it is ready to supply equipment for the construction of the fifth production line for the company" Granit ", but not investavavts."

Immediately began to look for another investor. Now investors

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