Bard of Liberty fired

Society Beshenkovichi opposition activist in the area, the German teacher George Stankevich received a warning that the next academic year of his contract is renewed. But he said he was ready for this since the time of the last local elections, which decided to take part. George Stankevich took part in the "Freedom of Bordeaux." George Stankevich said that the non-renewal of the contract is not learned on the job, but just to Beshenkovichi fairs where selling locally grown potatoes in their yards:

"Here I stand and sell their potatoes. Suitable headmaster:" We need to sign him to a piece

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Mogilev builder wants the minister explained the word goat and lousy

Society Mogilev builder Alex Pawlowski collecting signatures for a statement to the Minister of Information Oleg Proleskovsky. An activist of the independent trade union of radio-electronic industry is seeking an explanation from the Minister of the concepts of "swine" and "lousy" and find out those words are appropriate in the relationship of ordinary people with the president of Belarus.

Says Alexei Pavlovsky, the reason for the appeal to the minister was a speech on April 26 Alexander Lukashenko, in which he said, "I do not want to talk about all sorts of Barroso, the other goats," Ukraine's leaders chided

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Relatives of the missing answer Saakashvili

Society Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili in an interview to the First Channel of the Belarusian television praised as a propaganda film Russian TV channel NTV, which tells about the fate of the missing opponents of Lukashenko.

"Suddenly, there have found that in the 90 years of the" man-eaters "were divorced in Minsk — of course, it's sad. This has a certain flavor of the propaganda war," — said the Georgian president.

U.Zaharanka: "I am the 11 years just cry and cry — day and night …"

The mother of the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus Yuri

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Lukashenko: Belarus and Ukraine will adopt the border

Society Belarus and Ukraine in the near future will exchange the instruments of ratification of the treaty on the state border.

"In the near future we will come to the exchange of instruments of ratification by the state border," — said Alexander Lukashenko.


limit, ukraine

Rose vodka and snacks

Society From today in Belarus increased the price of a number of food products. Vodka, milk, yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese, beef rose by 3%, pork — by 2%. The official explanation — we need additional funding to offset the costs of agriculture livestock production. Rose and bread and bakery products — an average of one and a half percent.

How to react to the news consumers.

In the store, "braids", which on the boulevard of Cosmonauts in Brest, now imported meat and dairy products exhibited on the shelves with new prices. About this store saleswoman says:

"This morning

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On the information war take no prisoners

Society Russian-Belarusian media war is gaining momentum. On the eve of the Belarusian prime time television was the main stimulus of the Russian political elite — Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. On Friday, NTV gave the continuation of the controversial "The Godfather." To what features of these battles are ready to reach the men media front?

Boris Gryzlov

Speaker of the Russian State Duma Boris Gryzlov expressed surprise there, that Mikhail Saakashvili appeared on Belarusian television: "For Russia Saakashvili — a" rogue. "No relationship with him, and there can not be. Any improvement in relations with Georgia could only

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Lukashenko does not believe in a single opposition candidate in the presidential election

Society Alexander Lukashenko doubts that the Belarusian opposition to nominate a single candidate for the upcoming presidential elections."Hope they (the opposition — Interfax) identify a single candidate — Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov — and" strangle "the current president — is deceptive," — told reporters Alexander Lukashenko Friday, during a working trip to the Gomel region.

"As for these politicians (the opposition — Interfax) — would seem to define two, well — the three candidates, but not 10. But they can not decide, "- said Lukashenko.

Speaking about the likelihood of their participation in the election, Lukashenko admitted: "To be honest, I'm

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The film The Godfather 2

Society Russian television showed the second part of "The Godfather." Much of the film — a repetition of the first "Godfather". However, there are some additional scenes, and some of the scenes of the first movie got a sequel.

"Both are unpredictable, both in Europe and want both do not know how to get there."

In particular, in the second film focuses on "a few friends" Alexander Lukashenko — among them, Set, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, whom the current Russian government calls one of the main enemies of Russia. Lukashenko in the film and Saakashvili called very similar: "Both are

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Earned site

Society "The site is working normally and do not be turned off," — said a person unrelated to the resource.

Website stopped working at the beginning of July, in the early days of action of new rules governing the Internet.

"The reason was that before the wound criminal case, Site physically present in Belarus. While a move abroad, decided to temporarily disable "- said the source," Freedom. "

About criminal cases against the creators also became known in early July. Cases brought "for libel and slander." Head criminal case for slandering the Director Vileyka high school number 1, one

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The Russian State Duma ratified the agreement on the distribution of duties of the Customs Union

Society The document was signed in St. Petersburg, May 20, 2010The agreement establishes the proportion of the distribution of customs duties:

The fee shall be credited in the national currency to the single account of an authorized institution of the country in which it is payable.

The order of the amounts of the parties is governed by national banks in U.S. dollars.

Alexander Lukashenko signed a law on July 7.

The President of Kazakhstan — July 15.


Customs union

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