Tatiana Nyadbay: The most dangerous stereotype — Russian culture for the best Belarusian


Valentine Aksak: "Ms. Tatiana, why did you choose to translate a book by Eva Thompson" Pesnyary Empire "?

Tatiana Nyadbay: "The Book of Eva Thompson" Pesnyary Empire "got to me when I was in graduate of Yerevan State University and one of the courses was writing an essay on it. Then I thought, why not put this book. The author wrote — it was a gamble. The author said yes, and in fact I had no time to retreat from a sudden idea. That's how this book came out in Minsk and the publishing house "Medysont."

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Grunwald: silence in the cafe. But there were stamps and coins

Society As in Belarus were marked the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald? Or organized these days festivities were celebrations? Or use such an occasion like an anniversary of Grunwald, businessmen, restaurateurs, tourist Agena for commercial purposes?

As for state events, the main celebrations were held three weeks ago in Navahrudak where a festival of medieval culture. State TV channels — and BT, and ONT prepared special documentary series that go on the air in these days. Young people have not given fully to fighting pillows, Minsk city executive committee banned the celebration of …

There is a

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Movies NTV. Can we expect further action from Moscow?

Listen to the Company's transfer to air on Sunday, 18, Minsk time. And now — a fragment.

Dynko: "This film, I think, very personally" pushes "Alexander Kozulin kandydavannya to the election, to return to politics. Kozulin And if under the influence of the signal so decides, it will be crucial for the next presidential campaign. It seems to me that, in general, Taking these two films, they are strongly encouraged opposition political forces. Indeed, they found a new field for deyannya.Yany have new hope. This may be one of the most important results of these two shows.

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Started Basowiszcza 2010

Society On Friday, the Polish town of ammonite near the Belarusian foreign music festival started "Basowiszcza 2010".

According to the organizers, "Basowiszcza-2010", the current event is under the theme "Musica libertad". The headliner act "Lapis Troubetzkoy," which will visit the festival for the first time. In the main concert will be a "trinity", "Gursuf", "Addis Ababa", Litvintroll, Re1ikt, Zatoczka, Rima and Lipali.

"Basowiszcza" is held from the beginning of the 90 students of the Belarusian Association in Poland (ALS). It is the largest Belarusian rock festival. Traditionally, it consists of three parts: the free stage, the competition of young

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Already weekend, July 17-18



…and with the rains. Temperature: 25 — 32 C.

Do not pass:

July 17

Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich acts Orsha district: 17.30 — concert at agrotown Mitkovschina, 19.00 — Club Village Krapivna.

July 18

The UN Office in Belarus to organize the premiere screening of the film directed by Clint Eastwood's "Invincible" in kinatearty "Central" at 13.00. Admission is free.

In Pinsk final game of the championship of the world on motorcycle. DOSAAF Sports Complex, beginning at 14.00.


July 17

The second day of the Belarusian rock festival "Basowiszcza" in Bialystok.

July 17-18

In the Finnish

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Send your pictures Belarusian heat

Society On the last weekend in Gomel was 35 degrees in Mogilev — 33 in Minsk — 33. Send to the address svaboda@rferl.org your photo — what you see is the heat in Belarus.

People news Vitebsk: Heat in Vitebsk

dranik80.livejournal.com: Minsk

picasaweb.google.com / mayorchykMinsk, Park Chelyuskintsev



The first Russian TV channel showed another story antilukashenkovsky

Society The first channel of Russian television showed the release of the evening news, which comes alive on the Belarusian ONT and 20 pm Minsk time, the story "The Belarusian opposition demands to open a criminal case in connection with the release of the movie" The Godfather 2 ".

Moscow journalists point to the strange behavior of the Belarusian law enforcement agencies, which did not react to the accusations of the film authors NTV regarding the involvement of the Belarusian head of state to the disappearance of opponents of his regime 11 years ago.

Moscow's first television station shall call

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First acquitted Sergei Kovalenko

Society Vitebsk activist who is serving a sentence in the detention and fast in protest on Friday was brought to the First District Court.

Judge Victor Kalbun, Having considered the police reports, drawn up in opposition on June 25, decided to terminate the lawsuit. According to the court decision, the actions Säre Kovalenko there was no corpus delicti.

The activist was detained on 25 June, when Day was celebrated in the city of Vitebsk. Sergei Kovalenko was walking on Moscow Avenue in Victory Square, scene of the festivities. The police officers who detained him, recorded in the minutes that

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Triangle Belarus-Russia-Georgia: Who bought who lost?



Cyril Pozniak

Valery Karbalevich

Why Lukashenko friendship with Saakashvili?

Valery Karbalevich"July 12, a meeting of Alexander Lukashenko and Mikhail Saakashvili, and on July 15 the Belarusian TV showed an interview with the president of Georgia, where he criticized Russia and Belarus protected from the pressures of Moscow. Why it took the Belarusian authorities? Economic relations between Belarus and Georgia are low. No geopolitical benefits of friendship with Tbilisi Minsk does not seem to get it. It follows that it is a symbolic move in the confrontation with Russia, and nothing more? "

Kalinkina"Statistics give unexpected performance.

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Kiev Expert: Moscow must first cultivate alternative Lukashenko

Society As stated in an interview with journalists Ukrainian political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko, Russia, in spite of all her anger Lukashenko, will not try to get rid of him as their presidential candidate, a fortiori given the close election campaign."Belarus — Ukraine and it is not necessary to understand that there there is no alternative to Lukashenka, so Russia would have to start to bring up the same alternative, and then to act "

According to Fesenko, on changes in Minsk, the Kremlin did not even provoke the Georgian head Mikheil Saakashvili, who is trying to play on the confrontation

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