Today an interview with the President of Latvia on BT

Society Today at 21.55 on Channel of the Belarusian TV program will be released "Interview" with Latvian President Valdis Zatlers.

This is the second interview with the president other countries, which vyhdits Lately. July 15 BT showed an interview with the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili.

Earlier media reported that the interview with Saakashvili was a response to the documentary film "The Godfather."

According to the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" information war between Russia and Belarussyu continues. In response to the TV movie "The Godfather 2" was shown on NTV Belarusian side "Strikes Back." Announced interview "with yet another problem

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The fifth tanker with Venezuelan oil will arrive in Odessa on July 29-30

Society Venezuelan oil to Belarus continues to flow to the Oil Refinery through the port of Odessa, said the company LLC "BNK-Ukraine". The fourth tanker had finished unloading. Fuel is loaded into tank cars.

As learned from falls, in the control of oil and gas terminal seaport confirmed that the arrival of the next batch of imported raw materials in the amount of about 80 tonnes is expected in the Black Sea port in accordance with the previously approved schedule July 29-30.

On the eve of unloaded and adshvartavavsya raid berth with the port of Odessa fourth tanker from

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Schiffer and health

Society Lively debate in the health and business is the problem azbestu. This tonkavalaknisty minerals firmly entrenched in the lives of millions of people born in the Soviet Union and now lives in most of the former Soviet Union. Azbest — is, first of all, Schiffer, which cover roofs and slabs for cladding. He also is a member of fabrics for garments of fire and metallurgy. Because of the ability to delay bacteria, harmful substances and even radiation it is used in the filters in the food, nuclear, aerospace, construction and pharmaceutical industries. Particles azbestu give strength and elasticity of

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Foreigners in Belarus have more rights

Society From today, the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in the Republic of Belarus." It has significant change relates to the preparation of Belarusian citizenship, renunciation of citizenship of minors.

In Belarus, lives and is registered more than 130,000 foreign citizens. 62% of them — the Russians, 31% — Ukrainians.

According to the new law extended period of stay of a foreigner in Belarus, during which he must register. The Acting Head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs Nicholas Szewczyk explains:

Nicholas Szewczyk

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Roza Otunbayeva is unlikely that Bakiyev will be given

Society Kyrgyz President Roza Otunbayeva considers unlikely prospect of extradition of Minsk and Lendanu the wanted list at home of former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev and his family.

About this Otunbayeva said here today in an interview to Russian news agencies.

"There is a dim prospect of extradition of London declared wanted by the ex-president's son Maxim Bakiyev, — she said. — This is a difficult and a great deal, Bakiyev pay big money to lawyers, which will find all of the tricks and precedents to be left there. "

According to Otunbayeva, even the "almighty Russia is not yet able

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Irina Khalip allowed to meet with her husband

Society Authorities allowed Irina Khalip date with her husband, former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, who on May 14 was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in a maximum security prison.

"I am tomorrow [18 May — PC] allowed to meet with him," — said in a telephone conversation Khalip with Interfax.

She also said that "it is not clear to me what is possible to do, and primarily, can be engage in professional activities. "

May 16 Irina Khalip was sentenced to two years in prison a suspended sentence for two years.

Utility companies threaten to turn off the hot water in the Babinichi

Society In the agro Babinichi that in Orsha district, about 130 people are owed for the hot water. Therefore, the company "Vorshatseplasetki" threatens to turn it off around the village, home to 4,000 people.

Local activist Fedor Mukhanaw spoke about the disposal of Orsha authorities aimed at Babinichskoy village council. According to him the villagers who do pay for utilities, must conduct "educational work" with the debtor and any way to make paying off debt.

Fedor Mukhanaw

At a special meeting of the village council with the Chairman of the Orsha District Council Stanislaus was Koshkin decision attached to the

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Mogilev Recreation Area overgrown weeds

Society Ten-heat in Mogilev detects flaws in coastal waters of the river Dubrovenka ordering. The dam, to be decorate the bed and the city is now actively overgrown with algae. The grass on the banks of burns. Three-year old willow saplings can not be absorbed by and lost in the sun.Dubraventsy Recreation Area — is the center of Mogilev. Uparadkovvali channel area of two hectares of an emergency. Repeatedly interrupting work.

The banks of the river reinforced cement walls. The depth of the dam, however, is not thought of yet. It is now recognized in the urban zelenhoza. It protects

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Russia's recognition of the election results in Belarus?

Society What are the terms of the non-recognition? What are the possible consequences? His answer to these questions is given by Mikhail Remizov, director of the Institute of National Strategy.

Remizov: The current aggressive information war may become a starting point in the strategy of non-recognition of the election results. How consistent will be held this strategy, I still can not say, but I do not rule out that at some point in Moscow stop. Stop, so the danger of throwing stones at the house of a crystal. After all, it is clear that this system of mutual recognition in

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Igor Dob — bright person and a great director

Society At the 77th year of life after a long illness, died one of the largest Belarusian filmmakers Igor Dob. His films "Ivan Kravchuk," "schedule for the day after tomorrow", "Bratushka", "Autumn Dreams" as defined psyhalyagizmam subtle and dramatic, brought glory to the Belarusian cinema. A comedy "White Dew", which has become a truly popular, more than a quarter-century on display in movie theaters and on television in all the countries of the former Soviet Union. The words goodbye — theatrical and film critic Vyacheslav Rakytskyy.

Died a talented director, a bright man. These words are all my heart

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