Nobel laureate — for freedom Neklyaeva

Society About a hundred poets, writers and artists from around the world have signed a letter of solidarity with Vladimir Nyaklyaeu and called on the authorities of Belarus to immediately release the poet, according to Polish Radio abroad. Among the signatories of the Nobel Prize-winning poet Wislawa Szymborska.

"We declare our support for Vladimir Nyaklyaeu and his friends. We stand on the square with them. It may seem strange to our unity

We would like to add my voice to his voice

a strong belief that there are things more important than politics or law. But we say that

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S.Kovalenko: I'll be hungry after every unjust detention

Society Sergei Kovalenko, was released after a seizure, during which adgaladavav 9 days. Hunger strike stopped, but activists say the protest will again be the same way, when it will continue to detain and punish, in his opinion, is unfair.

Vitebsk member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Sergei Kovalenko said to have ended a hunger strike as soon as out of the detention center in the evening of the 18th of July:

Now I will begin a hunger strike whenever I "shut down" …

"What came out, and immediately stopped the hunger strike. Ate one tomato and a

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Belarus-Georgia trade turnover increases

Society Belarus will soon begin to supply Georgia with high-speed trains and elevators. This was at a meeting in Batumi agreed by heads of ministries of trade of both countries.According to Internet portal "Business Georgia", the main theme of the talks was the Batumi deepening cooperation in the field of tourism.

In an interview with Georgian journalists Belarusian Minister Valentin Chekanov said in Belarus now "in all directions will popularize Georgian resorts."

Earlier, during his visit to Georgia in Chekanova Kabuletsi the first session of the Belarusian-Georgian intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation, during which an agreement was signed on

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Russian media attack on Lukashenko

Society Russian media continue to information attack against Alexander Lukashenko. During the weekend antilukashenkovskie subjects showed Channel and the state television channel "Russia", a malicious article has labored "Moskovsky Komsomolets", the Belarusian was the main theme of the radio station "Echo of Moscow". What is the purpose of the Russian political elite?

In an interview with news program "Vesti" on RTR channel journalist, member of the Public Chamber Nikolai Svanidze bluntly: the best thing that can now make Alexander Lukashenko — is to move away from the power:

Nikolai Svanidze

"In general — a man who thinks only of

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Prisoner BPF Fedorov did not amnestied

Society He was sentenced to five years in prison Shklovskaya head office BPF Alexander Fedorov does not come under the amnesty. January 25, he is serving his sentence in a penal colony Shklovskaya open number 49.

To transfer to the "chemistry" Alexander Fedorov and a half years, was held in Mogilev colony number 15. During his imprisonment, he had no disciplinary punishment, and hope for release under an amnesty.

The official explanation says that the articles for which sentenced Alexander Fedorov — corruption and do not fall under the amnesty. The very same prisoner activist says he will not

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Co-Chair of the BCD fined tax

Society One of the managers of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" George Dzmitruk of Kobrin's tax office has exposed a fine of 18 million rubles for exceeding his personal expenses over revenue. The activist said the decision politically motivated and is going to question it.

George Dzmitruk says all kind of inspections of its revenues are drawn past few years. First, income opposition analyzed Department of Financial Investigations, then state control, and for the past four months, he almost every day Tax officials have met with Kobrin. Inspectors analyzed the income and expenses of Mr Dmitruk over the last

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Napili of 2.75 billion rubles

Society For the first six months of income from the sale of alcoholic beverages and beer in Belarus amounted to 2.75 billion rubles.

Volume of sales of alcoholic beverages and beer in terms of absolute alcohol was 4.852 million dal, which is 4.1% more than in the same period of 2009.How then sold

Source: Interfax, the National Statistical Committee



About Liberty: Victor Hursik

Society What is your freedom?

This is the condition for the existence of the universe as my small piece of matter, its species. And yet — aware of the need (if you are a Marxist.)

What is most limiting your freedom?

Company. This is known from textbooks. A society that has chosen a suitable form of government and do not take into account my personal aspirations and desires. If I want to perpetuate the memory of the dead and take part in the ceremony of the establishment of a cross on the site of their death, society puts

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This is a mockery of the victims of the regime

Society Who pulls, and to urge on. What if the Russian call us Bulbash? How to speak Belarusian? On this and on what nationality were the Crusaders — in the new show "Jingle Bells."

Human rights activists: Witness written a blueprint

Society In the Leninsky district court of Minsk process continues over the presidential candidates Nikolai Statkevich, Dmitry mustache and five other participants in the events of December 19.

16 May the court heard the testimony of seven witnesses for the prosecution. Mr. Vasilene of Bobruisk, who works at a local boarding school for orphans, told a meeting Statkevich and Uss voters in Bobruisk Youth Palace on December 18. According to witnesses, Statkevich urged to come to the area on December 19 to press for fair elections, and dig out its limited program to reform the electoral system.

After the

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